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Some thoughts about mooted changes to Media ownership law in Australia



People are creatures of habit and it is only that so many people are habituated to buying the news papers that any are still being sold at all. Just take any kind of commute on public transport and consider how many people are reading a paper and how many are staring at a screen instead. Some certainly may be playing games or even watching video but I expect that they will be out numbering those who are still reading dead tree editions of the MSM.

Then there is the things in the paper that people buy them for, most papers are not exclusively about politics and current affairs anyway, so some readers will be buying the paper for its coverage of sport, lifestyle or even just for the crossword puzzles.  My point is that the political classes (in particular those from the left ) just look at the raw sales figured and they think that every reader of the Herald Sun is in the thrall of Rupert Murdoch and that the owners dictate to their readers directing their opinions. The reality is that all media entities write to their audience. If they don’t their audience wither away quite quickly.  With the coming of the internet this is even more how things work Online entities are even more in an endless quest for readers so you have to play to what your readers want rather than thinking that you can manipulate their thinking. I have been writing a blog for nearly a decade now and I have noticed just how quickly particular readers flit in and out its the same now with the way that people read things online from the likes of Murdoch, Fairfax or even the Guardian People don’t just get their news from one source any more no matter what the subject is they will read what several sources say about it and then make up their mind. This behaviour is the same when it comes to broadcast TV people flit form one channel to another seeking different perspectives. My argument is simple, if the media  consumers have changed their habits then perhaps there is something in the notion that media diversity laws from the last century should perhaps reflect those changes as well.

Cheers Comrades


This is a very good news story

What more can we say but Wow?
I have been watching this story unfold over the last couple of months and hoping for this outcome, frankly I think that this is a very good news story and it says heaps about just what is noble about the human animal.

Chile's President, Sebastian Pinera, greets the second rescued miner, Mario Sepulveda, left, yesterday. Picture: AP Source: The Australian

Around them, and throughout Chile, celebrations and media mayhem continued as the first of the 33 men trapped underground triumphantly emerged.

“I never doubted I would get out alive,” Mr Sepulveda said. “God and the devil fought for me, and God decided to save me.”

As powerful lights danced across the night sky, horns blared when the first miner, Florencio Avalos, 31, stepped out of a special steel rescue cage and breathed fresh air for the first time in 69 days just after midnight, local time (2pm AEDT).

Watched by an estimated one billion viewers worldwide, he immediately hugged his seven-year-old son, his wife, Monica, and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and other officials before being taken to a hospital for tests.

Cheers indeed Comrades

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