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Dark and despicable dream-time


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 Once again we see the spectacle of the of the Palestinians crying poor poor pitiful us  because Israel has quite rightly lost all patience with their constant provocation in firing missiles into Israel. Once again we see them deliberately using the bodies of their own children as disposable  shields so that they can claim that Israel is monstrous for defending their right not have missiles fired constantly at them from Gaza. Once again we have the usual suspects in the media  making much of the death toll in Gaza without even considering that the culpability lays entirely with the constant provocation from Hamas and its affiliates. As I have often said in another context ” if you keep poking a sleeping lion with a sharp stick don’t be surprised if he turns around and eats you or  your children”  Sadly it suits the religious zealots who lead Hamas to have the reality of their own dead and maimed children front and centre in the world’s media because then they can claim to be victims and their own part in the suffering of the people of Gaza can be ignored. After all when you believe that the next life is more important than this one then what does it matter if a few children are sent into the paradise of martyrs? But I can’t help thinking that when these young martyrs come to enjoy their virgins that  their heaven will be more of  akin to a paedophile’s dream time than anything else.

Cheers Comrades

The Guardian AGE leaves a film of filth on your soul

As Pat notes about the Guardian so we can expect the AGE to go…

Cheers Comrades

Chocolate at Max Brenner should make all prejudice melt away

I was quite interested to hear about the ‘counter-protest’ at Max Brenner’s in Brisbane last month, where the far left anti-semitic “anti-Zionist” protesters were out-demonstrated by the patriotic supporters of Israel’s right to defend herself against terrorism.

When my wife told one of her friends about the protests against Max Brenner, she apparently immediately retorted “but it’s so nice there!”. Since then, my wife had been pleading with me to go to Max Brenner’s and understand just how it is widely considered to be Brisbane’s finest chocolate restaurant.

And so I went a couple of weeks ago, to see what all the fuss is about. I was met by nice trendy music and the sorts of treats that one would have every single day if one could afford it and would not put on weight as a result. It was the sort of cafe where the latte set would be feel quite a home sipping their moccas and hot chocolates.

Here are the delicious deserts we ordered:

In my humble opinion, my choice was deliciously devine
Even my son’s cookie came with a nice swirl of chocolate sauce

  My wife's dish. A lovely choc muffin with icecream and chocolat fondue

In the end, my only conclusion is that those protesting against Max Brenner’s obviously were no lovers of chocolate.

Gaza regatta time again

Ah it looks like its that time of the year again, yes folks its time for the Gaza regatta where latte sipping Anti Semites all do their darnedest to show just how much they love the Islamic fundamentalist regime in Gaza run by Hamas. They want to make it easier for this despotic regime to import the materials of war hidden in the wrappings of secular need.

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Our friends of the Latte sipping persuasion seem to endlessly fall for arguments that encourage them to lend support for truly despotic Islamic theocratic regimes  like the one  Hamas runs in Gaza. I just can’t imagine any reason to do so if you have any real liberal principles. The attitude of such regimes to women , homosexuals, atheists,  anyone who enjoys a drink or a bacon sarnie is just utterly despicable. But they do have one thing in common with so many of our extreme Latte sippers and that is a totalitarian heart. Maybe that explains the inexplicable here then Our Latte sippers just dream of having the same sort of life and death stranglehold over the community that Hamas enjoys in Gaza…

Shalom Comrades


Antibiotics can make amputation unnecessary

It is good to see that the Marrickville Council has finally been forced to back down from their rather objectionable overreach in attempting to get the local council to attack the state of Israel via the “BDS” scheme.

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The whole affair has to demonstrate that the people of Marrickville certainly made it clear in the recent state election that they do not support this anti-Semitic scheme. Now while the BDS may play very well to those of the Green faith who don’t want to publicly admit their nascent anti-Semitism, after all they are being “anti- Zionist” and they really don’t hate  the Jews per se 🙄  , but those of us who are more realistic know what a crock this faux distinction is.

As I suggested  in an earlier post if the Greens want to have a future in Australian politics they will need to move closer to the centre of politics, closer to the mainstream. Thus far they have been happy to be political fringe dwellers who have sucked up all of the ex-communists, “the world is ending” millenarian desperates  and all sorts of  far left loonies but that demographic will only take them so far and frankly I think that they have gone as far as they can with that sort of demographic.

The Greens may not actually be dead yet but they are certainly suffering form an  infection of the extreme left which is in many ways  a shame because many people out there do care passionately for the future of the planet and the Greens cold be the  choice for such people however  the far left extremism makes the Greens unpalatable to moderate voters. Only time will tell if the Greens  can recover from this infection. Sadly I think that the disease that ails them will prove very resistant to the antibiotic of good sense and once the larger parties decide that amputation is the only answer they will be doomed to the same fate suffered by the Democrats.

Cheers Comrades

Unsafe hands in the senate

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young addresses a Friends of Palestine rally in Adelaide, in January 2009. Source: Supplied

You just have to love the way that the Greens are now being revealed for the Hard Left ideologues that their public image as a basically environmental party tended to conceal. Further its good to see that as this party has be come more prominent there has been a well deserved increase in critical scrutiny of their policies and personalities.

In my previous post about Lee Rhiannon I was so bold as to suggest that her support of sanctions against Israel was evidence of anti-Semitism because I tend to think that most of the Lefties who claim to be “anti-Zionist” are in fact just old fashioned anti-Semites wearing a minimal  layer of distinction so they can deny that they actually hate or despise the Jews in a more general manner. I think that this is an entirely reasonable lens with which to consider any Greens who decide to side with the Palestinians at rallies here Like the Greens senator in the picture above.

TWO Greens senators have publicly supported calls for Australian sanctions against Israel over the Middle East conflict, putting them at odds with party policy and their leader Bob Brown.

West Australian senator Scott Ludlam last year demanded an arms embargo on Israel, which he described as “a rogue state”, while South Australian colleague Sarah Hanson-Young addressed a rally where protesters called on Australia to sever ties with the Jewish state.

The stance by the two senators conflicts with Senator Brown’s assurance last week that his federal party was not anti-Israel and did not support the NSW branch of the party advocating sanctions against Israel.

The Coalition last night labelled the Greens “reds”, while the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council called on Senator Hanson-Young to visit Israel before jumping to conclusions.

Senator Brown yesterday refused to comment on the activities of his senators and directed The Australian to his party’s policy on Israel, which clearly advocated a peaceful two-state solution.

Now by my count that makes three of the Greens senators who will be suspect when it comes to their attitude to  the Jews. While it may be easy to assume that as someone with a communist heritage like  Lee Rhiannon probably has a deeper commitment to her “anti-Zionism” than either senator Scott Ludlam or Senator Sarah Hanson-Young  and it may just be naivety that has seen both of them front pro-Palestinian rallies. However I am not so sure that such generosity is justified.

We are a country where the people inevitably  desire  “a safe pair of hands ” to hold the reins of government and it has to be a worry that the likes of these three  watermelons have any thing even close to real political power or influence so we can only hope that airing the dirty laundry of the Greens will to some extent keep them in check, after all most mould only manages to thrive when it is kept out of the light of day.

Cheers Comrades

A Commo in the ranks makes the Greens a real worry for Australia

Greens senator-elect Lee Rhiannon outside the NSW Greens office in inner-west Sydney yesterday. Picture: Jeremy Piper Source: The Australian (click for link to story)

If you want  a good example of just how bad the Greens are for this country you need look no further than the senator elect in the picture above, an Anti-Semite◊  ex-communist* supporter of terrorism# who wants this country to boycott the only real democracy in the middle east, Yep, those Greens are a just  barrel of laughs and a wonderful example of moderation and good sense^ .

The thing about endorsing the participation of women in politics is that they are just like men in one important aspect and that is a certain proportion of them are going to be nut jobs, ratbags  or idiots at each end of the political spectrum, Lee Rhiannon is in many ways just like that other woman seeking a seat in an upper house and to be frank neither should be allowed near control of a dog, lest that poor  dog be subject to uncontrolled wagging by an ideologically driven tail.

Cheers Comrades

◊Oh I know that she will insist that she is an “anti Zionist” but we all know that is just code for hating the Jews
*Are they ever free of the pernicious influence of Karl Marx?
#To endorse the Palestinian cause is to endorse the methods they have used in their fight with Israel and that has far too often been the bomb and the missile aimed at civilians
^Sarcasm: no one believes that the Greens are either moderate or possessed of any good sense

Racism and barely disguised anti Semitism

The thing that I find endlessly amusing about our learned  friend’s criticism of Andrew Bolt is the way that he never  appreciates Andrew’s clear and obvious sarcasm. Its there for all to see if you click through to the original piece that Jezza is attempting to criticise here. Instead our learned friend takes that sarcasm and pretends that it is being said with deadly seriousness.

The very sad thing about Latte-sippers of our learned friend’s ilk is that they have this rather bizarre idea that Islam and the culture it underpins should be immune from any sort of criticism, Or that any criticism of that faith must be both wrong and made from base (racist) motives. Frankly given the way that our Jezza beats the Gay Marriage drum with such vigour I find this surprising. In many Islamic countries our friends of the shirt lifting persuasion face a rather nastier problem than not being able to call their unions a marriage, they face the rope. Yet there is never as much as a squeak out of him about it while he is prepared to pillory any Christian group which merely defends the idea that Marriage is a heterosexual institution.

Isn’t it time that minions of the left like our learned friend admitted that while we should be tolerant of human cultural diversity it is foolish to pretend that templates for  society propagated by people of faith are all equally good?  Especially when those templates are at such odds with the sort of modern secular values that he otherwise argues for with such vigour. Notions like women having equal humanity and the right to retain their clitorises or that we may all love whom so ever we please no matter what their gender may be. Or that we may mock and jeer everyone’s religion without some  nutter blowing us up or other wise threatening us with death  for doing so. Or even that we should not have to be unknowingly complicit in cruel methods of animal slaughter just because some people want to have animals killed as if the last 1300 years have not happened?

This is the problem with that “lets pretend that all cultures are equal” left they end up being strangled with their own contradictions. We all want to see Australian society and its cultural diversity work. I truly love the many types of faces I see every time I stroll through the public places of our cities. It is enriching for all of us to have that diversity but it is ridiculous to pretend that we have change to suit intolerant immigrants. My late father in law once chided his aged mother in my presence because she wanted to speak to him Dutch “this is Australia you speak English here” he said . Now I got where he was coming from, he was enunciating the notion that the onus is upon the newcomer   to fit in, but I also appreciated the way that my wife’s Oma wanted to speak to her son in her mother tongue. You need to have a balance between the different imperatives in play here and isn’t seeking that balance precisely how any culturally diverse society reconciles its differences?

The final “Elsewhere” aside in our learned friend’s post is most amusing because it exposes the the left’s often  ridiculous blind faith  support for the Palestinian cause. There is a sort of irony in this because for those of us who are critical of the left we  see the unwavering  attacks  of the state of Israel under the “anti Zionist” banner as being little more than barely  disguised anti Semitism, sadly for our learned friend he is defending an untenable position because the anti-Semitism of the Palestinians in particular and Muslims in general is very clear and openly enunciated. So accrding to his own logic (if you support racists then you must be racist yourself [paraphrase]) If you support Anti Semites then you must be one yourself…

Cheers Comrades

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