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The other tribe of indigenous Aussie culture.

I am by nature rather eclectic in my viewing habits when it comes to broadcast TV I actually even watch some shows on SBS  and among that channel’s offerings   I have enjoyed several of the productions from Paul Fenech,” Fat Pizza” and “Housos” are both quite clever pieces of over the top satire and once you hey past the rather amateur acting and production values both programs demonstrate a clear affection for the subculture that they satirise . the Advertising for the new program to be screened on Seven Mate  shows some promise of the satire being turned up to eleven.


Bogan Hunters ... Housos cast (L-R) Elle Dawe (Shazza), Paul Fenech (Franky), and Kev Taumata (far right) go in search of Australia's biggest bogans. Photo: Peter Stoop Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/housos-stars-reveal-australias-biggest-bogans-id-probably-be-scared-20140401-35vpo.html#ixzz2xfMQ1aS9

Bogan Hunters … Housos cast (L-R) Elle Dawe (Shazza), Paul Fenech (Franky), and Kev Taumata (far right) go in search of Australia’s biggest bogans. Photo: Peter Stoop 

Tasmania is the bogan capital of Australia and if you’re seeking bogans in the ACT look no further than the nation’s parliament.

These are just some of the findings to come out of a “bogan odyssey” completed by self-proclaimed boganologist Paul Fenech.

If I was thinking about a holiday in Australia and I saw this, I’d probably be scared

With the other two members of his crack team, Shazza (Elle Dawe) and Kev the Kiwi (Kevin Taumata), who will be familiar from the controversial SBS series Housos, Fenech has visited every state for a new 7Mate series called Bogan Hunters.

“There are plenty of places in each state,” he says. “Start in the centre of a city and drive for about 35 minutes minimum into the suburbs and you will find a bogan area.

“Tasmania has the top-shelf, black-label bogans. There’s an element of boganicity there that is worthy of another 15 years of social study.”

And the epicentre of Tasmanian bogan culture is in a suburb of Launceston, according to Fenech.

“It’s a place called Ravenswood, which they told us not to go to because we’d get stabbed,” he says. “But we didn’t get stabbed and it was all nice.”

From the promo it looks as if this program will also be taking a very big bite at the many reality shows that populate the Mate (and other Freeview channels ) schedule. You know,  the shows like “Auction Hunters” “Toy Hunters”  , “Swamp people”, “Pawn Stars”, “American Pickers” ect ect ect. Now I personally know more than a few “Bogans ” many of whom are  great people who would give you the shirt of their backs if you were a mate in trouble, they may not always be the most self aware folk but they are at generally an alright group as long as you understand and respect  their culture and, more importantly, you don’t try to patronise them. Sadly, far too many of the Late sipping brethren have more affection for every other  migrant or religious ethnicity than they do for the other tribe of indigenous Aussie culture.

Cheers Comrades


The latest from the IPCC

As is my want I have been dabbling with commenting at the Guardian and its an interesting game of cat and mouse to see just what I can get past the moderators  who are quite amusingly incredibly politically correct.  They have a most incredibly biased moderation and they give free reign to the Millenarian catastrophe fans of the  parsimonious Green persuasion. its the sort of challenge that I enjoy a great deal . Quite predictably they are having a sort of masturbatory online orgasm with the releases of the  IPCC  and treating this political document as if its John Smiths golden pages or the stone slabs brought down from the mountain by Moses but from what I have seen its very much a case of “same old same old” tosh that they have been peddling for years. About the only tick that I can give the document is that it does seem to contain a tacit concession that mitigation can not be made to work at a global level. Considering how long they have had to prepare this political document it don’t amount to much.  James Delingpole has a lovely satirical take on it:

click for source

click for source

The really scary thing about James piece is that many of the misanthropic Greenies are dreaming of  the predicted apocolypse with a sort of sadomasochistic delight at the prospect that their predictions  will mean millions dead dying or suffering unremitting misery. I am only surprised that they have not yet decided that things like the Ebola outbreak in Africa is a good thing and that it may just be a damn good idea to propagate similar  pandemics around the world to cure the planet of the human disease

Cheers Comrades

are you ready to fight the horrors of the climate apocalypse?

are you ready to fight the horrors of the climate apocalypse?

Bigger Bolt, tighter nuts

While I don’t always agree with the things Andrew says I do warmly welcome his return to the Sunday morning TV schedule because I just love to see the counterpoint of his show compared to “Insiders” on a Sunday morning

click for source and the comment thread where the Guardian readers have coniptions

click for source and the comment thread where the Guardian readers have coniptions

Its amazing just how many of the left just about have kittens at the thought of Andrew on the airwaves , Gee anyone would think that the left can not stand any voices that come from a conservative view point…

Stay tuned Comrades

You will watch and Love the Bolt Report.You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report  You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report

You will watch and Love the Bolt Report.You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report You will watch and Love the Bolt Report

Miss Palm and her five daughters

if there is one thing that Queensland seems to do in spades its produce populist political nutters with god complexes after the rise and fall and massive ego of  of Pauline Hanson we now have Clive Palmer.  Who now thinks that he will be able to ride the coat tails of his own propaganda machine into some sort of real power in the state government here.

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I’ll give him credit for having lots of front but the test of his eponymous party will be when its senators take up their seats. Some how I think that we will see a re run of the “one nation show” where a cohort of non politicians got into office only to find that their leader and inspiration was a totally delusional player who believed her own propaganda. Palmer makes Hanson look like a political genius by comparison. Worse yet he has the dosh to play the game in a way that Hanson and One nation could only dream of.

In another place I was asked about what we conservatives find funny, given the fact that the majority of comedians and other “creative” types tend to be left wing. Well Palmer makes me chuckle every time he is mentioned. Its not just his posturing and tendency to the outlandish (like dinosaurs on his golf course and the Titanic 11)but its also his childlike grudges and essentially acting like a spoilt brat when he can’t get what he wants. Newman stymied his development ambitions so now Palmer wants to take over the state government…

Only in Queensland Comrades



What makes me Laugh

Some may well be wondering just what I find to be funny or amusing, well I love clever wordplay and inventive insults that make good use of the delights of the English language Boris Johnson, the current Mayor of London is a talented wit.

• Last year, when the London assembly voted not to debate Johnson’s budget amendment and requested that he leave the hearing, he berated them as “great supine, protoplasmic invertebrate jellies“. Once again choosing jelly (see Clegg, above) as his insulting noun of choice, he qualified it with no less than four adjectives. Great, meaning large; invertebrate, meaning spineless (not like those spine-riddled jellies you get nowadays); supine, meaning inactive (again, not to be confused with those jellies you see hard at work, doing press-ups and the like) and protoplasmic – an especially odd choice of adjective for a jelly, as protoplasm is the colloidal liquid from which cells are formed.


I am very much inclined to thinking that Johnson is channelling Oscar Wilde in his put downs and insults and it should surprise no one that Wilde is also right up there on my list of great wits and masters of the Queen’s English. However when it comes to contemporary humorists and purveyors of satire  my tastes are very eclectic and largely apolitical. While I certainly do like social commentators like Pat Condell I also enjoy  ardently left wing comedians like Alexi Sale. In many ways I’m pretty old school when it comes to comedy and satire, The Goons, the Goodies  and Monty Python are utterly classic prototypes for good humour as far as I am concerned. They all managed to produce satire and and clever jokes that are largely immune to being dated the way that many contemporary stand up routines that focus on politics become dated.

Cheers Comrades


Vale Brian Griffin

I know very well that this is my second post on popular culture in two days , heck I can’t help it I am a family Guy Fan as well as a life long Whovian . so obviously  I am less than happy that the producers have decided to Kill off Brian:

Its a rather sad day when they kill off your favourite TV dog, anyone would think that family Guy was a complete work of fiction…

Vale Brian Griffin Comrades


Peter Dowling , the plonker in the plonk and personal ethics

We have a fine tradition in this country of  understanding that what a political player does in private with their privates is not of necessity any reflection on their ability to meet the requirements of their office. With that in mind I just can’t get excited about the silliness committed by Peter Dowling . Yes the idea of sending pictures of your penis in a glass of wine is a bit of a larf but is it really a scandal?

Lets look at the facts, firstly the woman involved was a consenting adult , secondly as far as we know there were no breaches of the criminal law  by Dowling, thirdly after the affair  was over the woman spurned has made public the indiscreet pictures.

If there has been a failure of ethics here I would say the guilty party here is the woman who has broken the tacit agreement involved in any relationship  that intimacies will remain private .  That includes silly pictures sent between lovers because I can’t help thinking that the salacious pictures would have been only coming from Dowling  if they were the erotic currency of the affair (it is to his credit that he has not splashed pictures of the woman’s girly bits all over the media)

Finally lets remember that its not only conservative pollies you play away (Bob Hawke, anyone?)  its inseparable from our humanity and our sexuality that human beings fall in love (or lust) and the simple fact is that its not a conscious choice and that people in love do silly things. People spurned in love do even sillier things.

Cheers Comrades


Three smoke trails from Kevin 747

A week is a long time in politics and no one can be unaware that over the last few days the new again Dear Leader has had some rather mixed blessings , in the first instance he has made that rather audacious agreement with PNG that has been largely lauded as being something that might work. However we have also had the riot and extensive damage of the facility on Nauru which has caused about 60 million bucks worth of damage, with the sort of bad press that Labor has received for years on the “asylum seeker issue the latter does very much take the shine off the former which is starting to show a few cracks anyway as PNG now insists that it will only resettle those who are formally accepted as refugees:

PNG made it clear over the weekend that it was willing to resettle asylum-seekers who were given refugee status but would not do so for those who fail that test, keeping them in detention if no other countries agreed to accept them. The approach could breach the capacity of the Manus Island detention centre within weeks given the current rate of boat arrivals if Labor’s plan does not quickly curtail the people-smugglers’ trade.


So despite some indication that the Rudd scheme may be an effective deterrent its success is far from being a done deal. That said we should not EVER forget that it was Rudd himself who created the problem in the first place with is ill fated decision to change from the successful Howard model in 2008.  Some how I don’t think that Rudd’s culpability will be as easily forgotten as  Labor hopes.

The changes to the way that leadership of the parliamentary party is decided looks likely to be waved through the caucus as well which has to count as a win for the new again Dear Leader but I personally can’t see what has been proposed being a long term benefit to the party.  While it may well make it harder to achieve a coup while the party is in government it also means that the party will be less able to change its leader in the face of incompetence or leadership failure which means that    someone as bad as Gillard will be virtually non  removable apart from electoral defeat or being encouraged  to resign “for the good of the party”.  Like a lot of “progressive” ideas it sounds good in principle but I can’t help thinking that a rule change like this one could end up doing more harm than good .

which brings us around to the reason for all of the frenetic efforts from the new again Dear Leader, namely the desire to be in the best possible position to call the election. The latest scuttle-butt suggests August 31 barely a fortnight sooner than Gillard’s mooted  September 13 but light years away from her utterly hopeless position:


click for source

Thus we find that Labor, instead of giving us the needed concrete changes prior to the election  offer us three illusions. Firstly that they have changed the Carbon tax when they can not get their changes through the parliament. Secondly they are set to make the leadership more difficult to change which has to mean that a bad leader can endure well past their use-by date and finally they are giving the us the illusion that they have found a s9olution to the boats with the less than rock solid deal with PNG.

As I see it the honeymoon is all but over for Rudd and that things can only get worse from here on in because already the contrast between the new again Dear leader and his predecessor are fading fast. Personal popularity of its Dear leader won’t save Labor from the consequences of its misrule over the last six years and while they may loose fewer seats than they would have under Gillard  I still can’t see them winning the election either.

Cheers Comrades


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