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Well they said he would never make it…

What with Alan Jones having a sizable bounce in his ratings I am very pleased and amused (in anticipation of the dismissive outrage from the usual suspects) that Andrew Bolt’s show is out-rating all of the other political  shows on a Sunday morning:

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Not that I’m any sort of fan of Jones however his bounce does make the vengeful histrionics of our latte sipping social media Junkies look as as shallow and impotent as those of us who are dismissive of the influence Twitter et al think they are.

Anyway congratulations to Andrew Bolt, and his backers, for picking a winner with the Bolt report.

Cheers Comrades

Slippery Pete finally slips off the shovel and the brown stuff sticks to Gillard, of course.

Well at last after having to support this loathsome man Gillard has a chance to put the Slipper speakership behind her but its odium and the shame of having tried to pull this swifty will remain with her just as the odium of all of her other bad decisions will be reiterated ad infinitum by both the opposition and the voters. Slippery Pete may no longer be speaker but as long as Gillard remains in the lodge there is work to be done, moving vans to be booked and change to be joyfully anticipated.

Cheers Comrades

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