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You can bet on it, but advertising gambling is bad for us


Does gambling improve sport?

I’m not a gambling man by any stretch of the imagination, heck I don’t even buy lottery tickets but I am no wowser either I don’t care if other people want to have a flutter on the ponies or any other competition. On top of that I am lightning fast on the channel change button if I find sport on the TV. None the less I do have an opinion about the current issue of advertising by bookies during sports broadcasts. I just think that the infusion of gambling to be utterly pernicious and that makes me in agreement with Julia Gillard (oh the humanity!) but I am inclined to think that a total ban on the broadcast  advertising of  bookmaking would be the most socially beneficial regulation.

Cheers Comrades


Old vs new Leonard Nimoy takes on newbie Zachary Quinto and his all-new Audi S7

On a lighter note this ad for Audi is quite funny and most timely given the opening yesterday of the new Star Trek  “Into darkness”  movie:

live long and prosper Comrades


Dreaming of our inner Stig while watching the tele

To be entirely Francis I am no great fan of advertising per se, although I can appreciate the cleverness of some advertising campaigns I just zone out when the ads come on the TV  but I am also no fan of Nanny state thinking either  so I would like to know why the powers that be want to suck all of the fun and fantasy out of what is perhaps the second biggest purchasing decision of our lives by banning any add that suggest that a car can be driven fast or that it handles well:

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At present this ad is on high rotation and as clever as it is just how is it not just promoting the idea that when it comes to using the roads then safety does not matter as much as getting laid?

I don’t know about anyone else but as a driver who enjoys the way a car meets its design parameters I don’t care so much about leather seats, stereos  and other such frippery  I want to know about what the car or Bike can do when asked the question and even if you never ask that question its nice to know the answer. The dour and Eco-obsessed want everything to be about energy efficiency which is important to an extent but in an increasingly accountant mentality shaped world do they have to ruin our right to occasionally  imaging ourselves as the Stig even if its  just for that moment between getting into the drivers seat and pressing the “start” button?

Cheers Comrades

‘They could have at least shot the tyres, not shoot at little kids’ well maybe not

"In a bid to halt the car, police opened fire, hitting the 14-year-old male driver in the chest and arm, and a passenger, Troy Taylor, 18, in the neck." Photo: Jacky Ghossein

When I heard about the shooting of two young indigenous “children”  while they were in  a stolen car  I could not help wondering just how much time the police officers involved had spent on the firing range, two shot and no fatalities? They need more practice!

Ok maybe I should not be so flippant but what can the indigenous elders and community leaders expect when  the police are faced with  life threatening behaviour that saw the car driven at a pedestrian?

Surely this is an incident where (potentially) lethal force was both necessary and justified no matter who the perps were. Sadly real life is not like the movies where a car can be stopped dead by shooting its tyres out as one person has suggested in the SMH report. 

Isn’t it funny though that all of our friends from the left will claim or imply that the reason for so many indigenous people coming into contact with the law and  subsequently sojourning in one of Her Majesty’s fine hotels is a result of racism and prejudice rather than the fact that so many of the community seem to  have a total disregard for the laws that govern us all.

  Cheers Comrades



Good steam punk design

I just love good steam punk stuff like this effort from Russia




You don’t need Russian to appreciate this stuff or the craftsmanship of these creations. Big hat tip to Bike EXIF for their newsletter as well.

Another day in the shed for me today as I plan fit the Corolla diff under the Morris and weld up the new Master cylinder mount in the engine bay then the car will be back on its wheels for the next stage of the build process. an update coming soon to the Morris blog once I get a new card reader for the camera.

Cheers Comrades

Noob no more

Its coming up to the first anniversary of Chez Hall joining the world of console gaming and here we have found that its a great way for this father to find common ground with his children and to spend quality time playing games with them.

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Of course to truly get the most out of the experience you have to develop some skills in the way that you play and that means that you have to do the “hard yards” by playing a number of different games on your own. Because there is nothing worse than your twelve year old daughter calling you a “noob” when she beats you in a game and nothing more satisfying than her respecting your skills when you play together on the PS3.

Cheers Comrades

C-X75 a hybrid Jag, for rich eco-wankerswarriors

Its no secret that I think that Hybrids are crap, over complicated over priced over weight ant definitely over hyped. But this one is in fact rather pretty and it tickles that soft spot that I have for  sporting Jags:

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Its still a hybrid though, sigh, and no matter how pretty you make it you just can’t get past the fact that most people who buy that sort of car are pretentious wankers who care more about the  appearance of  caring  about the planet than actually doing anything that will make a difference…
Cheers Comrades

Real and ersatz driving

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I find this entirely unsurprising actually, because I  had to correct myself when I turned into a street yesterday where I  found myself wanting to drive on the wrong side of the road, something that I put down to only one factor and that is my recent playing of GTA IV. Now I don’t know if playing such games just makes you more aggressive on the road or if its just that the more you play  the harder it becomes  for you not to  blur the distinctions between reality and the game worlds but this is definitely a worry.
Cheers comrades


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