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I’m awake early to meet the new Doctor Who, are any other Sandpit readers doing likewise?

doctor-who-series-8Cheers Comrades


Update, some thoughts on the show

I’ve watched it twice now , firstly at five minutes to five am when it was globally simulcast and secondly after my wife arose from her slumbers after a respectable Sunday morning sleep in.

I liked the new credits very much especially with the use of lots of clockwork iconography the revised theme seemed to work pretty well also. It was certainly well novel, crafted but respectful to the lore of the Whovian universe. Less impressive was the actual Tardis’ exterior frankly the police box windows and the general appearance of the prop was woeful it just did not look at all like it was a real police box given the budget for the show why on earth did they fail so miserably on that iconic prop?

That said going to the well worn Victorian setting was not much of a surprise, earlier stories have used the same setting and the same trio of secondary characters who do have their charms The dinosaur was however entirely over the top in more ways than one. firstly its appearance in the episode did not have even the most vague Whovian logic, essentially it only existed for the visual joke of the Tardis being spat out in the opening sequence of the show.

To get to the most interesting part of this first episode, namely the new wielder of the Sonic Screwdriver Peter Capaldi, he was actually quite impressive his interpretation of the 2000 year old time-lord seems to be quite inspired and in many ways I feel that he has gone full circle back to the sort of Doctor that William Hartnell gave us back in the very first iteration of the Doctor.

Sidekick: Jenna-Louise Coleman who plays assistant Clara Oswald at Comic Con

Sidekick: Jenna-Louise Coleman who plays assistant Clara Oswald at Comic Con

Clara Oswald continues as the Doctors companion and she certainly is both easy on the eye and far from whimpy showing the world a strong female character.

The first episode concludes quite well with a celebration of the Doctor’s new Scottishness with a fleeting visit to Glasgow which was a nice touch considering that is where Capaldi himself hails from. Finally the teaser for the next episode tells us that the old foe, the dreaded Daleks, are on the menu for the next episode, Hardly surprising when you consider that they are the Villains that  we most associate with Doctor Who adventures.

Over all I did not feel disappointed by the reboot, except for the aforementioned  faux par with the Tardis prop












world domination

@ShutUpIain shuts up shop, or another cowardly scumbag caught out


There are days when you just have too look out of your window and be thankful for the sunshine , well to day is such a day because I have just managed to get a stalker off my back. This creep set up a twitter with the lovely Tittle of @  This scumbag has been harassing me with this little stalking horse since March.

 It was not Twitter support that took down the page it was me posting this tweet:

Yes Comrades it was just another example of  how certain people think that being anonymous on the net gives them License  to stalk and harass  people.  Now were I to be a vengeful man I might, at this point be tempted to name this creep, which could well ruin his life, destroy his small business and frankly bring utter havoc into his life, Believe me the temptation to do so is really  really strong because this is not the first time I have had to deal with his creepy obsession with me. I have actually banned him form commenting here under three or four different pseudonyms but he just keeps coming back to try it on again and again.

Well I won’t beat around the bush @  next time you try this sort of crap on I won’t hold back , I won’t think twice about how making you own your bile I won’t care if my revelations might hurt your family, I will name you very publicly and I will make a complaint to the appropriate authorities about you stalking me, your nasty online behavior will come back to haunt you and you will think that your life has become a Stephen King Novel without a happy ending.

Am I making myself absolutely clear @?  Just go away and live your life in peace without ever trying to comment at my blog, or attacking  me elsewhere. Frankly you should just go away from anywhere on the net that I frequent and just pray that I never find you harassing me again because there will be no more chances, no more compassion for you and you tiny insignificant life so think twice and then think twice again before you try to harass me because you WILL regret it.

That is a promise!


I truly hope that I never have to write this sort of post again I am just so sick of all of the old blog war stuff which is in internet terms very ancient history indeed sometimes a man  has just got to make the journey and fight the good fight even when they don’t really want to.

Cheers Comrades




Janet Albrechtsen and Auntie

Janet Albrechtsen.

Janet Albrechtsen.

The Abbott government has appointed conservative commentator Janet Albrechtsen and former deputy Liberal Party leader Neil Brown to the panel overseeing appointments to the boards of the ABC and SBS.

The four-person nomination panel, which is appointed by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, presents a shortlist of recommendations to the government when vacant ABC and SBS board positions arise.

Dr Albrechtsen and Mr Brown will serve alongside businessman David Gonski and former diplomat Ric Smith, whose terms expire next year.

Labor introduced a merit-based appointment process in 2011, which was aimed at depoliticising the ABC and SBS boards.

SBS has two vacant board positions – including the position of chairman – and the ABC has one vacant position.

Dr Albrechtsen, a columnist for The Australian and former lawyer, has previously derided the ABC as a “Soviet-style workers collective”.

She was appointed to the ABC board by the Howard government and she served on it from 2005 to 2010.

In November, Dr Albrechtsen called for ABC managing director Mark Scott to resign for airing stories based on documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden about Australian intelligence operations in Indonesia.

Mr Brown, a former Victorian Liberal MP, served as deputy Liberal leader under John Howard in opposition and as the communications minister and minister for business and consumer affairs in the Fraser government.

Call me a politics tragic if  you like but I could not help finding this to be a promise of rancor to come because I can’t help but expect that there will be a whole stampede of our friends form the left who are going to be having kittens about the thought of Janet Albrechtsen having a big say in the selection of boards of both the ABC and SBS. Heaven help us if the result was boards that did not lean so far  to the left…
Cheers Comrades

Guess what I’m going to be watching tonight?

The odds may be against Queensland  but I do hope that we do better than match one .....

The odds may be against Queensland but I do hope that we do better than match one …..

Cheers reserved for later Comrades



Vale Rik Mayall

Vale Rik Mayal

Vale Rik Mayall

Yes they have a v-i-d-e-o in heaven
Sadly it seems that Rik was never destined to be one of the Old ones

Rather sad about this loss Comrades


Pre-budget ennui



Hands up all of those who have been utterly underwhelmed by the lead up to to tonight’s Budget? Have you tired of both the government’s “softening up ” process where we are given strong hints of the most extreme measures that the LNP  “drys” have wet dreams about along with the Labor party joining in with their own scare campaign and pathetic warbling about “broken promises”. Now will the rest of the audience who are familiar with this dance join me for a collective rolling of the eyes along with a very audible collective sigh because we have all seen this media dance so many times before.  Every year we are treated to the same bullshit from both sides of politics. the same overstatement with the same expectation that on Wednesday morning we will all breathe a sigh of relief that the budget “could have been worse” and an overall impression that its not so bad.

Personally I think that playing any sort of speculative game about what is or is not in the budget plays right into the hands of the Party propagandists.

Frankly this sums up how I feel about the whole thing:


When we have seen the budget and we know what is ACTUALLY in it then I may get a little bit more interested in what the government is ACTUALLY going to do until then I’ll leave the tail chasing  speculation to lesser mortals.

Cheers Comrades

Yep I managed to get another tweet up on QandA last night much to the chagrin of my biggest fan

Failing Civility 101 on QandA

Hands up who watched the young minions of the left making utter fools of themselves last night on QandA? It really was a less than encouraging display of utter stupidity and it was certainly of no advantage to anyone who supports the former government this is how the Guardian described the event:

Monday night’s broadcast was forced off-air for several minutes when protesters unfurled a banner and started chanting about potential deregulation of universities.

Australia‘s education minister, Christopher Pyne, had already been asked two questions by people hostile to the changes to university funding, such as deregulation and an increase in how much students pay, when demonstrators started chanting from the balcony of the studio.

The protesters had been chanting “No cuts, no fees, no corporate universities” under a banner that read: “More brains not war planes. Fund Education. May 21 Rally and UTS. 2.30pm”

The live broadcast cut to footage of singer Katie Noonan from a previous programme while the protesters were ejected. Pyne had said it reminded him of Question Time as they moved on to their next chant, “Christopher Pyne get out, we know what you’re all about. Cuts”.

When the cameras cut back to the show, the protesters had been escorted out and the audience cheered and applauded.

Host Tony Jones said: “That was not what democracy is all about.” Pyne then resumed his answers to the questions about deregulating universities.

The minister had been repeatedly interrupted by shouting in the lead-up to the protest and Jones had reprimanded those yelling, saying the microphones would stay away from them.

When Pyne resumed his answer he said the Hecs scheme, in which university students pay back their loans with inflation added when they reach a certain income threshold, was part of the “egalitarian society” and the government would not be changing that.

“The thing about the Australian education system is that there is nobody who can’t go to university in Australia because of fees, because every single dollar can be borrowed and paid back in later life,” he said.

“That is one of the great things about the higher education system in Australia. It’s not the case that people from low socioeconomic status background are shut out of university because of fees. It is quite a misnomer and a myth to say so because every single student is capable of getting a loan from the taxpayer.”

 Any one who follows me on twitter (all 65 of you ) would have noticed the complementary things I posted about Christopher Pyne who remained utterly unfazed and who went on to prove just what a fine performer he is under pressure remaining calm cool and collected.  The protesters were  ejected from the venue while we the audience were shown a pre-recorded musical interlude.

If the idiots form “Socialist Alliance” think that they did any favours for their cause by this display of bad manners and crass behaviour they are sadly mistaken all they did was prove that a university education is utterly wasted on them.  Civil society has to be predicated upon civil behaviour and they were the exact opposite of civility. Worse still what they were protesting about was not even an element of ACTUAL government policy it was something suggested in a report TO the government.  Clearly higher education has been wasted on this minions of the far left and maybe it would be better for the nation and the polity if they were expelled and perhaps made to spend some time in the real world where they had to, you know, like get a job and take a few lessons in”the university of life”. Sadly I expect that they would fail that course just as badly as they clearly failed Civility 101.

Cheers Comrades

abc protest

NBA, Racism and Jeremy Clarkson

Those of us who read Orwell’s 1984 with a libertarian ethos will always have the greatest concerns about the notion of any thought being a crime but in the last few days we have seen some of the most egregious examples of the notion of the thought police being both real and crushing the face of humanity under the jackboot  of political correctness.

The first example that  I will touch on only briefly was that of  the  owner of a NBA franchise making a genuinely racist remark that was overheard, recorded and then broadcast on social media, as a consequence he has been stripped of his franchise, and “fined” millions of dollars. All of this has been loudly applauded on social media but I can’t help thinking that those who have been cheering so loudly may soon  rue the day when  it became a social crime to say something “offensive”. The reaction has been a rather horrible example of mob rule and the negative potential  of social and mass  media.

click for source

click for source

The next item in this litany of political correctness gone mad has been the bullying of Jeremy Clarkson for what can only be described as a slip of the tongue. Like Jezza I learned the eneny meany mineie mo rhyme in its original form where one caught the “nigger” by his toe and I also read the Noddy books as a child which had “golliwogs” as the the primary  naughty toys.  Such things learnt in childhood are the very last thing to go for the senile and for the the still cognitively functional such notions and well learned rhymes do not lend themselves to change without a great deal of conscious thought.  Thus I have no trouble believing that what Clarkson said while trying to deliver his spiel was genuinely unintended and even if it had been intentional I don’t believe that there was any “racist intent” here. None the less the scions of political correctness have leaped upon this off air faux pas with a great deal of malice and spite. Anyone would think that Clarkson was a Kiddie fiddler from the amount of rancour vindictiveness expressed on social media when ion fact he is just a middle aged petrol head who has a good line in witty chat about cars.

By all means lets get upset at deliberate and blatant racism but the quest for linguistic purity that  we are seeing in our age of social media is utterly obscene and if only the loudest voices calling for Clarkson’s sacking would think for just a minute they might just realise that what they are calling for will not make the tiniest bit of difference to the sum total of racism on the planet. All it will do is restrict free speech and honest discourse.

Cheers Comrades

Ah the sixties...

Ah the sixties…

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