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Another lesson from the team that brought us Buggery 101

Is this appropriate behaviour for  school teachers???

Maybe this is another lesson from the team that brought us Buggery 101

Cheers Comrades


What? He’s not gay? Give me a break!

Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir - gay and proud of it.

It has been a while and for a while I wondered if I would ever return here to Chez Hall to give you a few encores of my stylish wit, insisive comments, observations & opinonions, not to mention my side-splitting humur, or if I’d just leave the souefley risen and unable to be reheated again (cos as we all know youse cannot reheat a souefley, not even if you are a Beatle like Paul McCartney).

But nothing gets my blood boiling more than this stuff. What is going on here?:

CHANNEL Nine commentators Eddie McGuire and Mick Molloy have attracted international attention with their controversial comments made about the men’s ice skating.

Why is Eddy McGuire being Eddie-bashed for just calling it as it is? Look, this bloke Johnny Weir is a gay as it gets and what’s wrong with saying so?

I’m no fan of Eddie ‘isn’t-Collingwood-the-greatest’ McGuire but give me a break. I may not like his football, I may not like his fat face, or his hair – and I may even hate his guts! – but I will defend to the death his right to be as homofobic as the rest of us. You tell em Eddie.

(By the way, as for Eddie’s side-kick, the so-called comedian Mick Molloy, his lowbrow toilet-based humour usually leaves me cold and I have never found him the slightest bit funny, although he did play a good part in the lawn bowls movie Crackerjack when he bowled like Warnie)

Its all about activating the guilt chip in the heads of the latte sippers

The guilt chip is clearly evident in this Latte sippers brain. It is the one that you can see right at the front.

Warministas love to counter the citation of extreme winter conditions (as proof that the world is not warming) with the suggestion that it is only “weather” and that “weather is not Climate“. Personally i have always thought that such a distinction is rather spurious. Spurious in the same way that saying that the millimetre marks on a tape measure are not a measurement in the same way that the metre marks are. It is all a matter of scale. Despite the Warministas denouncing any citation of any weather event that contradicts their argument they are still rather fond of citing weather events that fit with their own prognostications

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change based the claims on an unpublished report that had not been subjected to routine scientific scrutiny – and ignored warnings from scientific advisers. The report’s author later withdrew the claim because the evidence was too weak.

The link was central to demands at last month’s Copenhagen climate summit by African nations for compensation of $US100 billion from the rich nations.

However, the IPCC knew in 2008 that the link could not be proved but did not alert world leaders, who have used weather extremes to bolster the case for action on climate change.

Kevin Rudd last November linked weather extremes to the debate over the government’s emissions trading scheme.

“We will feel the effects of climate change fastest and hardest, and therefore we must act this week, and the government will be doing everything possible to make sure that can occur,” the Prime Minister said at the time.

British Climate Change Minister Ed Miliband has suggested floods – such as those in Bangladesh in 2007 – could be linked to global warming.

US President Barack Obama said last year: “More powerful storms and floods threaten every continent.”

Last month British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told parliament that the financial agreement at Copenhagen “must address the great injustice that . . . those hit first and hardest by climate change are those that have done least harm”.

The IPCC has now been forced to reassess its report linking extreme weather to climate change.

There is a clear dissonance here between the “weather is not climate” mantra and the “weather events prove Global Warming is happening” rhetoric that we are getting from The likes Of Obama and Brother Number One and it is obvious to me that the rhetoric is intended to activate the guilt chips in the heads of the worlds progressives this enables the aforementioned leaders to bring about fundamental changes to our society by stealth. Changes to the energy economy and changes to the world’s political institutions. But then hasn’t that been the desire of religion since men began to draw pictures on the stone walls of their caves? Like the measuring tape I mentioned earlier it is all a matter of scale and finding the marks on the tape that fit the liturgy.
Oh yeah its also another reason to think that the UN in general and the IPCC in particular is as useless as titties on a bull.
Cheers Comrades

A piece of religious flim-flamery

Could there really be a more cringe worthy piece of religious propaganda? When I saw part of this on the news last night I just could not believe it! Especially after  reading one of  the Pee pee club‘s resident Waministas say this :

The science is accepted at the highest levels and despite the “Hysteria*” of the ludittes like your self, there will be action, there is action so argue away if you feel it gives you some sort of purpose.


The notion that we sceptics are being hysterical about the  “climate change” issue is so utterly laughable  when you look at what is being produced by the Warministas  to rev up  the faithful at Copenhagen. Like the show from  Leah Wickham of  Fiji who is apparently having some sort of crisis about the possibility that the seas may engulf her Island home:

Leah Wickham, a young Fijian student activist, was suddenly overcome with emotion as she stood on stage with the president of the UN climate conference, Danish Environment Minister, Connie Hedegaard, facing a room full of reporters and TV crew (click for source)

For some thing that is supposed to be a serious part of solving a serious problem for the entire planet why does this whole production have the stench of the tent show revivalists? The heart string plucking use of sweet little poppet’s making   appeals to be saved , not from damnation in the next world but in this one is even enough to make AGW  believers like my friend Ray write about just how awful this crap is . Oh yeah i forgot to make note of the fact that the poppet has a Polar bear soft toy that that’s swallowed by the earth as well!!!!

Shit they just could not lay the clichés on any thicker if they tried!

Expect more of the cute little poppet making the gut wrenching appeals for salvation, more news reports about disappearing islands in the Pacific,  and generally more more hysterical appeals for salvation.

Do you have sin in your heart?

Oh yeah!

An electric appliance or two?

Oh yeah!

Do you drive a car?

Oh yeah!

Do you have a plasma TV?

Oh yeah!

Repent now !!!!

Put on that hair shirt and don’t you dare blaspheme  by saying  that you can see the emperor’s buttocks because you know that  a vile  sin  like that will bring the Wrath of Gaia upon you………

As I said at the beginning, it is  utterly cringe worthy.

That  “climate scientists” and world leaders should lend their credibility to such a piece of religious  flim-flamery is incredibly disappointing but sadly I am not surprised and that is the real worry.

Cheers Comrades.

* bold added


Oh it gets even better !

With the leaking of a draft of an agreement sending many delegates into something of a tail spin:

The so-called Danish text, a secret draft agreement worked on by a group of individuals known as “the circle of commitment” – but understood to include the UK, US and Denmark – has only been shown to a handful of countries since it was finalised this week.

The agreement, leaked to the Guardian, is a departure from the Kyoto protocol‘s principle that rich nations, which have emitted the bulk of the CO2, should take on firm and binding commitments to reduce greenhouse gases, while poorer nations were not compelled to act. The draft hands effective control of climate change finance to the World Bank; would abandon the Kyoto protocol – the only legally binding treaty that the world has on emissions reductions; and would make any money to help poor countries adapt to climate change dependent on them taking a range of actions.

The document was described last night by one senior diplomat as “a very dangerous document for developing countries. It is a fundamental reworking of the UN balance of obligations. It is to be superimposed without discussion on the talks”.

You could not invent this stuff!


Geography and Empire

Leftist orthodoxy claims that colonialism and the age of European empires was a universally bad thing. This is an argument that has never rung true to me. I have always thought that, overall the British empire was actaully good for many of the parts of the world that were once coloured pink on the global map.

Michael Palin washing a bull elephant in Kaziranga Wildlife Park, Assam, India. The former Monty Python star said we should remember the good that arose from Britains days at the helm of a global empire

Michael Palin washing a bull elephant in Kaziranga Wildlife Park, Assam, India. The former Monty Python star said we should remember the good that arose from Britain's days at the helm of a global empire

Britain should stop apologising for its colonial past, Michael Palin has declared.

The travel show presenter and former Monty Python star said we should instead remember the good that arose from Britain’s days at the helm of a global empire.

Palin’s feelings are in contrast to the tendency of modern politicians to bend over backwards to apologise for Britain’s imperial past.


The TV star said: ‘If we say that all of our past involvement with the world was bad and wicked and wrong, I think we’re doing ourselves a great disservice.

‘It has set up lines of communication between people that are still very strong.

‘We still have links with other countries – culturally, politically and socially – that, perhaps, we shouldn’t forget.’

Mr Palin, who carved out a new career for himself after Python when he began travelling the world in  series of BBC travel shows, also said that he wanted geography  to be treated more seriously as an academic subject.

As Palin says there were a lot of good things that remain as a result of the Empire not the least of which is a way of structuring law and government that seems to work pretty well  in many parts of the world. The way that English  is for all intents and purposes the global language is another .

There you go something to consider over your Kippers this morning.

Tally ho, Pip Pip Comrades


Enemies of the state

A friend sent me a link to a story on Yahoo about the amount of covert surveillance  undertaken during the last administration in The US and which undoubtedly continues under the current administration. My friend was keen to make comparisons with the Will Smith film “Enemy of the state”. Frankly I can see where he is coming from here . We certainly do live in a world where every aspect of our lives is surveyed by someone.  Now I can’t help but wonder how we can live our lives without fear under such circumstances.

However I can also understand the reasons that security agencies want to follow the activities of certain nutters so that they can be both prosecuted for the crimes they plan and prevented from carrying their plans to fruition.  Strewth, that is a tricky thing to do in a time when failure to prevent an atrocity is the biggest boo boo that our police and security organisations fear.

My friends, of the Latte sipping variety, are very keen to get hot and bothered about the invasions of our privacy, notions of the correct and appropriate  gathering of evidence for a prosecution, which is all well and good, should we be willing to accept that some of the plots actually coming to fruition. But, and this is a big” but”, what if the decision to wait means  a successful atrocity?

Hmm Its a balancing act, and one that I would not care to be responsible for. So comrades where should we draw the line?

Understanding the problem is, sadly, far easier than finding a solution, so I am interested to hear where my readers would draw the boundaries on security  service oversights of our lives and why they chose the positions they do.

Cheers Comrades


Enemies  of the state

The end of air travel

I am delighted to announce that there will be no further air travel and that all aircraft will be decommissioned and used for other more socially beneficial purposes. The story I quote to day give just one example of how these death traps of the sky can be put to good safe use.

The safe way to use an aircraft, as a class room.
The safe way to use an aircraft, as a class room.
Back a bit, back a bit. The plane is edged gingerly past the glass windows of the school
Back a bit, back a bit. The plane is edged gingerly past the glass windows of the school

Head teacher David Lawrence said the plane will be fitted with its wings and kitted out with whiteboards, desks and laptops to make it a ‘user-friendly learning space’ for a class of 30 pupils.

Of course this decision will be something of an inconvenience for those who will become unemployed as a result But the leaders of the G20 (who are responsible for the decision) have released a statement to the effect that  that the reality of climate change has made this decision absolutely imperative.

Well how about that ? An end to air travel and politicians being honest for once.
Cheers Comrades

Flannery flummoxed

this should not be happening according to tim Flannerys predictions...

this should not be happening according to Tim Flannery's predictions... (click to enlarge)

A delicious piece in the Canadian Press shows all would be prophets of doom just how fraught is the prediction business , especially if you are an “Australian of the year”.

Yep, our own bone “expert” on AGW doom-saying is being lampooned for getting it oh so wrong…

The Australian segment gave a good deal of airtime to Down Under’s foremost alarmist, Tim Flannery, author of the best-selling Weather Makers and 2008 “Australian of the Year.” It suggested that the current drought, unlike many previous ones, “doesn’t seem to be ending.” Professor Flannery indicted government inertia and even suggested analogies with Alberta, where the locals were allegedly proving slow to realize they shouldn’t be digging up the tar sands.

All depressingly typical so far. But then, yesterday, The Current returned to the issue after a correspondent informed them that many parts of Australia had recently, and joyfully, been inundated with rain! Meanwhile, the program also acknowledged a recent column titled “Top 10 dud predictions,” by an Australian journalist, Andrew Bolt, which pointed out that Professor Flannery’s apocalyptic projections had proved way, way, off.

Last March, Mr. Flannery pronounced that “The water problem is so severe for Adelaide that it may run out of water by early 2009.” Last month, Adelaide’s reservoirs were up to 75% full. In June, Professor Flannery opined that Brisbane might need desalinated water within 18 months. Brisbane has in fact just had its wettest spring in 27 years. Professor Flannery had previously made similarly off-base doomsterish forecasts for reservoirs in Sydney and Perth.
The fact that northern Australia wasn’t as drought-ridden as models predicted was due, he said, to “brown cloud pollution” in Asia that was cooling the ground and causing monsoons to shift south. But then didn’t this undermine climate change theory, asked Ms. Tremonti? Ah, declared Mr. Flannery, that theory is “complex.” We shouldn’t look at particular weather incidences.

But then isn’t that exactly what Mr. Flannery and his ilk constantly do, quoting Hurricane Katrina or the 2007-08 loss of Arctic sea ice (since reversed) as “conclusive proof” of their beliefs?

Mr. Flannery warned Ms. Tremonti against “any simplistic view.” After all, Australian industry was trying to mislead the public because it had just been lumbered with an emissions trading scheme. So they were “stirring the pot” when, presumably, it was only alarmists who should be allowed spoons.


Don’t you just love it? I make jokes all the time about the paucity of any predictions about the weather and I have outright contempt for any claims that any prediction beyond what may happen on any particular day will be “accurate” because every one knows that prediction becomes exponentially more difficult the further that you look into the future.

Ah, but Tim Flannery is a joke , an articulate and persuasive one but a joke none the less. Sadly his foolishness reflects badly on us all as Australians because when we make such a man our person of the year what does that say about us?
Cheers Comrades

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