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Pain, pins and placebo



Stories such as this are perennial favourites in the Fairfax press, it seems that they just love any piece that validates “alternative” medicine and you know what I am happy to admit that for some people any kind of mumbo jumbo will appear to be efficacious but if you burrow down into things like this you will find that the result is almost certainly an artefact of the placebo effect, where faith in the efficacy of a treatment makes it so. In essence its a case of “patient heal thyself” . Cynics like yours truly who have a rather negative view of acupuncture will of course get no benefit from being poked with needles, and yes I have tried it and found it to be utterly useless.

  Cheers Comrades

Acupuncture to treat existential pain

Acupuncture to treat existential pain


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