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A Gilliaganesque voyage , or Just look at who was on that boat…

 Photo: Scott Morrison released a statement saying 41 asylum seekers were returned to Sri Lanka's navy yesterday. (AAP: Joe Castro)

Photo: Scott Morrison released a statement saying 41 asylum seekers were returned to Sri Lanka’s navy yesterday. (AAP: Joe Castro)

The Federal Government has confirmed that 41 asylum seekers have been handed over to Sri Lankan authorities after being intercepted near the Cocos Islands.

It is believed that two boats were intercepted north-west of Australia in late June, but the Government was not confirming their existence.

However, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has now confirmed that one of the boats, intercepted west of the Cocos Islands, was carrying 37 Sinhalese and four Tamils from Sri Lanka.

A statement from the Immigration Minister says the 41 people on board were processed at sea and transferred to the Sri Lankan navy yesterday near Sri Lanka.

The Government says one of the Sinhalese may have a case for seeking asylum but opted to be handed back to Sri Lanka.

Well how is that? Now that these would be illegal immigrants have been handed back to the  Sri Lankan navy I very much doubt that there will be  a new flood of mendicants following their example and buying passage on a voyage of gilliaganesque proportions that takes them nowhere. To me the thing that I find most in interesting about this cohort is their ethnicity. Namely that the majority were not even Tamils  they were Sinhalese  which very neatly undermines the arguments form the open borders left who have been insisting that they are all Tamils. Frankly if ever there was proof that these are economic migrants then that is the clincher right there.

Isn’t it nice to see our government doing what it promised?

Cheers Comrades


Cynicism about chancers is not optional

Predictably the minions of the left are making very big shows of compassion for the family (in INDIA) of  Leo Seemanpiallai, and of course its right to show compassion for their loss however, if I may be so bold as to suggest that letting family members to enter this country to attend his funeral would be a very bad idea.

A new way to be an immigration vanguard? click for source

A new way to be an immigration vanguard?
click for source

The likely hood is that any person that comes to attend this funeral will then try to stay and if that attempt succeeds then what is the bet that other Tamil illegal immigrants would be trying the same “trick”? OK I know that I am going to accused of being insensitive for making this suggestion but its something that does have to be said out aloud because its just so obvious that the bleeding hearts are going to try to wedge the government if any family members do make it here for a funeral.

Cynicism about chancers is not optional, its mandatory because we all know that no heart string will be left unpliucked  no appeal for compassion will be left unmade and no condemnation for “cruelty” will be withheld when the inevitable and necessary  government toughness is manifested. Just you wait and see how this plays out.

Sigh Comrades, a very big sigh indeed.


March in March, oh dear! or watching the lefty freakshow

In my younger days I  participated in various protests. It was political street theater then and its  the same thing now. The difference is that then it had a point then and now well its for such a grab bag of pointless posturing that all achieves is a jump in sales for inner city Latte purveyors.  One thing is clear though and that it proves what a disconnected bunch of posturing wankers our friends from the left have become. Courtesy of my twitter feed here  are a couple of the more amusing images :

as someone who is, well, challenged by orthographic perfection I find this very funny

As someone who is, well, challenged by orthographic perfection I find this very funny

Orthographic  revision needed here  too

Orthographic revision needed here too

Don't these volunteers realize that thereis nothing unusual about our recent bush fires?  that said young hottie in the foreground could start few fires all on her own

Don’t these volunteers realize that there is nothing unusual about our recent bush fires?
That said young hottie in the foreground could start few fires all on her own

I just love examples of lefty projection when its so telling.

I just love examples of lefty projection when its so telling.

Just look at all of that expensive clobber and note the Take away latte being carried by the woman on the left.

Just look at all of that expensive clobber and note the Take away latte being carried by the woman on the left.

Its all of the usual suspects, making the usual complaints in the very tedious old fashioned manner None of it will be remembered beyond Tuesday (that attractive volunteer may be remembered till Thursday! 😉 ) and nothing will change in the polity as a result of this piece of nonsense.

Rollin on Comrades


“The next move, on Monday morning, was to the orange lifeboat.”

The brilliance of the government’s tactics in using those orange boats is being  refined with each time that they have to be deployed:

Some of the 28 asylum seekers returned to Indonesia on an Australian lifeboat. Photo: Michael Bachelard

Some of the 28 asylum seekers returned to Indonesia on an Australian lifeboat. Photo: Michael Bachelard

The asylum seekers were transferred to the Customs vessel – perhaps MV Triton, though they do not know the name. As they were loaded on board, officers were ”pushing one by one with hands behind our back”, Ali says, showing on his friend how their arms were bent into a painful position.

Any objections or requests for food and water were shouted down, no discussion entered into.

”He says: ‘Don’t speak. Shut up. F— you’,” Ali says, the others nodding. One man, Khazim Mohammad, from Iraq, was lying sick on the boat: ”The [Australian officer] said, ‘You’re joking. Liar, liar’ … and grabbed him and pulled him.”

The Indonesian crew have told Central Java police that the wooden boat was then ”blown up”. They cannot say how this happened, but speculate on a bomb.

On board the large Customs ship, interaction between crew and asylum seekers was minimal. Once their details were taken and entered on a computer, the men were given wristbands with numbers on them.

For about three days, they say they were kept below decks.

”Inside the big ship, no sun, no air. We don’t know if it’s night or day. We can’t sleep; loud noises,” says Ali.

They were fed once – cheese sandwiches – and given a cup and told to fill it up in the bathroom to drink. ”For two days we went on hunger strike.”

The Indonesian crew was kept in a separate part of the ship.

On the Customs patrol boat, Ashrof says someone searched their belongings, and all valuables – money, phone, SIM card – were taken. He does not know who took them. No phones means that, unlike on other ships, there is no video footage of their experience.

The next move, on Monday morning, was to the orange lifeboat. It was the first time they had seen it and the transfer was done in sight of land.

”The soldiers brought [us to] the orange boat … and closed the door and said to the driver of this boat … ‘Go to that island’,” Ali says.

Again the Australians would not answer questions. The Indonesians – who spoke almost no English – said it was Christmas Island. Ali did not believe them.

But there was no chance of turning back to the real Christmas Island. The crew, though experienced sailors, had never seen anything like the orange blob they now captained, and there was not enough fuel to go anywhere except to that island on the horizon.

The island, it turned out, was Java.

The lifeboats are small and inside they feel smaller. They are dark and airless with only a couple of small, high windows. Having 28 on board would have felt crowded – not everyone could have a seat, though the nameplate says it is rated for 55 people.

”No air inside and no airconditioning for the orange boat. We are very sick. We have no oxygen. We are very sick,” says Ali. ”It’s like animals. Animals [cannot be treated] like this.”

There was water on board and muesli bars.

The journey lasted only about three hours before the boat ran aground in huge seas on a rugged bay near the village of Kebumen. They were 30 metres from the beach and the surf was high, but there was little choice but to jump.

”We jumped from the boat. We are at the beach, ocean high. We arrive and drift, arrive and drift. We think we will die. We think we will die. We can’t swim,” Ali says.

Finally on the beach the exhausted men were confronted with a steep, slippery slope to climb before a local farmer found them and called the police.

The crew is now in custody being questioned by police under people smuggling laws for taking people out of the country illegally and then, at the insistence of the Australian Customs and Border Protection, back into it. The asylum seekers are bound for detention, although they don’t know where.

Sarrah Hansen-Young a very vocal useful idiot  gives us a selfie taken at the Gay `Mardi Gras

Sarrah Hansen-Young a very vocal useful idiot gives us a selfie taken at the Gay `Mardi Gras

Some how I doubt that this group of chancers will be trying again and while I expect that the usual suspects  will whine about the less that luxurious  conditions in the orange boats , or the confiscation  of mobile phones  from this cohort  but there is no escaping the simple fact that this tactic works as a way to return people who try to enter this country illegally under the pretense that they are refugees . Labor believed all of  the lies that they were told because   they wanted the preferences of Greens voters  and the Greens were the most useful idiots to the people smuggling trade but we , the Australian people, want  orderly a controlled  immigration program that chooses socially useful immigrants that will help make this country a better place  instead of self selectors who bring with them a legacy of self serving deceit.

Cheers Comrades

Who needs bullets?

Who needs bullets?

Death in detention

click for source

click for source

Cue the Luvvies outraged at this self-inflicted fatality.

Cheers Comrades


I dips me lid Comrade O. Puhleez

There are times when I am out and about in the electric streets of the internet when I come across a comment that is just a cut above the average. find below one such comment  extracted from this thread at New Matilda


O. Puhleez
Posted Saturday, February 15, 2014 – 23:42


While I’m not naive enough to think, as some people are dim enough to try to counter-argue, that everyone who applies for asylum here should be granted it, to suggest we, by sheer dumb luck, deserve life freedom and security above those unfortunate enough to be fleeing persecution is the kind of staggering prejudice and arrogance that leads nations down very dark paths indeed. Prejudice, whether in the form of racism or economic elitism or religious zealotry is the trait Australians should be looking to avoid, but unfortunately we’ve allowed it to become the enemy from within. You can’t send it offshore in a lifeboat when it’s embedded in your soul like a thorn.

Well said; very well said indeed. But…

SOME of the people who come here in boats are fleeing genuine persecution. But as Marga and others have pointed out, what at least some of these unfortunate people are fleeing from is political and economic stagnation in their countries of origin. And so I ask this simple question: why should the present population of Australia have to pay for that?

Because pay we will. If the borders are thrown wide open (and that is the inescapable political corollary of all the ‘refugee advocacy’ we see here) then we will pay: in overpopulation, in environmental degradation and the rest of it.

As far as bettering the lot of refugees from the Islamic world, Australian dollars would be far better spent on projects that help break the grip of the theocrats in their countries of origin: like aid with family planning. (Do I hear Tony Abbott and his mate Pell having seizures, convulsions and paroxysms stage right? Or should that be stage far right?)

I think of the refugee situation as analogous to the drama that occurred in mid-Atlantic when the Titanic went down near midnight on April 14, 1912.

The analogy of the Titanic is all the refugees and others’ (mainly Islamic) countries of origin. The analogy of the lifeboats is the sought-after destinations like Australia, NZ, the US, Canada and the countries of Western Europe. (No comparative number to that of  the people claiming refugee status here,  note, are seeking anything but temporary ‘asylum’ in Eastern Europe, the Far East, South America or Africa.)

On the Titanic: the inquiries in the aftermath of the sinking ” …reached broadly similar conclusions: the regulations on the number of lifeboats that ships had to carry were out of date and inadequate; Captain Smith had failed to take proper heed of ice warnings; the lifeboats had not been properly filled or crewed; and the collision was the direct result of steaming into a danger area at too high a speed….”

But the fact is that the (mainly Islamic) countries of origin which are the analogy of the Titanic are not sinking. On the contrary, their Titanic has been taken over by religious fundamentalist pirates. The refugees could all save themselves if they would just convert to the variety of Islam that the majority of the pirates belong to, and accept whatever economic subservience follows from that.

But, most understandably, they do not want to.

Trouble is, the more refugees, and pseudo-refugees of one kind or another, that make it into the lifeboats, the more who want to abandon ship and hope for a place in one of those same lifeboats. Those of us in the lifeboats face the genuine moral dilemma of either pulling all comers out of the water, and going down with the overcrowded lifeboat, or leaving them to drown. But there will always be people like you, Sooz, with us in the lifeboat, and claiming the moral high-and-dry ground. You lot will continue to urge us to admit all comers. That is, until it dawns on even you that this is not sustainable. Not even in the short term.

You call us ‘racists’. I do not believe that you have even the vaguest idea of the meaning of the word.

You, on the other hand, in your moral purity, will protest mightily here on NM as Abbott and Morrison to send boats back to Indonesia. You will protest without having for one instant to face the consequences of the political folly implied by what you demand. Because only a pathetic minority of Australians are in favour of open borders; because only such a pathetic minority are incapable of foreseeing the real consequences of what they advocate.

Cover yourself in righteousness as much as you like, Sooz. You know damn well that the historic experience of Australia is against open borders, and for damn good reasons, and likewise the majority of her people. But you will always be OK and never have to face any sad realities. You can have it both ways: the apparent moral superiority of being in favour of open borders, and the comfort of knowing that the policies you advocate will never be adopted, and that the lifeboat you are in will stay afloat.

Except that I do not think that you pontificate to the rest of us from the moral high ground. You have found the easy way out. You preach at the rest of us from the middle of a moral swamp

I hope that the anonymous author sees this post as it is intended, as a salute to an argument well put about an issue that matters.

I dips me lid Comrade O. Puhleez


Brand new boats for their return journey.


As  one who has steadfastly refused to believe the rhetoric from the usual suspects that it would be impossible to successfully turn back boats I take more than a little pleasure in the reports that boats are being very successfully turned back and I envision those lily-livered lefties choking on their cornflakes with every new story of  a successful turn back.

Those disposable orange life boats are looking like a very good investment indeed …

Indonesian media reported that a large orange lifeboat washed up on Pangandaran Beach on Wednesday night.

Ciamis police inspector Firmaansyah was quoted as saying that the 34 asylum-seekers appeared to be from Iran, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

“The boat was like an orange-coloured capsule made of fibreglass,” Mr Firmaansyah told Kompas.com.

The boat was closed, with ventilation windows on the top. Inside police found the remains of food and drink.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has confirmed the purchase of several large lifeboats, which are known to be used in turn-back operations.

Wednesday’s arrival was the second known instance of the boats having been deployed.

Authorities have begun using the boats in order to stop asylum-seekers from preventing their return to Indonesia by scuttling their own boat.

Yesterday’s news means at least six boatloads of asylum-seekers have now been turned back to Indonesia, either in their own vessels or on the Australian-supplied lifeboats.

The high number of turn-backs coupled with the absence of new boat arrivals suggest turn-backs have become routine procedure, rather than aberrations.


I can’t help but recall a certain gentleman, now in a provincial legal practice*, who was so passionately arguing that we should return people smugglers’ boats so they could be of a better quality and less likely to sink with a resultant loss of life. I can’t help but enjoy a few moments of schardenfraude at the latest as the Australian government goes one better and gives  each new cohort of “asylum seekers” brand new boats for their return journey. Oh how the breakfast conversation in that house in NSW must be a total joy as that legal professional tries to find new reasons why the success of turning back the boats is in fact a failure…

Pardon my cavort with  nostalgia and  imagination but I think that its a very good thing for our nation that those on the left were so wrong about turning back the boats, clearly it can be done and Indonesia has not and will not go to war over us over the return of “asylum seekers” as anyone without the disability  of a jellied  spinal column has been saying for years.

Cheers Comrades


*name withheld to protect the slow witted and wilfully blind.

We stop taking it, at last

We are beginning to see the strength  of the government’s resolve to end the  flow of illegal immigrants coming via Indonesia and I for one can’t help but applaud the effectiveness of the strategy. Naturally the  Indonesian  government are not happy but frankly they are just going to have to cop it sweet because quite laudably the Abbott Government are not going to be bullied the way that Labor was bullied and just tug our forelocks as we do as they wish.

click for source

click for source

Australia is under no obligation to accept undocumented economic migrants as these men so clearly are, What amazes me is that these men are all Bangladeshis, who in heavens name are they claiming to be oppressed by? This has to be a case of well done to the Royal Australian Navy, well done to the minister Scott Morrison, and well done to the Abbott government for keeping their promise to turn back the boats when it is safe to do so. Its interesting to read the comments attached to may source piece in the Fairfax press where they seem to me to be running very strongly in support of the government actions. The “open borders” shrills are increasingly  pissing into the wind on this issue and the Australian people are quite rightly less than impressed by their blathering anymore.

As for Indonesia well what can they do? Whine and complain?  For too long they have tried to shirk the responsibility that they have for the foreign nationals that they allow into their country in transit to illegal entry into our territory and  they scream blue murder when we quite rightly jail their nationals for braking our laws. I think that they may well be tightening the visa-less entry for their fellow Muslim Bangladeshis  in the near future just as they have for Iranians.  What it boils down to is respect, Indonesia has for years failed to respect our right to control our borders and allowed all and sundry to transit their territory to facilitate the people smuggling trade, now they can’t get away with it.

Cheers Comrades


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