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Board of Imams Under fire for”supporting” domestic violence

It Is rather sad, and an indictment of feminism, that the promoters of “White Ribbon Day” have not said a dickey bird about domestic violence and rape within marriage in our Muslim communities, especially in the light of a report that claims that the religious leaders consider things such as marital rape and domestic violence “halal”.

No to White Ribbon Day (click to see why)

No to White Ribbon Day (click to see why)

It is the result of interviews with police, lawyers, court workers and academics, and meetings with and questions to the Victorian Board of Imams, whose role is to provide an Islamic view and religious guidance to the community and represent it to the media.

The report says the 24-man board ignored or did not directly answer many of the questions. It says women, community and legal workers and police were particularly concerned about domestic violence and suggested that imams aimed to preserve the family at the cost of women.

It says the husbands of some women who were legally separated but not religiously divorced entered their houses, demanded sexual intercourse and took it by force. “Workers who have assisted women in this situation said that the advice women received from the imams was that it was halal – permitted – because there was a valid nikah – marriage,” the report says.

It also cites sexual assault allegations connected with underage marriages and says polygamy is increasing and gaining acceptance among Muslims.

Community members quoted in the report believe that the narrow religious training of imams, their lack of life experience, poor English and lack of understanding of Australia have created problems for the community.

The secretary of the Board of Imams, Sheikh Fehmi Naji-al Imam, also Mufti of Australia, denied the complaints “absolutely”. He said no authorised imam would conduct a polygamous marriage, and it was absolutely wrong that imams ignored domestic violence.

“I haven’t heard of any case where the board disregarded a woman or did not try to help her.”

My Bold in quote

There has been almost total silence from the usual Leftard suspects about this as well, in fact I expect that I will cop a serve for even raising the topic and it will be claimed that by doing so I am being “Islamophobic”. the truth is that I abhor domestic violence, all domestic violence and i will not condone or excuse it in the name of “ethnic sensitivity” If what this report says is true then the leaders of our Islamic communities need to change their practices forthwith and move into the twenty-first century where any domestic violence or rape is unacceptable, even by Muslim husbands.

Cheers Comrades


Like Brigitte Bardot…

She outraged anti-racist groups by saying: “I’ve had enough of being led by the nose by this whole population which is destroying us, (and) destroying our country by imposing their ways.”

Ms Bardot, now 73 and suffering from arthritis, was absent from today’s court hearing in Paris.

She wrote to the court saying: “I’m sickened by how (these organisations) are harassing me.”

“I will not shut up until stunning is carried out on animals before their ritual slaughter.”

Ms Bardot already has four convictions on similar charges.

The Telegraph

Besides the small but relevant fact that Muslims are not a “race” I find it outrageous that the French courts are basicly saying that the ritual practices of Halal slaughter are not to be criticised on the basis of their perceived cruelty. Bardot has for a very long time worked to campaign against cruelty to animals and I for one think that she should not have been convicted and fined for saying the truth about the barbaric method of slaughter required by the”religion of peace”.

Until next time Comrades

White Knight Rudd

A \

The Rudd Government has not provided a list of the funding promised under its four-year $176million Better Regions scheme, saying it is still sorting though its election promises.

But an analysis by The Australian of election documents has found 34 grants announced during the campaign worth a total of $145.96 million.

Only one went to a safe Liberal seat. The other 33 went to marginal seats being targeted by Labor, all but five of which were eventually won by Labor.

A damning audit report on the previous government’s $410million Regional Partnerships program found that 72.5 per cent of the grants went to Coalition seats. Of the 34 Labor grants analysed by The Australian, 89.8per cent went to seats Labor held or was targeting in the federal election.

Labor castigated the former Coalition government over its administration of the regional partnerships scheme, which it called a “pork barrel” and labelled “regional rorts”.

The Australian

He may want The Australian people to think that he is a brave and bold White Knight fighting the good fight for integrity in the election process, which was the shtick he used so effectively to chide the previous prime minister claiming that Howard used government Largess to buy the loyalty of of voters. but the report in today’s OZ shows that when it comes to the use of the “pork barrel” that Brother Number One is very far from being a Halal butcher.

Cheers Comrades


my bold

A tick to the Uni’s resisting creeping Sharia

Ours is a secular society and long may it be so but that does not stop the religiously obsessive from trying to reshape the way we do things to suit their own religious paradigms.

MUSLIM university students want lectures to be rescheduled to fit in with prayer timetables and separate male and female eating and recreational areas established on Australian campuses.

International Muslim students, predominantly from Saudi Arabia, have asked universities in Melbourne to change class times so they can attend congregational prayers. They also want a female-only area for Muslim students to eat and relax.

But at least one institution has rejected their demands, arguing that the university is secular and it does not want to set a precedent for requests granted in the name of religious beliefs.

La Trobe University International chief officer John Molony said several students had approached the Bundoora institution about rearranging class times to fit in with daily prayers.

Mr Molony said the university was attempting to “meet the needs” of an increasing number of Muslim international students, including doubling the size of the prayer room on campus.

La Trobe University International College director Martin Van Run said that although it was involved in discussions with the Muslim students who had made the requests, the university was not planning to change any timetables.

The Australian

I am pleased that those bastions of multiculturalism, moral relativism and political correctness are resisting this assault on our secular education , because once we give in to this sort of thing how long will it be before all of our Uni students (like prison inmates up here in Queensland ) are forced to eat only Halal meat? Or they are unable to get a bacon sarnie?
Living in a tolerant society does not mean that we have to pander to all kinds of religious ritual. I have respect for the sort of faith traditions that can give us a good template for the way our social systems can work but I have never been able to understand why any omnipotent deity would need human beings to supplicate themselves before him. Surely empty ritual is less important than what is in our hearts and the only ones to benefit from those rituals are the temple builders and the clergy who make their living by misrepresenting the deity.
Cheers Comrades

Closer to God

In the unlikely event the Muslim astronaut dies in space, the religious directives said his body should be brought back to Earth for the usual burial rituals. If that’s not possible, he should be “interred” in space after a brief ceremony, though the guidelines failed to explain how that should be done.

The booklet covers Islamic washing rituals required before prayer, saying that if water is not available the astronaut can symbolically “sweep holy dust” onto the face and hands “even if there is no dust” in the space station.

There are also suggestions on how to pray in a zero-gravity environment.”During the prayer ritual, if you can’t stand up straight, you can hunch. If you can’t stand, you can sit. If you can’t sit, you should lie down,” according to the booklet.

Muslims are required to eat food that is halal, which rules out pork and its by-products, alcohol and animals not slaughtered according to Koranic procedures are forbidden – but again in space there is flexibility.

“If it is doubtful that the food has been prepared in the halal manner, you should eat just enough to ward off hunger,” the booklet said.

JAKIM said it held a conference with the Malaysian National Space Agency last year to identify the issues and problems facing a Muslim astronaut, and compiled the results in the booklet released earlier this year.

Hereld Sun


Pardon my levity but am I the only on that finds this story immensely funny? The idea that any relationship with the deity requires strict adherence to ritual has always struck me as being both counter-intuitive and silly. But the question is just how will a Muslim cosmonaut keep himself facing Mecca as the international space station whizzes around the earth?

Cheers Comrades

The thin end of the wedge?

As a life long Atheist I have always considered the secular nature of or education system a virtue and a triumph of reason over superstition but for how much longer is this going to be the case?

Gary Bouma, a professor of sociology at Monash University, told a Muslim students’ conference that the secularist stance of universities was no longer appropriate at a time when religion played a more important role in public life. He said secularism was not a neutral stance but was itself an ideology that was inimical to religions.

“Religious diversity is on the increase and religion is back in the public space,” he said. “Secularists have a right to have a voice in universities but not a voice to denigrate or relegate religions to a non-space.”

The Age

Are we to see the same sort of thinking, when it comes to the catering, that was evident in the Queensland prison system that will see all of the meat served in university eating-places being Halal? A decision made on the assumption that most students would not care. How long will it be before a belief in the (approved) deity is actually a prerequisite for tertiary study? I have no objection to any individual following the religion of their choice but we should resist any moves to make our places of higher learning branch offices of any faith.

Cheers Comrades

.57% tail wags the prison kitchen dog…

It used to be that if you committed a crime and ended up doing some jail time that you just had to live with the Rather dull prison diet. But up here in Queensland, under the Beattie Government, instead of the prison diet being determined by the government (under sound nutritional guidelines) we now have the menu being decided upon the instructions in the Koran.

ALL prisoners at Brisbane’s Wolston Correctional Centre are being served halal meat – whether or not they are Muslim.

Halal meat is blessed and slaughtered by a Muslim slaughterman and cooked and stored in accordance with religious laws. “Wolston prison provides all prisoners halal meat as it can be sourced at the same price as non-halal meat,” a Corrective Services spokesman said.

However, only about 10 of the prison’s 570 inmates currently request a halal diet.

Sunday Mail

Strangely enough I think that this is just ridiculous. Why should prisoner’s diet be determined by the religious beliefs of such a small minority of the inmates? Sadly instead of standing up for the rights of the majority, and secularism, we have them all forced to meat* the desires of a very small but noisy minority.
Finally, does this mean that bacon is of the menu?

Cheers Comrades


*deliberate spelling:)

Spot on Janet

Let people say when to give in to minorities

…No right, whether group or individual, is absolute or unconditional. Even the right to life is qualified: think abortion, killing in war or self-defence. So assertions that a prisoner has some right to be given halal meat in jail – as child sex offender Sharif Mahommed claimed and won in a Queensland court recently – is just as much poppycock as saying that in Western societies Mormons have an inalienable right to polygamy or Muslims have a right to practise female circumcision. Societies can, do and should set limits and conditions on alleged rights.(Source)…

A good piece from Janet that says what needs to be said on just how accommodating we should have to be to those who want to be part of our society.

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