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No Sunshine and Lollypops in Iraq

I’ve been following the recent events in Iraq with some dark bemusement because it seems to me to be the obvious demonstration of the brutality of Islam and the absolutely pernicious outcome when you mix a religion that preaches the primacy of the next world and the requirement for mechanistic totalitarian obedience  with in this life to secure a place in the next. Add to that the centuries old schism between the  Sunni and Shia  incarnations of Allah’s faithful and you have the recipe for greater death and destruction than either of the last two wars in that blighted land.

The US government is, quite rightly, not rushing to get involved and I certainly do not expect to see any US boots on the ground anytime soon. The news that Shia Iran is lending support to the Current government  may well provide a bulwark to the Iraqi government and its rather wonky military who have not shown much intestinal fortitude at all in the face of the ISIS insurgents. The only bright spot for the west is that with the involvement of Iran in the conflict we may well see a replay of the Iran Iraq wars that predated Gulf war one. I can almost hear the usual suspects screaming with horror  at my suggestion that such a war could be a bright spot but my reasoning  is quite simple; If the Sunnis and Shias are concentrating on killing each other in Iraq they will expend a great deal of resources (in terms of men, materials and money) on the fight and ultimately neither will win, further  the utter brutality of Islam will be  on show for the world to see finally every Jihadist killed in this coming war is one less that we have to worry about. Oh yeah lets not forget that we can leave Allah to choose just who is fighting for the just cause and who is on the side of Satan

The usual suspects will of course be arguing that we and the entirity of the west are in some sense culpable for this conflict (cue Richard Ryan) and that we will have to accept more “refugees”. I say bollocks to that fro a couple of reasons. Firstly this conflict shows us that the followers of both sides of the schism in Islam are incapable of letting go of the animosities of their history and they are much more than willing to perpetuate them for the rest of time. This alone should be sounding very loud alarm bells warning us to chose anyone else but Muslims  for our humanitarian programs.  The Bleeding hearts will , sadly keep insisting that we should continue to pretend that Islam is warm cuddly and benign when it is very evidently anything but benign.  That said lets see how things play out on the ground there but  I don’t expect any “Sunshine and Lollypops” .

Cheers Comrades


Some thoughts about mooted changes to Media ownership law in Australia



People are creatures of habit and it is only that so many people are habituated to buying the news papers that any are still being sold at all. Just take any kind of commute on public transport and consider how many people are reading a paper and how many are staring at a screen instead. Some certainly may be playing games or even watching video but I expect that they will be out numbering those who are still reading dead tree editions of the MSM.

Then there is the things in the paper that people buy them for, most papers are not exclusively about politics and current affairs anyway, so some readers will be buying the paper for its coverage of sport, lifestyle or even just for the crossword puzzles.  My point is that the political classes (in particular those from the left ) just look at the raw sales figured and they think that every reader of the Herald Sun is in the thrall of Rupert Murdoch and that the owners dictate to their readers directing their opinions. The reality is that all media entities write to their audience. If they don’t their audience wither away quite quickly.  With the coming of the internet this is even more how things work Online entities are even more in an endless quest for readers so you have to play to what your readers want rather than thinking that you can manipulate their thinking. I have been writing a blog for nearly a decade now and I have noticed just how quickly particular readers flit in and out its the same now with the way that people read things online from the likes of Murdoch, Fairfax or even the Guardian People don’t just get their news from one source any more no matter what the subject is they will read what several sources say about it and then make up their mind. This behaviour is the same when it comes to broadcast TV people flit form one channel to another seeking different perspectives. My argument is simple, if the media  consumers have changed their habits then perhaps there is something in the notion that media diversity laws from the last century should perhaps reflect those changes as well.

Cheers Comrades


One for Richard

I dedicate this vid to Richard Ryan, our resident Islamic fan boy who takes great delight at the prospect of the global caliphate.

Cheers Comrades


Is it the love of beer that prevents Damian Doyle from converting to Islam?


Damian Doyle has always struck me as a strange individual, so sanctimonious and so judgemental of yours truly and so full of condescension for anyone who does not hold beliefs concurrent  with his own. He is an avid consumer of what I call “disaster porn” and if there is some natural disaster in the third world he is onto it like a flash tweeting about it or decrying the tardy response of the west to said disasters. Anyway  our Damian has written a rather wordy piece about the way that Islam is perceived in this country and in it he sneers at  any and all criticism of that faith.

During the question and answer session it became clear that many members of the audience were genuinely curious about Islam. Having heard so many terrible things about the religion – not just at the forum but elsewhere too – they wanted to understand its core teachings and central texts. One woman commented she had attempted to read the Qur’an but found it unintelligible and confusing. That’s a pretty normal response as it’s a very different book to, say, the New Testament. “So where can we learn more about Islam?”

The response at that forum, naturally enough under the circumstances, was not all that helpful. The conveners were unanimous in their advice, “There’s an excellent website called Jihad Watch, which is run by an organisation that we’re linked with. Its main author, Robert Spencer, has also written a lot of books that are essential reading”.

Of course, you don’t need to attend a meeting of the Q Society, a fringe group fighting the good fight against the ‘Islamisation of Australia’ and the implementation of sharia law in our school tuckshops, to meet people who see Islam as a baffling unknown. Through conversations in pubs and coffee shops, by reading letters in tabloid newspapers and on blogs, or by listening to commentary on television or radio, it’s easy to see that Islam is a poorly understood religion in Australia.


Notice the way that Doyle frames his barely concealed contempt for anyone who is critical of Islam? The reference to Tuck-shops is clearly an allusion   to the cruelty concerns of the issue of the conversion of institutional food sources to halal even when only a very tiny number of the consumers are Muslim. It seems to me that Doyle is suggesting that only very favourable discussion of Islam should ever be listened to and considered and that anything that is at all critical of Islam is haram.

  Please dear readers go to his piece and you will find a great example of quisling rhetoric in full flight, an essay that even tries to play down the significance of Female Genital Mutilation Note his choice of words to describe the practice:

A sad example of this is the issue of female genital cutting. The attendees at the Q Society forum would have been left with the impression that female genital cutting is an Islamic practice as an example of the religion’s repression and abuse of women. By contrast, the conference attendees heard an account of a pre-Islamic cultural practice being eliminated from a community as a result of a local imam’s leadership during the 1950s.


Yes Damian we have all heard  that line and although it may be true in the most pedantic sense for every Muslim society that abhors and rejects the practice there are many others who are at best indifferent to the vile practice..

It seems to me that for Damian   dreams about is an uncritical acceptance of Islam   and the practice of the faith, both here and elsewhere in the world, and a substantive deference to the sensitivities of those who follow that faith. Thus he wants no criticism of the hot heads who call for the beheading of  unbelievers   and he wants to see nothing but positive  PR for the faith within the Australian community.:

And so I’ve decided to start small. To think about the things I can influence, rather than those I can’t. People will decide for themselves what to believe about Islam and its role in society, both in Australia and globally. Some will continue to reach out to sources of information that, in my view, are toxic and uninformed. I need to remember that a simple thing I can do is to let them know there are other sources, that those sources can be trusted, and that obtaining information from a range of sources is the best way to become informed.


The trouble with this exercise in parsimony, as readers of this blog will know, is that Damian  considers any sort of criticism of Islam at all is an example of “bigotry” and I can’t help thinking that the only thing that is preventing Damian from going the whole hog to making the declaration ” There is no god but Allah and Mohamed is his prophet” must be  Mr Doyle’s love of beer.

Cheers Comrades


click to read Damian’s tweets

Jezza raises a dead argument that it still smells bad

As shocking and tragic as the recent sinking of an overloaded boat full of “asylum seekers’ is I just can’t help but think that to be honest it is not our responsibility,there is absolutely NOTHING that any Australian government could have done to prevent the loss of life. The boat sank within 40k of the shores of Indonesia yet we have the open door left suggesting that Australia is in some sense culpable for the loss of life. Fools like our learned friend seem to think that because these people were heading in our direction then we should hang our heads in shame that there has been such a tragic loss of life:

Jezza still being silly, click for link

Lets first go to his rather  stupid contention about them being in “danger” in Indonesia. How precisely would they be in danger? Or more correctly why would they be in any more danger than say a Christian Aussie tourist buying some weed in Bali? Sure they might face arrest but is that a mortal danger? I don’t think so… In fact as Muslims they are probably safer than any Aussie tourist  would be in that country.

The second bit of silliness comes from his repeated contention that  it would be practical to not confiscate the boats and prosecute those who have been operating them. Am I the only one who has noticed that he does not link back to the last time he tried to get that argument to float? Where even his own Latte sipping acolytes were less than convinced?  Jezza Maaate, It was an impractical and stupid  idea then and the passage of a little time has done nothing to rescue it from the depths to which the argument sank last time. The fact that you have managed to find only that Loonie Lynot from WA  to support you this time does not bode well for you either. So a word  from the wise, when you put up an argument that is silly and you learnt that it is silly on the first outing then don’t make your self look a total tool by dragging it out again a few weeks later.

The final thing that I want to say about this tragedy is that no matter how seaworthy a boat is it will surely founder if it is overloaded and it set out onto to a savage sea, there is no doubt that bad weather and 5m waves constitutes a savage sea so and so many people crammed upon a boat not built for such numbers was a disaster waiting to happen and I would dearly love our learned friend to explain just how his “let them keep the boats” scheme would have made the slightest difference in this instance.

Cheers Comrades


I have to say that due to his repeated threats to sue yours truly I can’t allow any comemnts that suggest that our learned friend is anything less that utterly  scrupulous about maintaining his his obligations  to his profession and to the ethics that all barristers are obliged demonstrate.

You could not invent this shit #Villawoodburns

The story of the Labor governments’ incompetence could not be written as a convincing dark satire and no issue illustrates it more starkly than the way that the “asylum seeker” issue has literally blown up in their faces.

Protesting detainees hurl tiles from the roof of Sydneys Villawood detention centre yesterday. Picture: Jane Dempster Source: The Australian

click for source

How dumb is it to send a whole lot of rioters from Christmas Island to Villawood in Sydney and to then allow them to burn down another detention facility?

  You really can not invent stupidity of this magnitude! 

Of course this begs the question “Do we want the sort of people who act like this to be allowed to stay?  Further a rather horrid thought has just occurred to me and that is the sad fact that Wayne Swan is in the big chair at present, what with Joolia and Tim off to the Royal Wedding and all, so we are going to have the second string of a very manky guitar being strummed here in response to this incident….



Just shaking my head in disbelief  here Comrades

Silver-tail socialists lack the desire and ability to truly do the right thing

One has to wonder just what motivates those ah hmm “straight” lefties who so vociferous advocate  “gay marriage” in this country when they wilfully ignore the plight of homosexuals in Africa and the Islamic world who face a far more serious problem than not being able to characterise their relationships as marriage. They face brutality and death. This is something that our friends from the left have a great deal of trouble with because they are so afraid of criticising any the despotic or theocratic regimes that are de rigueur in much of the “developing” world


Thor goes on to describes how:

‘Upon arriving in Norway, she was approached by several members of one of Oslo’s gay and lesbian organizations who urged her not to speak at the Oslo Freedom Forum because they disagreed with our inclusion of several speakers who were outspoken critics of left-wing dictatorships. Sadly, some people in Oslo believe that only those on the left call themselves human rights defenders [but] their double standard usually will manifest itself when they ignore the crimes of the governments they favour.’

I am researching a book on free speech and am coming across stories like Jacqueline’s all the time. The Liberal-left is making a habit of snubbing people from the poor world or Europeans of immigrant descent, who believe in liberalism, and gay and women rights, and have every right to expect its support. Usually radical Islam is at the heart of the hypocrisy. When dissident Muslim liberals are threatened by ultra-reactionary theocrats, leftists will not defend them because they’re frightened of being accused of “Islamophobia” or of being a “neo-con,” or because their political leaders want to appease the brutish “community leaders” they hope can deliver the ethnic bloc vote on polling day.

Don’t think that those on the receiving end of liberal double standards don’t notice what is being done to them. Right wingers accuse the left of “political correctness”. But when it comes to the oppression of people with brown skins by people with brown skins, the Left is nowhere near politically correct enough.

The best and bravest people I have spoken to are on the move. They are rejecting the establishment left with a contempt, which is justifiable in the circumstances. Many are turning towards the democratic Right seeing it as the best protection against neo-Nazism on one hand and Islamism on the other – not that there is much of a difference between the two.I am not sure the Right is ready to receive their support.

You see real lefties who really do care about the fate of humanity should not give any group faction, government, or religion a free pass for their abhorrent ideology or political practice just because that group, faction, government, or religion  is an “oppressed minority”  if there is any evil within group faction, government, or religion a true progressive has an obligation to at least say something about that evil sadly they don’t because so many silver-tail socialists lack  the desire and  ability to truly do the right thing  and any real moral backbone to stand for any real moral principles.

Cheers Comrades

Half a million page views at the Sandpit

I know that statistical miles stones are really meaningless but that does not stop you feeling pretty good when you reach them. Well if you keep an eye on the hit counter at the bottom of the page some time today I expect that you will see the counter tick over t0 the magical “500,000” mark . That is pretty good for a modest blog written as a bit of fun .

Thanks very much to all of those who take the time to read what I and my friends put up  here and a special thanks to all of those who take the time to comment and argue with what is on this web-page. Commentary and argument is the life blood of blogging and long may it keep pumping at the Sandpit.

Cheers Comrades

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