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Not Leigh Sales’ job to save Labor

Its long been my opinion the Twitter and many of the popular Lefty blogs are just as you suggest full of delusional fools who are totally myopic about politics. The saddest thing is that they really believe the crap they are peddling and they bend over backwards to abuse and attack personally anyone who does not agree with them that Tony Abbott is the political Anti-Christ.

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I’ve written before that Twitter has become an unexpected school of politics, providing a unique forum for people with less knowledge of our civic processes to learn from those with more. When those discussions are taking place, Twitter is vibrant and all-embracing democracy at its best.

Well, Wednesday night was NOT one of those times.

Over a particular 24 hour period Twitter demonstrated just how aggressively puerile it can be. And in spitting their dummies in ever-lengthening arcs, partisan tweeps missed the point altogether.

The event in question was the long-awaited interview by 730’s Leigh Sales of the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 12.02.27 AMThe interview was long-awaited for two reasons: it had literally been quite some time since Sales had last interviewed Abbott. The Leader of the Opposition’s team had clearly been keeping him away from “hard” political interviews, choosing instead to conduct photo-opportunities with limited questions from the…

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Well I’m offended too

Cheers Comrades

sadly too true

sadly too true

On Gender Equality

Its the conclusion in this video…

Dreaming of equality without rancour …

Cheers Comrades



Wasting police time

False accusations of rape are something that the Feministas  will insist are so rare as to be of no consequence  but as I have explored at this blog previously it is a serious matter and something that can not be ignored for ideological reasons.  Now it turns out that a supposedly nasty rape reported in Sydney  was in fact entirely fictitious and that only after an exhaustive and expensive investigation by the police  has the claim been exposed as a total fabrication:

click for source

click for source

The only upside here is that no poor sod has been dragged in to be interrogated and accused of a crime that he did not commit, however the amount of time and resources that have been expended by the police would have been quite considerable, not to mention the fear an loathing felt by women in western Sydney at the thought of a gang of men out there targeting  lone  women at night should not be under estimated…

So what sort of consequences should this stupid, stupid girl face for her fabricated claims?

A bill for the cost of the wasted  police time perhaps?

A community corrections order?

A stint in one of Her Majesty’s fine hotels?

Being named and shamed?

Sadly I tend to think that she will get off Scott free and still considered a “victim” rather than as a perp

Tis the way of the world Comrades



"You will read The Sandpit everyday and you will enjoy it no matter what tosh I publish....."

“You will read The Sandpit everyday and you will enjoy it no matter what sort of  tosh I publish…..”

This is my 3000th post here at the Sandpit, isn’t it amazing just how quickly this milestone has come around?

I like to think that this  blog functions at many different levels and its contents is as varied as life itself .

Its primary purpose has always been to keep me entertained and to give purpose to my morning cruise through the daily news reports and blog updates , to that end I like to write about the issue de jour that has taken my fancy as I sip on my first brew for the day.  Of course I have also shared some of the events that happen in my own life when I have thought them notable enough  and I have tried to do that with a little bit of wit and my rather wry sense of humour.

So for the next three thousand  posts I hope to continue to provoke and stimulate thought and words from you,  my dear readers, even if those thoughts and words are entirely focused on telling me that I have got it wrong in the most fundamental ways! Sometimes I even get feedback affirming that what I have said is correct, frankly either response pleases me though naturally the later has a somewhat sweeter effect on the palette.

Cheers   Comrades



Double and Nothing

As a father myself I really enjoy and appreciate the institution of Fathers day, its the only day of the year that is devoted to acknowledging the role of fathers in the rearing of our children. So is it too much to ask that we keep it that way?

click for source

Beside the fact that these women seem to be telling some pretty big lies to the children that they are raising, insofar the the children believe that they have “no father” but also they and their ilk want to take over “father’s day” and change it into their own image. You know what I feel sorry for the five year old who has to come to terms with the realities of living in a lesbian shaped  household but I see no reason to change “father’s day” and how it is celebrated in our schools just to molly-coddle this child and her care givers. Bernadette Walsh and Marly Greenwood can do as they please within the walls of their own house but they should just learn to live with the fact that neither of them are a father to the children that they are raising and stop trying to change the school and the community to pretend otherwise.

Single mothers and even lesbians like these women certainly can be entirely adequate parents and they certainly can raise children to be good human beings, its just a biological fact that they can’t ever be fathers and I resent then trying to usurp the one day devoted to fathers , especially when this pair can double up on mother’s day

Cheers Comrades

How to commit murder

At the risk of being totally not politically correct I offer this little Bon Bon,

Just remember don’t ever tell your lawyer you did it otherwise they won’t be happy to argue that you are not guilty…

Murder safely now Comrades 😉


I never thought  that minions of the left would be such a humourless and sanctimonious lot, even though I tagged this post to show that expectation but right on Cue we have our erstwhile critic Zane Trow sprouting off (under an assumed name) in the comment thread over on the dark-side:

Zane Trow

Saturday, September 10, 2011 4:11 PM

Today Hall has a fake axe murder video on his site. The last few days in Brisbane we have seen the saddest and worst example of an axe murder for many many years. Hall wallows in this, he is the most vile excuse for a human I have ever come across. It is simply disgusting, it actual makes me want to vomit. I pity his children and his whole family, and actually I fear for their safety.

I am ashamed to have ever engaged with him at his site. I feel dirty just thinking about it.

OK, I admit to having a rather dark sense of humour

I was  entirely ignorant of the crime to which Zane refers to  here, if such things don’t make it to the Radio National news reports they go straight past me to be honest, doing a little research does suggest that he is referring to the murder of a teenage girl by her mother who subsequently jumped off the Storey Bridge Now as horrible as that murder suicide appears to be Trow is drawing a very long bow to make the ridiculous claims that he does about me in his comment above. Sadly there are vile murders committed every minute  of every day somewhere on the globe among the billions of our number. So according to Trow’s twisted logic every author of every blog should be aware of every murder and therefore not make light of any of it with a bit of dark sarcasm.

For a man with such a devotion to the transgressive in the production of “Art” he seems rather intolerant to me tickling the boundaries of  good taste here and I can’t help but wonder if he feels the same about the animal rights protesters in this story, after all at least one of them has some resemblance to the murdered girl… Do you fear for their families as well Zane

Cheers Comrades

Cell phone sends two evil scrubbers to jail for a false rape accusation

I have previously suggested that the fancy mobile phones that are so all pervasive these days have an important value as a self protection device; their ability to make a record of the events in your life could actaully prevent your life taking a very bad turn for the worse as this case from the UK demonstrates:

Weston and France were arrested in January on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

In two interviews Weston maintained that she had been raped, but in a third interview she broke down when she was shown the photographs.

Miss Branford-Wood added: ‘She said she had gone to Mr Gozalan’s house and had consensual sexual activity with both him and Miss France.

‘In police interview Miss France said she had made up the account to cover up the fact she had had sex with someone who was not her boyfriend.’

In a statement read to the court Mr Gozalan said the incident had ‘ruined’ his life.

He said: ‘I was shocked when I was arrested for rape. My first thought was that I was pleased I kept the photographs, which showed the girls were having a good time.

‘I do not understand why the girls would make up something which is nasty.

‘I have faced threats of attack following the allegations and have had sleepless nights. I hope I never see them again because they have ruined my life.’

France, of Southampton, Hants, and Weston, of Eastleigh, Hants, each admitted one count of perverting justice. They were jailed for 20 months each.

The court heard mother-of-two Weston accepted she had done wrong and feared going to jail because she wanted to look after her children.

Natalie Wood, defending France, said she had felt guilty about having sex with Mr Gozalan because she too had a boyfriend.

Judge Peter Ralls QC described their false rape claims as ‘wicked.’

He added: ‘The allegations you have made are of the most serious kind and were entirely false.

‘Although there had been sexual activity between you and Mr Gozalan and between you together, there was no force and it was consensual.

‘By supporting one another with these wicked allegations, you have aggravated matters.

‘If carried through, this man was at serious risk of being imprisoned for a long period of time, perhaps 10 years, perhaps indeterminately.

‘The consequences would have been catastrophic.

‘Perhaps you embarked on this because you felt ashamed. You undermine public confidence in rape cases and do society a misjustice.

‘Fortuitously Mr Gozalan was able to provide photographs. I dread to think what might have happened if he hadn’t.’

After the case Detective Sergeant Martin Myers said: ‘Hours of officers’ time were wasted which could have been used to investigate genuine reports of crime.

Some commentators laughed at my suggesting that when you manage to organise a casual leg-over that you should film explicit consent from your potential partner. I suspect that they may feel differently after hearing this example of how doing something rather close to my suggestion has both saved a man from a long and thoroughly undeserved ten stretch and sent his accusers to a well deserved sojourn in jail. Then again I wonder how much that reticence is down to the victory of the  short term desperation to get laid over the  long term desire for self preservation?

Cheers Comrades

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