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Janet Albrechtsen and Auntie

Janet Albrechtsen.

Janet Albrechtsen.

The Abbott government has appointed conservative commentator Janet Albrechtsen and former deputy Liberal Party leader Neil Brown to the panel overseeing appointments to the boards of the ABC and SBS.

The four-person nomination panel, which is appointed by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, presents a shortlist of recommendations to the government when vacant ABC and SBS board positions arise.

Dr Albrechtsen and Mr Brown will serve alongside businessman David Gonski and former diplomat Ric Smith, whose terms expire next year.

Labor introduced a merit-based appointment process in 2011, which was aimed at depoliticising the ABC and SBS boards.

SBS has two vacant board positions – including the position of chairman – and the ABC has one vacant position.

Dr Albrechtsen, a columnist for The Australian and former lawyer, has previously derided the ABC as a “Soviet-style workers collective”.

She was appointed to the ABC board by the Howard government and she served on it from 2005 to 2010.

In November, Dr Albrechtsen called for ABC managing director Mark Scott to resign for airing stories based on documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden about Australian intelligence operations in Indonesia.

Mr Brown, a former Victorian Liberal MP, served as deputy Liberal leader under John Howard in opposition and as the communications minister and minister for business and consumer affairs in the Fraser government.

Call me a politics tragic if  you like but I could not help finding this to be a promise of rancor to come because I can’t help but expect that there will be a whole stampede of our friends form the left who are going to be having kittens about the thought of Janet Albrechtsen having a big say in the selection of boards of both the ABC and SBS. Heaven help us if the result was boards that did not lean so far  to the left…
Cheers Comrades

I’m taking Arvostatin but should I stop?

Like a lot of people I’m taking Arvostatin so I watched the Catalyst program that makes the argument that such drugs are over prescribed, especially to those with minimal risk factors. To be entirely Francis I now have some doubts about the drug and wonder if my marginally raised cholesterol levels really justify the daily dose when (for example) diet and lifestyle changes could give the same result.

Norman Swan of the ABC’s health report is very concerned about the program, so much so that he has unequivocally denounced it as potentially life threatening:

from the AGE, click for source

from the AGE, click for source

It was clear to me that the point of the program was to argue that it is the very broad prescription of Statins as a general prophylactic may not be such a good idea and that for many people who take the drug the side effects may well be more problematic than the potential benefits. As an informed medical services consumer I am going to discuss this with my GP when I next see him because I am concerned that I may be experiencing the muscle pain that was mentioned in the Catalyst program. I can’t help thinking though that those like Norman Swan may just be underestimating the people that the medical profession are supposed to serve. Surely a population that takes the time to be informed about such health issues will benefit by being able to make informed health choices.
As for the indigenous people and others who Swan thinks may cark it if they cease taking the pills, well my guess is that they have enough other health issues that would have hastened their end anyway so perhaps his concerns about this are rather over stated.

Swann has on many occasions suggested that people should be  wary of exaggerated claims of efficacy when it comes to various medical treatments so I find his position on this frankly rather surprising and just a  bit disappointing.and more that a bit condescending. The evidence that Statins do what their makers claim in reducing Cholesterol levels is clear to me form my own blood tests but that still leaves unanswered the question of how much benefit this will have to the longevity of those of us who take them. In the end isn’t the point that we should live longer and enjoy better health from taking this drug?  If the claims of the program that it will make little difference to they majority of users are correct then doesn’t it suggest that fewer people really need to take the drug and that perhaps the profession needs to work on deciding just who it is should be using the drug and who is wasting their time by popping the pills?

Cheers Comrades

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions

The “Maiden” Newspoll: Tony Abbott’s Thumping 56-44 Lead

This is good news indeed and shows how shallow and very hollow are the confected outrage over the non-rorts being cited by the desperate minions of the left. The Abbott government are travelling just as I have expected with little effort expended to be media darlings and it is paying off in respect form the people who clearly prefer prefer quiet competence and a focus on the business of good governance rather than the daily cycle of inane press release politics.

click for source

I heard today on the ABC radio that Labor are now more likely to concede the point on the carbon tax repeal, something that I have long predicted. this is of course the only sensible thing that they can do but my guess is that they will continue to act without the “cannyness ” that Bob Carr was chiding them for lacking. for the the sake of the country one can only hope that the Labor party continues on in its current style so they remain unelectable for a very long time.
Cheers Comrade Yale

Labor Leadership: #QandA Sets Trap For ALP Members

Such a thorough analysis of the choice facing the ALP that I just could not ignore it and hence I reblog the post in the hope that my own readers will likewise appreciate you efforts here .
Cheers Comrade Yale !

From the dustbin of history

I am somewhat amused by the reinvention of public personas  and this is one that  I could not fail to notice. When one of the worst PMs in living memory was indulged to an hour and a half of soft interview on the ABC It was impossible not to notice that those horn rimmed spectacles have mysteriously disappeared. Suggesting to me that they were always an artifice intended to make  Juulia gillard look more serious and to create a feeling of greater intelligence :


Before political execution

After political execution by her own party

After political execution by her own party

Well as she is in definitely into chip wrapper territory now I can’t help wondering how long the feministas will continue to celebrate her frankly deleterious period in power? Its ironic that for all their talk of  gender equality and so forth that those of the feminist tribe seem awfully keen on  judging a woman in politics entirely on the contents of their underpants rather than their ability to do the job with skill or rigour.

Cheers Comrades


This Couldn’t Happen Here. Well It Is.

I’ve posted twice on this blog about the danger of Islamic incursion into our society, and both times been shouted down. I’ve commented many times about this on other posts on this blog and received replies like,

‘this couldn’t happen here’,

‘our climate is so much better’,

‘this is alarmist clap-trap’

and other such ‘head in the sand’ reasoning.

Today’s angry protest in Sydney proves otherwise. These over-entitled
violent immigrants are now bringing their ugly agenda of hate and
extremism to the forefront, along with their complete lack of respect
for the country that has welcomed them and is most likely paying them
welfare dollars.

In less than a week we’ve had reports of a conviction for female genital
, a conviction for terrorist activity and now multiple arrests following a violent demonstration in Sydney.

Even the leftie in the red bandana, he’s the one who ‘fed the chooks’ with fellow leftie Richard Glover on ‘our’ ABC for a puerile 24 hour interview, has written an ‘open letter’ to the hotheads, although it’s akin to a slap with a wet tissue.

Still, I suppose that’s a start. Let’s see what ‘our’ ABC says about the incident. And let’s see what the hopeless and hapless Gillard government does about the continuing influx of these violent and aggrieved so called ‘refugees’.

Update: Waleed Ali, a Muslim lecturer in politics at Monash University and regular panelist on lefty ABC shows provides a refreshing viewpoint on the stupidity of the riotous protest.

Yet this still doesn’t answer the question of why are the protesters so unhappy in a country that treats them so well, ie welfare. If these people are truly grateful immigrants or refugees why are they biting the hand that feeds them?

And if they are 2nd generation Muslims, then we seriously have an issue with future islamic immigration. It obviously doesn’t work.

Back to the desert, Mohammed and build your own nation, because by staying here you are attempting to destroy ours.

Showdown @ Rooty Hill – what questions would you ask?

Its the debate you have when youre not having a debate

It looks like we will get some kind of debate between Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott after all:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott are set to take part in a town hall-style public forum on Wednesday. A group of 200 voters chosen by a polling company will question each leader for about an hour at the Rooty Hill RSL in western Sydney … Wednesday’s event is not a debate, and is instead being billed as a town hall-style meeting.

They can say its “not a debate” but this sounds more like a Q & A format as they have on the ABC. And I reckon thats better than a formal debate because the questions from the audience can bring out some good responses.

Somehow though I think the organisers will insist on vetting the questions beforehand. I mean they wouldn’t want some smartarse asking Gillard, “How can you know anything about families when your barren and unmarried?” Or asking Abbott about his virgin daughters and religious beliefs.

But what I want to know is this – 

If you were one of the 200 voters going to Rooty Hill what ONE question would you ask Gillard and what ONE question would you ask Abbott?

Its unlikely you’d get to ask more than one question of each so think about it and give it your best shot. Winner gets a free anger management course with Mark Latham. Closes Tuesday night when I will announce the winner.

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