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Clever stories from lost souls

There is a problem with the way that we perceive the mentally ill, namely too many people do not understand that they can be wonderful convincing lairs who can spin very convincing stories. It may be that they them self believe these delusions that makes them so believable but it is also the case that amongst the general public there is this underlying belief that its easy to tell when someone is bonkers. Its of course not so at all.  With this thought in mind lest consider the case of Samantha Azzopardi who has been leading the authorities in Dublin such a merry chase aground the gooseberry  bush. Not only was she not the 14 year old abuse victim that they thought she was but she is in fact more than a decade older than they believed her to be:

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Has the similarity of this case and that of Cornelia Rau occurred to anyone else? I said this back in 2005

Sadly during my life I have come in to contact with a number of individuals who were suffering from mental illness and I know how hard it can be to tell that they are in fact not thinking clearly .They can be most convincing to strangers even when their behaviour and story does not quite add up . As sad as the case of Cornelia Rau is hers seems to very much be a case of people taking her at face value.-


Then as now a young woman has been taken at face value and had her liberty curtailed as a result from the story it seems that  she is at least mentally challenged if not mentally ill. I am just waiting for someone to insist that its the fault of the Australian government on some rather shaky pretext and I wonder how long it will be until there is an ambulance chasing lawyer seeking damages form the Irsh and Australian governments.because they failed to find the truth about this woman sooner.

later Comrades





After all of the smoke will we now see the fire?

Well how about the news today that slippery Pete is to be charged over allegations of dishonesty?

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Not wanting to take away his presumption of, Ah hem, innocence however its hard for me not to secretly enjoy the prospect of a whole cohort of lefties who have been insisting that slipper not previously facing charges means that the whole affair has been a Coalition fit up…
Hark! is that the light of a fire to go with all that smoke we have been seeing for ages?

Cheers Comrades


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