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Rudd, a “rat Fu#ker” to the very end of his political career

You have to hand it to Kevin Rudd, when it comes to ‘rat fucking” his party he is a true champion not only did he lie about serving the electorate of Griffith for the full term but he would not even give its current leader the courtesy of a forewarning of his intention to resign:

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While I would expect a certain level of magnanimity from the current prime minister about the man that he so decisively defeated in September I frankly would have respected Electricity Bill just a bit more had he just stood up and said that the party will be better off now that it is fully free from the spectre of Rudd’s pernicious influence. No we did not get such candor from Electricity Bill instead we got the usual empty platitudes even though he was clearly NOT feeling the love at all. Sorry folks but to may mind that is precisely why Electricity Bill will never be PM of this country.

So as Rudd retires on his 155k per year along with a car and security detail   we poor long suffering voters will have to take comfort from the fact that thanks to the efforts of our Kevin it may well be longer than a decade before we again see a Labor PM in the Lodge, the sensible among us may well think that I am being too generous the the ALP in this prediction but I prefer to err on the side of caution…

Laters Comrades

Who is the shadowy figure whose damaging leaks are derailing Julia Gillard's campaign? Graphic: Liam Phillips

 Graphic: Liam Phillips

Domestic and National

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa_oMy brother the computer tech spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening here and now I have two new PCs, my hard-drives were OK so all of my data was spared being fired with the computers. It looks to me that it is not our phone line that has been damaged but   the phones themselves along with our data switch/router.  the good old credit card will get a workout when I go shopping tomorrow  😦 , I do have insurance for the house but not its contents as we have reasoned that the cost of the premiums would far out weigh the benefits that we may have to claim in this sort of calamity. Even with replacing the fried appliances I expect that it won’t cost more than 1.5k at the very worst (probably around a grand ) and that is only two years premiums. Having lived here for more than fourteen years  we are still ahead.

Enough of the domestic disaster stuff its time to enjoy the fact that Kevin Rudd has done precisely as I predicted and resigned from the parliament. I may be wrong here but I can’t help thinking that there was financial incentive for the former Brother Number one to sit at least once in the new Parliament before resigning. that little vanity will probably cost the taxpayers a great deal over the years of his retirement. I had to laugh though as I watched both members of the government and the opposition  doing the “hail fellow well met” game on the TV last night. For all of that I think that history will be far from kind to Kevin, and will recall his failings far more than they will recall his successes in high office.

Despite his dreams of once again being a fine and handsome rooster  he is very definitely a feather duster now! Which of course begs the question of necessary by-election for the seat of Griffith. Will it too fall to the coalition?   This is just like the old Saturday morning serials, without the corny music track!

Cheers indeed Comrades

Kevin Michael Rudd

Kevin Michael Rudd

Labor Leadership: #QandA Sets Trap For ALP Members

Such a thorough analysis of the choice facing the ALP that I just could not ignore it and hence I reblog the post in the hope that my own readers will likewise appreciate you efforts here .
Cheers Comrade Yale !

Albo asks for my help

Regular readers will recall that I am on the hotline from our government members and they are always seeking my support for the important changes that they wish to make for the betterment of our country:

Dear Iain,

Labor people have always been champions for local community services.

Roads and footpaths. Parks and gardens. Sports clubs and community centres. Childcare. Help for seniors. Festivals and events. Community gardens.

For more than 40 years, federal governments have given funding to local councils to ensure our communities have these vital services.

Despite this, our most important document – the Australian Constitution – doesn’t recognise this.

That’s why I’ve just made an important announcement with the Prime Minister that on September 14 we are planning to hold a referendum on recognition of local government in our Constitution.

We need to add a few words so that federal governments can keep supporting vital services. It’s a small but important change.

If you support your local community services, can you share this with your friends?

This isn’t about politics. This change to our Constitution has the support of all the major parties – at this stage, even Tony Abbott.

Our challenge is to make sure our local communities know if they want to say “yes” to local services, they need to say “yes” to changing the Constitution.

Help us spread the word about this important opportunity.



Of course there have been two previous (failed) attempts to make this sort of change to the constitution and both have been soundly defeated. I totally understand  why Albo is seeking an endorsement from yours truly, he must realise that without my support that  this referendum question has about as much hope as his beloved Julia has of winning another term in the lodge. That said I wonder just how necessary such a change to our constitution is. After all our cities and towns have got along quite well without it up until now  so is the status quo broken enough to require this change?

Cheers Comrades

Animated GIF 0042

Chemotherapy and the Easter bunny

 Prime Minister Julia Gillard welcomed 2Day FM crew Kyle Sandalands and Jackie O to Kirribilli House with kids from the Bear Cottage charity. Picture: Sam Mooy Source: The Daily Telegraph

Prime Minister Julia Gillard welcomed 2Day FM crew Kyle Sandalands and Jackie O to Kirribilli House with kids from the Bear Cottage charity. Picture: Sam Mooy Source: The Daily Telegraph

I am eternally thankful that my fellow  Sandpit authors have given us their perspectives on the  failed coup and its aftermath because I  have been at both horrified and rather to bemused to write anything substantive about the whole sorry mess and I have been trying to avoid letting my personal feelings of Schadenfreude cloud my judgement over the implosion of the Labor party. Its just too delicious when a bad government turns upon itself  and is so obviously committing a very public act of political suicide.  Now for a government that claims  not to to be in campaign mode the stunts and pork barrelling  are starting to c0me  thick and fast. With Gillard promising millions for schools up here in sunny Queensland  and we will see an unending litany of similar promises where ever the blighted one appears to spruik  her political potions.  The new cabinet announcement will be an interesting thing to watch and I expect that those elevated to, a hem, greatness will all struggle to hold their seats as a consequence of drinking deep from Gillard’s Koolaid  but I suppose that they can take some comfort from the beneficial effect that their brief elevation to the ministry will have on their superannuation when they join the ranks of the unemployed after September 14. When you are living in gloomy times there is no doubt that you will enjoy even the most fleeting moments of sunshine even when omens foretell  that eternal darkness is but a few short weeks away.

click for source

click for source

With that in mind I am of course not at all surprised that there are moves a foot to encourage Brother Number One to totally leave to political stage and either quit or lose his seat in the house. Personally I can understand the reason that the Gillard Glee Club would want all trace of the once and future leader erased from the timeline but I also expect that a man of  Rudd’s ego will not go quietly under any circumstance.  One who appears to being coerced to stay though is the leader of government business in the house Anthony Albanese  who is just too valuable to the Gillard  crew to be allowed to fall on his sword in the same way that fellow Ruddites have done over the last few days. Its a measure of the lack of moral turpitude in the Labor party that even in total victory of the the forces of the Rudd push that Gillard has to hold on to Albanese like grim death because they have no one in their camp who can do what he does in the house.  Yet another example of the way that this government is driven by only one thing and that is to preserve the current power and status of its  leader and to pretend that the future  of the party does not matter in the least.

The Easter festival  has always been about renewal even before it was assimilated into Christian mythology and I can appreciate the value of such a festival in the cycle of the seasons but for Labor I see it as being about death without the possibility of resurrection, of a tomb that will not be empty on the third day and that the sightings of  a risen saviour will all be the desperate delusions  of the faithful who have all but lost their religion and who chant the litany even though their hearts are not in it any more. Take heart though Comrades because there is hope that what will die in September will be the the worst aspects of the the once admirable Labor party and that which  will be resurrected and nurtured in the wilderness  of opposition will be  a party that is relevant to today and the changing face of the Australian electorate rather than a slave to the unions and their outdated socialism and class warfare mantras. Then again such political cancers are incredibly hard to kill so I won’t be holding my breath waiting for the electoral Chemotherapy to work.

Cheers Comrades


98 names of shame

Its called democracy Jeremy and it works. in any event you and the other pro Gay marriage activists should have known that this whole campaign was nothing more than a smokescreen to help distract the public from the incompetence of the Gillard government.
Cheers Comrades

Moved On

98 names on a list of shame that will embarrass not only all our descendants, but theirs in particular:

About exactly the reverse of how Australians, based on any recent polls on the issue, have asked their representatives to vote.

Shame to Ms Gillard, Mr Abbott, Mr Rudd – and my former local MP, Mike Symon, who repeatedly refused to meet with me to discuss marriage equality because he’s a gutless wonder who doesn’t deserve to hold the marginal seat he does.

Marriage equality will still happen within the next decade – it’s inevitable. The issue is simply not going away until there is full equality. There is no way now that people will settle for less. There is no victory for the discrimination side (short of Australia falling into a post-apocalyptic nightmarish theocratic state) that can last.

Enjoy your brief success in making gay people live under a couple…

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Fun with the soap opera, or who will survive?

A hilarious song that has a certain prophetic quality given the events of recent days and in the light of the fact that Anthony Albanese has declared for Rudd Ray may just be breaking out the bubbly on Monday after all, the rest of us will try not point out that the Good ship Gillard Labor has a very large gash in her side and it is taking water fast  but at least  there is lots of ice for those last drinks….

Cheers Comrades

Hi speed trains? The numbers say NO!

I love trains and I love travel by train but I have never thought that the idea of a very  fast train network between our major cities would be able pay its way so is is with some feeling of vindication that I note that a study has found precisely that.

“This analysis highlights that currently in Australia high-speed rail will not be viable.”

A high-speed rail network would require a minimum of six million travellers a year to be viable, but the briefing said 12 million to 20 million commuters were more typical.

The document, which was given to Seven Network News following a FOI request, showed while a Sydney-Newcastle-Canberra link would compete with the airline’s travel time, the cities did not have the populations to justify the link.

However, the paper also said the potential future viability of high-speed rail lines would be improved by a strategy of safeguarding future corridors and by applying policies to increase the size and density of key population centres.

“We know that there’s massive public support for high-speed rail,” Mr Albanese told Seven Network yesterday.

“But we need to know what the cost is and what the challenges are.”

Of course this begs the question of just why the government has to spend 20 million on a “feasibility study” when even the most basic calculations show that it is not worth doing. But what do you expect from a government that wants to spend 43 billion on the NBN when the business case for that has not even been considered?

Just confusion and not enough delay Comrades

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