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Cynicism about chancers is not optional

Predictably the minions of the left are making very big shows of compassion for the family (in INDIA) of  Leo Seemanpiallai, and of course its right to show compassion for their loss however, if I may be so bold as to suggest that letting family members to enter this country to attend his funeral would be a very bad idea.

A new way to be an immigration vanguard? click for source

A new way to be an immigration vanguard?
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The likely hood is that any person that comes to attend this funeral will then try to stay and if that attempt succeeds then what is the bet that other Tamil illegal immigrants would be trying the same “trick”? OK I know that I am going to accused of being insensitive for making this suggestion but its something that does have to be said out aloud because its just so obvious that the bleeding hearts are going to try to wedge the government if any family members do make it here for a funeral.

Cynicism about chancers is not optional, its mandatory because we all know that no heart string will be left unpliucked  no appeal for compassion will be left unmade and no condemnation for “cruelty” will be withheld when the inevitable and necessary  government toughness is manifested. Just you wait and see how this plays out.

Sigh Comrades, a very big sigh indeed.


Some thoughts about mooted changes to Media ownership law in Australia



People are creatures of habit and it is only that so many people are habituated to buying the news papers that any are still being sold at all. Just take any kind of commute on public transport and consider how many people are reading a paper and how many are staring at a screen instead. Some certainly may be playing games or even watching video but I expect that they will be out numbering those who are still reading dead tree editions of the MSM.

Then there is the things in the paper that people buy them for, most papers are not exclusively about politics and current affairs anyway, so some readers will be buying the paper for its coverage of sport, lifestyle or even just for the crossword puzzles.  My point is that the political classes (in particular those from the left ) just look at the raw sales figured and they think that every reader of the Herald Sun is in the thrall of Rupert Murdoch and that the owners dictate to their readers directing their opinions. The reality is that all media entities write to their audience. If they don’t their audience wither away quite quickly.  With the coming of the internet this is even more how things work Online entities are even more in an endless quest for readers so you have to play to what your readers want rather than thinking that you can manipulate their thinking. I have been writing a blog for nearly a decade now and I have noticed just how quickly particular readers flit in and out its the same now with the way that people read things online from the likes of Murdoch, Fairfax or even the Guardian People don’t just get their news from one source any more no matter what the subject is they will read what several sources say about it and then make up their mind. This behaviour is the same when it comes to broadcast TV people flit form one channel to another seeking different perspectives. My argument is simple, if the media  consumers have changed their habits then perhaps there is something in the notion that media diversity laws from the last century should perhaps reflect those changes as well.

Cheers Comrades


Hang em High

Personally I think that even had the victim of this brutal and terrible crime lived the men who raped her should have faced the gallows, now that she has succumbed to her injuries her attackers will face a well deserved appointment with the rope.

Click for source

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As the example of the surviving Jihadist Mohammad Ajmal Kasab from the Mumbai  massacre shows India does execute murdering scum-bags swiftly enough for justice to be served  without having a drearily endless drawn out appeals process. Justice delayed is justice denied in my book and the girls in the picture are right, “Murderers should be hanged” not just in India but here as well.

Cheers Comrades

hangman noose on own

Is it the love of beer that prevents Damian Doyle from converting to Islam?


Damian Doyle has always struck me as a strange individual, so sanctimonious and so judgemental of yours truly and so full of condescension for anyone who does not hold beliefs concurrent  with his own. He is an avid consumer of what I call “disaster porn” and if there is some natural disaster in the third world he is onto it like a flash tweeting about it or decrying the tardy response of the west to said disasters. Anyway  our Damian has written a rather wordy piece about the way that Islam is perceived in this country and in it he sneers at  any and all criticism of that faith.

During the question and answer session it became clear that many members of the audience were genuinely curious about Islam. Having heard so many terrible things about the religion – not just at the forum but elsewhere too – they wanted to understand its core teachings and central texts. One woman commented she had attempted to read the Qur’an but found it unintelligible and confusing. That’s a pretty normal response as it’s a very different book to, say, the New Testament. “So where can we learn more about Islam?”

The response at that forum, naturally enough under the circumstances, was not all that helpful. The conveners were unanimous in their advice, “There’s an excellent website called Jihad Watch, which is run by an organisation that we’re linked with. Its main author, Robert Spencer, has also written a lot of books that are essential reading”.

Of course, you don’t need to attend a meeting of the Q Society, a fringe group fighting the good fight against the ‘Islamisation of Australia’ and the implementation of sharia law in our school tuckshops, to meet people who see Islam as a baffling unknown. Through conversations in pubs and coffee shops, by reading letters in tabloid newspapers and on blogs, or by listening to commentary on television or radio, it’s easy to see that Islam is a poorly understood religion in Australia.


Notice the way that Doyle frames his barely concealed contempt for anyone who is critical of Islam? The reference to Tuck-shops is clearly an allusion   to the cruelty concerns of the issue of the conversion of institutional food sources to halal even when only a very tiny number of the consumers are Muslim. It seems to me that Doyle is suggesting that only very favourable discussion of Islam should ever be listened to and considered and that anything that is at all critical of Islam is haram.

  Please dear readers go to his piece and you will find a great example of quisling rhetoric in full flight, an essay that even tries to play down the significance of Female Genital Mutilation Note his choice of words to describe the practice:

A sad example of this is the issue of female genital cutting. The attendees at the Q Society forum would have been left with the impression that female genital cutting is an Islamic practice as an example of the religion’s repression and abuse of women. By contrast, the conference attendees heard an account of a pre-Islamic cultural practice being eliminated from a community as a result of a local imam’s leadership during the 1950s.


Yes Damian we have all heard  that line and although it may be true in the most pedantic sense for every Muslim society that abhors and rejects the practice there are many others who are at best indifferent to the vile practice..

It seems to me that for Damian   dreams about is an uncritical acceptance of Islam   and the practice of the faith, both here and elsewhere in the world, and a substantive deference to the sensitivities of those who follow that faith. Thus he wants no criticism of the hot heads who call for the beheading of  unbelievers   and he wants to see nothing but positive  PR for the faith within the Australian community.:

And so I’ve decided to start small. To think about the things I can influence, rather than those I can’t. People will decide for themselves what to believe about Islam and its role in society, both in Australia and globally. Some will continue to reach out to sources of information that, in my view, are toxic and uninformed. I need to remember that a simple thing I can do is to let them know there are other sources, that those sources can be trusted, and that obtaining information from a range of sources is the best way to become informed.


The trouble with this exercise in parsimony, as readers of this blog will know, is that Damian  considers any sort of criticism of Islam at all is an example of “bigotry” and I can’t help thinking that the only thing that is preventing Damian from going the whole hog to making the declaration ” There is no god but Allah and Mohamed is his prophet” must be  Mr Doyle’s love of beer.

Cheers Comrades


click to read Damian’s tweets

There are times when the death penalty is unquestionably justified, the execution of Mohammad Ajmal Kasab


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Despite the fact that hanging is to quick and painless for this class of scum-bag  the short lead time between his trial and execution suggests that a capital case need not be as drawn out and expensive as trails tend to be in the United states when a truly evil man is quickly dispatched.
Cheers Comrades

A quick grab bag

Another attempt to make me glow in the dark this morning so not much time to post but a couple of hints and portents to give you all something to think about:

Firstly it seems like MTR is still on the air down in Melbourne despite a premature  internet orgasm from our learned friend  at the prospect that it would cease broadcasting a few days ago. Jezza mate it ain’t over till its over…

While we are on the subject of radio I was saddened to hear that one of the genuine nice guys of radio Richard Fidler has had a “cooking misadventure” and badly burnt himself. Richard is one of those rare birds on the airwaves, an absolute gentleman who makes the talk-show really sing because he does not have an  overt agenda and he draws out of his guests a level of frankness that those of a more confrontational nature can never muster.

Julia seems to be making something of a mild recovery but to be honest   its hardly the sort of thing that you would bet your house on being sustained. Frankly I welcome the possibility that the ALP may actually do a few thing right in government, simply because it will mean that the Coalition has less mess to clean up when they regain office, well one thing that would be right has to be to sell uranium to India  despite it not being a signatory to the non proliferation treaty. (there you go Ray, me endorsing something Gillard is doing!)

Finally a quick message to the good doctor, Jason Wilson, its half way through November and the Bolt Report is still on the air so give me a call next time you are in Brisbane and we will have that Latte and you will discover that I am not the villain, or the fool, that my critics think that I am…

Finally a cute and amusing gif

Cheers Comrades

The cold caller cure, Or bringing the wrath of Shiva upon them

I don’t know about other readers but if there is one thing that I hate its the annoying telemarketers, especially the ones form India, Now its not that I have any dislike of the Indian people or culture. I’m very frond of both (as one would expect from a yoga enthusiast such as myself) but I hate the fact that when you ask them where they are calling form they will almost always lie to you and insist that they are calling form within Australia. Worse still everyone that has ever called will insist that their name “Alan”, “Peter”, “John”or some other culturally English name but of course you know from their accent that they are lying about that as well.  Anyway with that off my chest I draw reader’s attention to this story where we discover what these call centre pests are being told about Australia and our culture:

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Just maybe if they were told instead that we as a rule hate telemarketers because they are a vile intrusion into our daily lives they might get the message.Personally I’m thinking that a very loud whistle left handy by the phone might just work better than my usual polite “please take my name of your list” request. Ah well even if it doesn’t work It will make me feel better, maybe if enough of us were to take up the whistle in response  to these intrusive  calls then we might just encourage them to put our numbers on to a blacklist….

Cheers Comrades

Gambling that the truth can be concealed or not all claims for asylum are genuine

There are some people out there who tend to think that what happens on the internet is entirely discreet from the real world and there are even some of them out there who get terribly upset when their own efforts pull the rope on their petard. One such is an unnamed “asylum seeker” described in today’s Oz:

But his story unravelled when the tribunal began quizzing him about his Facebook profile, on which he admitted attending a school in the Indian state of West Bengal, not Nepal.

On another social media site, hi5, the asylum-seeker had uploaded photographs of himself wearing the Indian school’s uniform and posing with classmates.

When confronted with the images, the man explained he attended a school with an identical name and uniform in Nepal. The tribunal found no evidence such a school existed.

Another photograph showed the man and his sister posing in their school uniforms at a park in West Bengal, with an Indian landmark clearly visible in the background.

“When it was put to him that the (park) captured in the photograph is in (India), he insisted that there is a (park of the same name) in Nepal,” the tribunal said in its decision on March 8.

In rejecting the man’s asylum bid, the tribunal labelled his implausible explanations “far-fetched and patently deceitful”.

“On the basis of the information posted by the applicant on various social networking sites, the tribunal finds that, contrary to his assertions throughout the process, the applicant has resided and completed his secondary schooling in . . . West Bengal,” it said. “The tribunal finds that the applicant is Indian born, he is an Indian national and holds a valid Indian passport. . . He is not a refugee.”

Its a comforting thought that some people are either so stupid or so arrogant that they manage to undermine their own attempts to defraud the Australian people by making false claims about a “need for asylum”. This of course begs the question about just how many others making similar claims for asylum are just a little less stupid and just a little more convincing in their lies?
We believe in giving people a “Fair Go” here in Oz but being taken advantage of by those who are trying to get in by way of deception like our face-book user cited above. What bemuses me is that for the likes of the open borders left people like this chap don’t exist. Now if they really cared about the genuinely persecuted then they should be even more upset about the scamers and fraudsters getting through the essential vetting process, but then they would actually have to admit that not all claims for asylum are genuine…

Compassionately Comrades

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