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Julian Assange’s complaining lungs

That hero of the left seems to be unhappy about his health and the accommodations at the Ecuadorian embassy, at least that is the latest spin from the Guardian:

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Am I the only one to think that this is the same sort of old and tired ploy that some holiday makers at Club Nauru are playing? You know say that this place is making you sick to garner sympathy in an effort to get what you want?
If Assange is well enough to use a treadmill then he can’t be that ill and in any event he always has the option of leaving the embassy and surrendering to the British authorities who will be more than happy to transfer him to Sweden where I hear  that they have some top notch health services for those with complaining lungs, heck if things get real bad they might even consider transferring him on to the USA where they have the best medical facilities that money can buy and a clear willingness to consider him an honoured guest within some very secure accommodations that promise very long tenure and even free legal advice…

What more could this boy from my part of Oz possibly want?

Cheers Comrades

On Julian’s Christmas list?

Another Carbon abatement Ponzi scheme on the verge of collapse

I have been a bit under the weather over the last few days, in fact I have had a sort of flu like symptoms for the last week, you know with a sinus headache and a general feeling of utter lethargy. On top of that joyous present from my son I have been having a rather bad patch with my back.  that has seen my doctor prescribe me some even stronger pain medication and to be honest it makes be feel like I’m a bit “off with the fairies” sometimes. In fact my interest in politics has been a bit subdued lately. Oh I have been fighting the good fight a bit  in Latte land and now I think its time to offer a new post here to the loyal readers of the Sandpit. So without further adieu I’m going to consider the viability of the UN sponsored “global carbon trading scheme”. The Guardian is of course one of the most partisan and pro AGW papers  on the planet so lets have a look at the report in the latest edition:

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What I am struck by upon reading this article is an inescapable feeling that the whole UN scheme is, like the Gillard monstrosity just another Ponzi scheme where its all about  creating “confidence”  but because that confidence is predicated on false expectations and and eternally growing pool of “investors”  the whole thing is bound to fail sooner rather than later:

Governments have a last chance to restore confidence in the system when they meet in Qatar this December to discuss climate change. But few participants hold out any hope that they will agree to toughen their 2020 emissions targets, which are scarcely even on the agenda. Instead, governments are focusing on drawing up a new climate change treaty by the end of 2015, which would stipulate emissions cuts for the period after 2020.

As I have been saying for ages if the response to AGW can not be made to happen at a truly global level then any efforts from a minority of the global emitters is at best pointless and futile.At worst it will be an expensive exercise in climate piety that is of no value what so ever. There is only one answer to the AGW question that is to do nothing, wait and see if any of the dire prognostications come to pass and if they do then we deal with each  problem as it actually presents itself rather than spending huge amounts of effort and treasure trying to forestall things that may never happen.

Cheers Comrades

Idiotous jetskius fatalus

Its usually Ray’s thing to denounce that menace on the waters, Idiotous jetskius   but this morning I’m making note of the fact that we seem to exported an even nastier subspecies, namely Idiotous jetskius fatalus :

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Readers will notice the part of my screen shot that I have highlighted which points to a failed attempt to destroy the evidence made by the female of the species. Sadly the authorities in Hawaii are unlikely to either euthanase or even just neuter the members of this pernicious species so they can’t breed . The world would be a better place if they did.

Cheers Comrades

Looks like the barrier Reef will survive even if the most dire predictions about the planet’s temperature are on the money

On a brighter note it seems that Coral reefs may just be a bit more resilient than many alarmists have been claiming:

So for the likes of Craigy there is another reason not to believe all of the horror stories (well it is Friday the 13th 😉 ) about doom and gloom and the end of the world from your favourite millenarian cult because, as I have said repeatedly life and ecosystems are far more resilient than the likes of Gore and Flannery have been telling the congregation of the green faith

Cheers Comrades

Oh yeah and thsi information came from the Fairfax press so it must be good 😉


Cheers Comrades

Whitney Houston, A line of coke in the wind

Ah another day and another dead celebrity Junkie and as the media goes into a its usual “oh what a sad and tragic loss of a “great” person” mode. So we have wall to wall headlines like this from the Herald Sun:

No one needs to pay a corpse and you can bet that sales of Whitney Houston’s music will now improve significantly, because quite simply dying is such a good career move these days when the media just loves to eulogise even the saddest slave to the white powder. I wonder just how long it will be before someone like the Queen of over sentimental songs about dead women, Elton John writes some ditty pointing out that Huston was found nude in the bath ?

I can just imagine lyrics that say ” her life was like a line of coke in the the wind…”

Yep that would be a big hit for sure.

Cheers Comrades

The Greenies and their schemies

I am a big fan of efficiency in engineering, and in the way that our energy utilities work as well which is one reason that I abhor the whole concept of a Carbon Tax. The notion that it is a good idea to make a proven energy technology artificially more expensive, so that an unreliable and unproven technology can be artificially more competitive/attractive to consumers just strikes me as being economic madness and nothing more than making the ground fertile for the spivs and shysters who are utterly gleeful at the prospects of the green religion and the schemes to “save the planet”. But what do you expect when the Profits of the Green religion are using the selling of papal indulgences as their business model?   Anthony Watts points out the essentially evil sort of scheme that now exists in his home state of California (cited just recently  as a Green beacon by “JM”) . Just look at the way that this particular scheme is designed to gouge money from both the Tax payers and the electricity consumers:


I’m no accountant but the whole scheme would create serious lustful trouser staining for some members of that profession. Talk about evil scams by the uber-rich to sting the common people this one is just so evil that it beggars belief, and worse still its being done in the name of saving the planet.

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What worries me is that under the Gillard “clean energy future” we have the perfect ground for similar scams to be perpetrated upon the Australian public do I hear anyone saying “it can’t happen here?” well I will utter just one name and if you think about you will agree that we should be afraid, very afraid… Christine Milne … This Zealot is going to be in control of the 10 billion dollar “Green energy fund” and there are none so susceptible to the spivs and schemers than an ideologically driven zealot with their hands upon taxpayer’s money…
Its a worry Comrades, a big worry

Christine Milne; away with the fairies

South Africa solves the cyclist problem

So how do we get some of  these beasts over here?


Betting strategies in political Poker

In the game of political poker Christian Kerr thinks that the Greens are in danger of over playing their hand but I tend to think that they have already done so in the nature of their deal with Gillard:

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Now I’m no gambler and the only time that I have played poker in recent times has been within the Game Red Dead Redemption on the PS3, but there is a seductive game of sorts that you have to play if you want to win a decent sized pot. Namely you have to bet incrementally teasing your opponent into making a bigger and bigger commitment until they have no choice but to go all in. Bet too big too early and they will just fold. You may win the hand but your winning will do little to enrich you, which sort of defeats the purpose of playing somewhat.
Had Gillard been a stronger player and Brown had his eye on a longer term vision both would have realised that they were each to desperate to win the pot and neither had thought enough about the implications of winning on the terms that were on the table. Put simply Brown asked too much of Gillard, and Gillard conceded too easily on the Carbon Tax. I think that the likely result will be a disaster for both parties. The Greens have made their all in betting practice entirely obvious and as a result they will find that the majors will be putting them last on how to vote cards at the next poll with obvious results for their ambitions in the lower house, while Labor have squandered all of their chips to win the keys to the lodge when they could have won them for less. Greed and desperation a terrible bedfellows when you are negotiating especially when it is about power rather than money Brown and Gillard are both doing a fine job of busting out from the game. Gillard will go first having bankrupted Labor of its political capital with her ineptitude as a high stakes player, while Brown may stay in the game a bit longer he will find that his dogmatic style will win him no new friends and without finding new friends in the electorate he will never be more than an annoying side bet.

The winner is of course going to be the Coalition who have been just staying at the table making small incremental bets while their opponents have been making the most showy examples of chip mal-dexterity  that anyone can imagine.  The trouble is that a player needs good opponents in an ongoing game and I worry that with the total demolition of their opponents that the Coalition will suffer in the long term so even I hope that Labor can lift its game enough to be an effective opposition when the inevitable loss happens at the next election.

Cheers Comrades

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