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A message from O/S – the Internet filter does have some good points

While Greens candidate for Blair in Iains cold Queensland, “Dr” Pat Porno Petersen, flips & flops on whether she really does believe in a free-for-all on porn and no net censorship whatsoever (well she does believe in that but not when its about her we guess) its good to see that at least one other Greens advocate  is sticking with his guns and the faith by labelling those in favour of Conroy’s Internet filter as “mostly ignorant” and “protecting sickos, perverts & religious fanatics”.

Work that one out if you can.

But they seem to have all overlooken something that would be a real benefit of introducing this filter to cut out the crap that goes on the broadbands.

An intrepid reporter & cheap airfare traveller  (and writer, teacher & film maker) brings us this news from advanced Iran in the Middle East:

I’m currently in Iran and have discovered that just like Twitter killed blogging, the Iranian net filter killed Twitter.

Now I ask you: Is not that a good thing? Bring it on Conroy.

Mad Max Mel is not a racist hes just a typical Aussie guy

This is a case of tall poppy syndrome and how the Yanks want to cut Aussie super heroes down.

Our great Aussie icon Mel ‘Mad Max’ Gibson is under fire again for a vile, racial tirade at his former Russian girlfriend, Okskanka Grigorieva:

In the recordings, first reported by TMZ.com, the Australian-raised Oscar winner allegedly uses a highly offensive term levelled against African Americans.

“You look like a f…ing pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of niggers it will be your fault,” Gibson allegedly screams at Grigorieva, according to TMZ.

TMZ says it has confirmed it is Gibson on the tape, which Grigorieva secretly recorded.

The former couple is in the midst of a bitter custody battle for their baby daughter, Lucia, and the secret recordings have been submitted to the Los Angeles judge overseeing their case.

In 2006 Gibson’s image and career took a major hit when he was arrested at Malibu for drink driving and went on an anti-Semitic rant, saying, “F…ing Jews…. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Now I ask you: Name the top 10 movies of all time and try to deny that they would start like this:

  1. Mad Max 1
  2. Mad Max 2
  3. Mad Max 3 ( They might have other names but that’s what I call them)
  4. Lethal Weapon 1
  5. Lethal Weapon 2
  6. Lethal Weapon 3 (were there any more?)

See what I mean? Our Aussie Mel (well he was born in the USA but thats a minor technicality) is without doubt the greatest actor since Jesus Bloody Christ hisself said to Punchus Pilot “Turn the other cheek, wog boy”.

And just like happened in Piss Christ he is being crucified by the bloody Yanks.

Lets just take a look at what Mels “crimes” are:

“You look like a f…ing pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of niggers it will be your fault,”

Well hes right isn’t he? Have a look at the photo of  Okskanka and then have a look at her name. You have to admire his restraint in not adding “you f*cking Rusky whore”. As for “niggers” well it was said in the privacy of his own home and the skank recorded it unbeknowns to him. I dunno about all of you but I know lots of people who go around their home shouting “look at those abos” and “if I had a gun Id shoot those black c _ _ _ s off my tv screen.” Thats the Aussie way.

“F…ing Jews…. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Of course they are. If there were no Jews the Arabs would be a peaceful people and Osama Bin Liner would be made head of the United Nations and we would be in the Age of Aquarius handing out flowers to “rag heads” and embracing Somalian “niggers” like they is our own.

Mel is truly enlightened.

Lay off our Mel.

Coming out of the closet is a risk to life itself.

I have been rather bemused by the way some people get riven by angst about the issue of Gay marriage because lets face it we have a rather liberal view about homosexuality in this country. Sure there are some people who are full of disgust and hatred for those who bat for the other team but most people here are generally either ambivalent or accepting. Our laws have long since got out of the bedrooms of consenting adults and that is as it should be. There is simply no substantial problems for any individuals to set up home together and to be entirely open about then sexuality. Compared to the ages gone by where being Gay was “the love that dare not speak its name” we have a very liberal attitude indeed. So spare a thought for anyone who is Gay in Islamic countries like Malaysia:

GAY men can at last be depicted in Malaysian films – so long as they repent or even go straight in the end.

Strict censorship rules in the mostly Muslim country mean books and films are routinely banned or scenes deleted that are deemed detrimental to moral values or religious sensitivities.

The new censorship guidelines reverse a ban on scenes featuring homosexuality, Malaysian Film Producers’ Association president Ahmad Puad Onah said. But there’s a catch.

“We are now allowed to show these scenes,” he told AFP. “As long as we portray good triumphing over evil and there is a lesson learnt in the film, such as from a gay (character) who turns into a (straight) man.

“Previously we are not allowed to show these at all.”

Heck they have even used an accusation of homosexuality in an attempt to silence the leader of the opposition there, travel just a little further north to say Iran and if you are Gay it is not a case of hanging out with you friends and lovers but one of being strung up with them if you are caught of denounced, In Saudi Arabia you could literally lose your head over your sexuality. So my message here is simple our social attitude to homosexuality may not meet the far left ideal but compared most of the world it is pretty good so instead of whining about the marriage act here perhaps it would be better if a bit more attention was paid to what is happening in other parts of the world where coming out of the closet is a risk to life itself.

Cheers Comrades

Its all about activating the guilt chip in the heads of the latte sippers

The guilt chip is clearly evident in this Latte sippers brain. It is the one that you can see right at the front.

Warministas love to counter the citation of extreme winter conditions (as proof that the world is not warming) with the suggestion that it is only “weather” and that “weather is not Climate“. Personally i have always thought that such a distinction is rather spurious. Spurious in the same way that saying that the millimetre marks on a tape measure are not a measurement in the same way that the metre marks are. It is all a matter of scale. Despite the Warministas denouncing any citation of any weather event that contradicts their argument they are still rather fond of citing weather events that fit with their own prognostications

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change based the claims on an unpublished report that had not been subjected to routine scientific scrutiny – and ignored warnings from scientific advisers. The report’s author later withdrew the claim because the evidence was too weak.

The link was central to demands at last month’s Copenhagen climate summit by African nations for compensation of $US100 billion from the rich nations.

However, the IPCC knew in 2008 that the link could not be proved but did not alert world leaders, who have used weather extremes to bolster the case for action on climate change.

Kevin Rudd last November linked weather extremes to the debate over the government’s emissions trading scheme.

“We will feel the effects of climate change fastest and hardest, and therefore we must act this week, and the government will be doing everything possible to make sure that can occur,” the Prime Minister said at the time.

British Climate Change Minister Ed Miliband has suggested floods – such as those in Bangladesh in 2007 – could be linked to global warming.

US President Barack Obama said last year: “More powerful storms and floods threaten every continent.”

Last month British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told parliament that the financial agreement at Copenhagen “must address the great injustice that . . . those hit first and hardest by climate change are those that have done least harm”.

The IPCC has now been forced to reassess its report linking extreme weather to climate change.

There is a clear dissonance here between the “weather is not climate” mantra and the “weather events prove Global Warming is happening” rhetoric that we are getting from The likes Of Obama and Brother Number One and it is obvious to me that the rhetoric is intended to activate the guilt chips in the heads of the worlds progressives this enables the aforementioned leaders to bring about fundamental changes to our society by stealth. Changes to the energy economy and changes to the world’s political institutions. But then hasn’t that been the desire of religion since men began to draw pictures on the stone walls of their caves? Like the measuring tape I mentioned earlier it is all a matter of scale and finding the marks on the tape that fit the liturgy.
Oh yeah its also another reason to think that the UN in general and the IPCC in particular is as useless as titties on a bull.
Cheers Comrades

Recognise the problem

Instances of Muslim-on-unbeliever violence inspire the victim school to dig up new and imaginative excuses. Colorful examples (drawing on my article and weblog entry about denying Islamist terrorism) include:

Daniel Pipes

Daniel is spot on about the excuse making, as I have even  seen here on these pages. It is in the interest of all, including the peaceful followers of Islam, to both recognise and to address the problem rather than just pretending that it does not exist.
Cheers Comrades

Take them at their word

SimitarI “love” the way that my Latte sipping friends want to insist that Islam and its nutters do not want to conquer the world . Mainly because it seems to me to be a valiant imitation of the ostrich’s defensive head burying behaviour. The fact of the matter is that among the motivated believers  a world dominated by their faith is what they imagine on their pillows every night, they desire a homogenised world where the only vision of the deity is their own. Fortunately for the world there is  a greater percentage of the faithful who are rather more interested in the welfare of their families than in building the caliphate.

None the less  I think that it is wise to take note of what these nutters actually say that they want to do, in fact I think that we should take them at their word when they say they want to rule the world:

“There is no doubt that the huge growth in the population of Asia, together with its economic and military development, will make Australia into lebensraum — to use the European term,” writes Mr Hamid. Lebensraum, meaning living space, was a term used by Nazi Germany as a motivation for territorial conquest.

Asia, Mr Hamid writes, is facing a population explosion “while Australia is nearly empty of people, apart from scattered groups of white residents”.

Residents of “the Israeli outpost” at the other end of Asia are likewise warned to return to their countries of origin or face an “unequal conflict”.

These warnings, however, are marginal to the central vision offered in the article — the emergence of a vibrant pan-Asian identity in which Islam, and the Taliban in particular, constitutes a powerful moral and cultural force but not an exclusive one. Its emphasis on pan-Asian political identity rather than pan-Islamic sets it apart from al-Qa’ida ideology. The Taliban article does not call for jihad, although it hints at the possibility of “peaceful Islamic expansion” and the linchpin role in the “Asian Age”, as the author terms it, is ceded to non-Islamic China.

Western power is fading fast, he writes, “to the benefit of Asian giants, and first and foremost among them the colossal economic and human power of China”.

Of course  the reality of our geography make a storming of our beaches most unlikely, and even less likely to succeed, but the real threat comes from those we allow into the country who share  the same vision of the world as Mr Hamid then actively seeking , as Jean Luc would say,  to “make it so” .  The best way to avoid this happening  would have to be ensuring that all of our people have a primary identity as Australians and that we should  discourage the creation of insular ghettoes as they have failed to do in places like the UK and the Netherlands. Just look at the social problems there and you can see what we can expect in the not too distant future if we don’t address the problem now.

A lot of the problem is a side effect of the information revolution. When my family came here in the early sixties communication with my homeland was either slow or too  expensive. There was no choice but to become fully invested in this country. Now the net  and cheap telephony makes the sort of disconnection form the homeland that any  migrant needs to fully commit to the new life almost impossible and we see too many people who are here physically but their loyalties  remain entirely with their old life and their old culture with all of its old  baggage .

Am I the only one who thinks that this is the  problem?
Cheers Comrades


Some people and their faiths

I have been watching, with some interest, the way that the latest terrorist cell arrests have been unfolding and especially the reactions to those arrests from the usual suspects. Many on the left seem to be in total denial that there is even a problem or that the problem has its genesis in the faith for which Mohamed is the Prophet. This report below from The Courier mail gives us a snapshot of just how some Aussie Muslims see the world and just how much their faith is central to their world view.

HATE-filled messages on a prominent Muslim website claim the alleged plot to attack Australian soldiers would have been justified.

“This is the hate the western world has on us. They want to lock us up with no freedom,” Mohammed said on the Aussie Muslims website.

“Why is it called terrorist attack when the Aussie troops have been raping, killing innocent Muslims for years? We are intitle (sic) to defend ourselfs (sic).

“In this country we can’t trust nobody. The Australian Government is corrupted.”

One posting this week suggested having Australian soldiers as the claimed targets of the alleged Melbourne terrorist cell was appropriate.

“More than a million innocent civilians have died as an outcome of the war on terror that our soldiers are involved in,” Australian Muslim Tazza said.

The site carries a photograph of Australian soldiers in uniform with the caption: “Real Australian Terrorists”.

It also features a photograph of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd addressing Australian troops overseas with the caption: “Terrorist Mastermind Delivers Sermon to Impressionable Followers”.

Another recent posting claimed convicted Melbourne terrorist cell leader and Muslim cleric Abdul Benbrika was wrongly found guilty by Christians.

“Will Australian Jews who committed war crimes in Gaza be charged? Or do terrorism laws only apply to Muslims and dark-skinned people?

“When will Kevin Rudd be charged with organising terror attacks in Afghanistan? These attacks were planned on Australian soil.”

The site, which claims to the home of Australian Muslims. has also urged Muslims to email complaints to the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to protest about comments made about those charged refusing to stand in court. It has provided the court’s email address to make it easy for them to do so.

Site contributor Abdraheim said: “Kaafirs oppress Muslims everywhere all the while accusing them of criminal activity. Australia is no different.”

When Andrew bolt pointed out the rather obvious omission in the reporting of this latest conspiracy was pussyfooting around the “Islamic connection” some Lefties like our “Old Pal” Jeremy Sear was very keen to play the race card.

“Racist? What has race got to do with Islam?”

Before charging in with that, SB, did you read Bolt’s piece?

“Take the Muslim Lebanese we took in during the Lebanese civil war. Many did fit in well, but too many others ended up on welfare . . . or worse. In fact, the Lebanese-born are twice as likely as the rest of us to be in jail, and Lebanese dominate several Sydney crime gangs.

It’s not just a Muslim thing, of course. The Vietnamese are three times more likely to be imprisoned – and the rate for Tongans and Samoans is still worse.

CRIME figures for Somali immigrants…”

(quoting from Andrew Bolt)

Yeah, not racist at all.
Jeremy Sear

This just in:

Calling for us to reduce our intake of people of certain racial backgrounds is racist.
Jeremy Sear

Personally I think the issue that Lefties like Jeremy refuses to acknowledge is that when we choose migrants to come to this country that we should be choosing people who can leave their old animosities behind them and dedicate themselves to the well being and prosperity of this country  and when we see the sort of opinions expressed on that Muslim website and there are clearly some people who have been allowed to come here who are still engaged in the arguments and polemics that blighted their homelands.

According to Latte sippers like Jeremy we should never dare to say the obvious, nor should we take note of the roiling hatreds that imbue the mindsets of the prospective  immigrants into account when accessing their application for entry and residency here. I suppose we should  be more forgiving to someone like Jeremy because I think that he just does not understand the mind of anyone for whom religion is the centre of their lives. As far as I can tell from the things that he writes about religion I think that he sees Islam as being rather like Christian religion  in that it is a once a week observance thing and as easily ignored as the practice Christianity so often is in this country. He is of course wrong about that. When you have a faith that demands adherence to strict dietary rules, the observance of ritual prayer five times every day,  adherence to particular ways of dressing and a distinct separation of the genders there is no way that the faith will be as easily discarded as many lefties have discarded their Christian upbringing.

The thing that we have to strive for when discussing  the issue of Islamists and Jihadis is to rightly hold them and their ideology up to scrutiny and the  disdain that they deserve without unduly distressing those followers of the faith who just want to get on with their lives and be part of our countries rich tapestry. So we have to avoid the mindless hatred of immigrants of the sort that we see in the extreme right but at the same time we have to avoid the wilful blindness to the threat demonstrated  by extreme lefties like Sear.

Lets call a spade a spade and admit that there are elements within Islam that are antithetical to our liberal secular democracy and honestly address them without fear or the  undue deference expressed by the politically correct quislings like our learned friend. Because when it comes down to it the ones who will be first up against the wall under the Caliphate that The Islamists dream about will not be the devout Christians,  that the Latte sippers so often disparage, but the  atheists  who support   our free-wheeling attitude to sex and gender equality just like Jeremy does.

Enlightened self interest should dictate a more balanced view from the Latte-sippers. Sadly they are as blind to that as they are to the threat posed by the ghettoisation of our society by the current version of Multiculturalism.

Cheers Comrades


The end of air travel

I am delighted to announce that there will be no further air travel and that all aircraft will be decommissioned and used for other more socially beneficial purposes. The story I quote to day give just one example of how these death traps of the sky can be put to good safe use.

The safe way to use an aircraft, as a class room.
The safe way to use an aircraft, as a class room.
Back a bit, back a bit. The plane is edged gingerly past the glass windows of the school
Back a bit, back a bit. The plane is edged gingerly past the glass windows of the school

Head teacher David Lawrence said the plane will be fitted with its wings and kitted out with whiteboards, desks and laptops to make it a ‘user-friendly learning space’ for a class of 30 pupils.

Of course this decision will be something of an inconvenience for those who will become unemployed as a result But the leaders of the G20 (who are responsible for the decision) have released a statement to the effect that  that the reality of climate change has made this decision absolutely imperative.

Well how about that ? An end to air travel and politicians being honest for once.
Cheers Comrades

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