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The difference between spin and reality

Having children is probably the easiest when human beings are first capable of conceiving,  however that also tends to coincide with a time when the ambitious are focused upon their careers. Personally I find it no real surprise that in our society there is a a large cohort of women who find themselves in the unenviable position of seeking to conceive when they are well past the peak of their fertility, its just the legacy of feminist ideology that has told our women and girls that their careers are more important than having children.

Interestingly there are two stories in today’s media offerings from Murdoch and Fairfax respectively  that made me think about this matter today.

Firstly there is the story about the way that Tony Abbott supported Christopher Pyne and his wife through their battle to conceive their children through IVF:

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Secondly there is the piece in Fairfax which is a great example of that which so many of my friends from the left constantly complain about when they see stories which  begin with “the leader of the opposition says”   but on this occasion its a case of  “a government minister says”

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The Labor party of course hate the idea that Tony Abbott could possibly be anything other than a absolute and abject slave to his Catholic faith, the idea that he could be a man who applies personal discretion to the way that he considers the teachings of the church on matters like IVF is something that the government wants to hide from the people. It serves the purposes of this desperate government far better that Abbott can be portrayed as an unthinking peon of Rome rather than a modern man who makes his own choices on issues of fertility and sexual morality.

The ALP feminista  girls club does not do so well once its myths and legends are exposed to the cold hard light of truth but who is surprised? They are fighting a desperate rear guard defence of a party that not only faces defeat but near obliteration at the next federal election so clearly they are trying their darnedest to ensure that they make truth the first casualty of the battle to retain the Lodge but the truth is not as easy to kill as they had hoped.

Cheers Comrades


Erin Pizzey interview

Transcript WITH REFERENCES now available at http://www.avoiceformen.com/mens-rights/refuting-40-years-of-lies-about-viole… – Exclusive interview with Domestic Violence & women’s shelter/women’s refuge pioneer Erin Pizzey. *Update* Extensive references have been added to the transcript, click the link to AVoiceForMen or my site here: http://deanesmay.com/2012/12/19/refuting-40-years-of-lies-about-violence/

Some really thought provoking stuff here

Cheers Comrades

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Mary, Joseph, Jesus and paternity fraud


“Christ in the house of his father” by Millais

Given the time of year and the fact that Joseph was the archetypal parent who was not the father of the child he raised its probably quite timely to consider these two you tube vids about the issue of paternity fraud:

Does that make you think differently  about the  the Christian mythology about the concretion and birth of their saviour?

Cheers Comrades


This post is dedicated to my brothers who are Christians

Stirred, not shaken

The other day My daughter told us that she has never seen a “Bond” film and I immediately felt that I have been negligent in her education if she has not seen any of the archetypical secret agent films based upon the novels of Ian Fleming. This is something that I must try to address over the Christmas holidays. This little anecdote leads me to Janet Albrechtsen’s critique of the dour feminists who whine about the nature of James Bond.

In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that those grouchy women who deride Bond would secretly love to be a sultry Bond girl for just a while at least. Before settling down to a life of academic introspection, who wouldn’t like to strap a Beretta 70 to the inside of their thigh, dress up in hopelessly tight-fitting gowns and, yes, have a naked Bond slip unannounced into their steamy shower? Come on, girls. ‘Fess up. Your fantasies can’t all be about being the first female chief justice of the High Court or the first female driver of a large piece of mining machinery in the Pilbara.

In any case, don’t underrate the Bond girls. Full of humour, they radiate a delightfully modern mix of confidence, arrogance and sexual liberation. Who can forget Pussy Galore, the lesbian pilot, or Plenty O’Toole and Holly Goodhead? Pick any Bond girl and I’ll find something more legitimately feminist about her than the Moaning Myrtles who cry sexism each time the latest Bond movie hits our screens. And then there’s that Bond woman M, head of MI6, who routinely puts 007 in his place. As other women my age have remarked, when you grew up in the late 1970s watching repeats of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, the Bond girls were a refreshing break from Samantha and Jeannie.

Instead of whining that the latest Bond movie is sexist, spare a thought for the poor blokes who could air a bigger grievance. They can never hope to be Bond. Not in the 21st century, where revealing even the smallest hint of the alpha male is pounced on by puritanical feminists as a sign of uncontrolled machismo and sexism. Maybe women like me love 007 because he is the antithesis of the metrosexual men who surround us.

In fact, if Bond is sexist and millions of modern, liberated women are still being seduced by the sexy spy, maybe the sisterhood should ask whether it is somehow to blame for making him so damn alluring.

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The sad fact is that so many feminist  warriors are far to serious about cultural Icons like James Bond and if they would just lighten up a bit then maybe the few truths that they are enunciating would not be ignored along with the hyperbole that is their stock in trade.

Cheers Comrades

Jokes that backfire

Strewth its getting so that no one can make or take a joke these days with all of the dour seriousness that has been advocated by  our friends in the ALP you would have thought that they could at least practice what they preach but no they have been caught out being offensive about Tony Abbott’s female head of staff at a party function. The joke is though that having tried to claim the high moral ground over the Jones affair and Gillard’s posturing in the Parliament about sexism and misogyny they have demonstrated precisely those vices at this function.

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I am also reminded of the “swings and roundabouts” effect of playing these issues with the public as my quote suggests Labor may be winning with the feministas on this issue but far more ordinary blokes are being turned off their shenanigans and at the end of the day it is the votes in the box that counts and Labor have once again shown that their rank opportunism is fooling no one but themselves.
Cheers Comrades

Once were warriors

Like everyone else on the political planet I am appalled when I hear of young people being abused but what I find amusing about the story about the ADF is the contrast between the way that News LTD and Fairfax have written about the just released report. first the report as published in the Courier Mail:

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and this is how Fairfax report the same story:

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Please take just a few minutes to read both articles I’ll still be here when you get back and then we can consider the difference together.

You’re back?


Now lets get down to tin tacks please consider the two pieces and ask yourself which one seems to have the most politicised agenda here. For me the answer is that Fairfax’s authors are pushing an argument that is antagonistic to the military in general and full of misandry with its provocative  headline. Frankly it seems to me that it is trying to suggest that all soldiers are rapists, Hmm where have I heard that sort of nonsense before? Ah yes its the sort of stuff you get from feminists who insist that there is a “rape culture”  and that every man is a rapist.  either by acts or thoughts.Worse still they primary allegation that inspires the headline goes back to 1951 which means that the alleged perpetrators would have long ago retried from the service.
By way of contrast the news piece concentrates upon a student guide to the unofficial slang and jargon of the academy. Frankly its not really a surprise to me that such a derisive lexicon exists and has currency in the ADF, every military since ancient times has had its own language and way of seeing both itself and the world. the question that this raises to me is just how seriously we should take such a thing and does it matter anyway?

On one hand I am as concerned as the next man about the way that women are treated  within the ADF but on the other hand I can’t help thinking that we expect our military to do some pretty brutal tasks (like kill the nations enemies in our name) so that requires a certain level of  mental toughness  that getting all PC and protective of new recruits is not going to engender. The aphorism about heat and kitchens comes to mind here. Is there a way of protecting the ladies who take the Queens shilling without making our military a bunch of wooses who are so frightened of causing offence that they are useless in their primary role of fighting for the country? That is the issue as far as I’m concerned. While I am all for and full of respect for any woman who is at heart a warrior and wants to do her bit to defend the wide brown land I am far less keen on the idea of women at the pointy end being protected and pampered to pander to feminist notions that gender is a construct and that traditionally male preserves like the military should be changed to make them more female friendly. If a woman wants in to the military boys club then it has to be on the same harsh and brutal terms as her male counterparts  or she just does not qualify to be a warrior for our nation.

Cheers Comrades

Our learned friend fails to meet the cut in circumcision debate

What I love about reading the musings of our learned friend is that his posts are consistently predictable, Like this one about circumcision:

Jezza, mate, genital mutilation is mutilation no matter what the gender of the victim  and the fact that you can’t see that when it comes to the circumcision of boys says heaps about your real commitment to the concept of equality. There are a very small number of conditions for which circumcision is the indicated  treatment and none of them are the things you cite in your post all of those can be addressed by teaching boys to do a couple of simple things, firstly to properly clean their genitals when they bathe and secondly to discourage  promiscuous behaviour.

  Finally I just love the fact that you admit that it is your totalitarian tendencies dictate your moderation decisions and at the time of writing you have received or approved precisely zero comments to this post!

Oh the Humanity!!!

  Cheers Comrades

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Double and Nothing

As a father myself I really enjoy and appreciate the institution of Fathers day, its the only day of the year that is devoted to acknowledging the role of fathers in the rearing of our children. So is it too much to ask that we keep it that way?

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Beside the fact that these women seem to be telling some pretty big lies to the children that they are raising, insofar the the children believe that they have “no father” but also they and their ilk want to take over “father’s day” and change it into their own image. You know what I feel sorry for the five year old who has to come to terms with the realities of living in a lesbian shaped  household but I see no reason to change “father’s day” and how it is celebrated in our schools just to molly-coddle this child and her care givers. Bernadette Walsh and Marly Greenwood can do as they please within the walls of their own house but they should just learn to live with the fact that neither of them are a father to the children that they are raising and stop trying to change the school and the community to pretend otherwise.

Single mothers and even lesbians like these women certainly can be entirely adequate parents and they certainly can raise children to be good human beings, its just a biological fact that they can’t ever be fathers and I resent then trying to usurp the one day devoted to fathers , especially when this pair can double up on mother’s day

Cheers Comrades

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