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@ShutUpIain shuts up shop, or another cowardly scumbag caught out


There are days when you just have too look out of your window and be thankful for the sunshine , well to day is such a day because I have just managed to get a stalker off my back. This creep set up a twitter with the lovely Tittle of @  This scumbag has been harassing me with this little stalking horse since March.

 It was not Twitter support that took down the page it was me posting this tweet:

Yes Comrades it was just another example of  how certain people think that being anonymous on the net gives them License  to stalk and harass  people.  Now were I to be a vengeful man I might, at this point be tempted to name this creep, which could well ruin his life, destroy his small business and frankly bring utter havoc into his life, Believe me the temptation to do so is really  really strong because this is not the first time I have had to deal with his creepy obsession with me. I have actually banned him form commenting here under three or four different pseudonyms but he just keeps coming back to try it on again and again.

Well I won’t beat around the bush @  next time you try this sort of crap on I won’t hold back , I won’t think twice about how making you own your bile I won’t care if my revelations might hurt your family, I will name you very publicly and I will make a complaint to the appropriate authorities about you stalking me, your nasty online behavior will come back to haunt you and you will think that your life has become a Stephen King Novel without a happy ending.

Am I making myself absolutely clear @?  Just go away and live your life in peace without ever trying to comment at my blog, or attacking  me elsewhere. Frankly you should just go away from anywhere on the net that I frequent and just pray that I never find you harassing me again because there will be no more chances, no more compassion for you and you tiny insignificant life so think twice and then think twice again before you try to harass me because you WILL regret it.

That is a promise!


I truly hope that I never have to write this sort of post again I am just so sick of all of the old blog war stuff which is in internet terms very ancient history indeed sometimes a man  has just got to make the journey and fight the good fight even when they don’t really want to.

Cheers Comrades




Another small step towards civility on the electronic frontier


Like Ray I find the moves  announced recently by Gillard to hold some internet platforms accountable for their anonymous users activities a good if inadequate start to  making cyberspace somewhat more civil environment for those of us who use it, and lets face it that means just about everyone these days. While many long term users have long resigned themselves to the notion that civilising the online space is “impossible” I am rather more optimistic that civility will be enforced incrementally over time and I think that enforcement will come from the courts acting in both criminal and civil cases to demand that those running the blogging platforms provide the identifying  details of site-owners when those individuals have slandered or defamed real individuals.

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The old aphorism suggests that the longest journey begins with one small step, and I see quite a few small steps happening out there and it may take a while but I expect that like the old wild west civilisation and civility will come to the online frontier eventually.

Cheers Comrades


Well that is another one….

As I have been recently suggesting the nature of the online environment is changing and one of those big changes is the decline in the acceptability of one having a truly anonymous presence online. With this in mind I was quite pleased to find another example of this trend with the social media app “4square” moving to require real names:

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Personally I find this entirely unsurprising and I tend to think that before too long people using pseudonyms on the net may be about as acceptable as failing to remove a motorcycle helmet when you go into a bank branch.

Cheers Comrades


Dreaming of a new online normal


In the seven years that I have been playing the blogging game I have seen some big changes, well the fact that broadband has become the ubiquitous norm rather than the exception has been a biggie. Now we bloggers can put up a far more attractive page with graphics and many photos without concern that it will be too slow to load or despised by readers because it uses too much of their download allowance. I have seen the rise of twitter and the migration to that platform of many of the snark artists that used to haunt the bloggosphere. This has also seen the decline in a vast number of blogs which existed only to accommodate the eternally mean and vicious, well good riddance to bad rubbish, such loses are not mourned in this part of cyber space. Now we are finally beginning to see an end to the online free for all that is just so beloved of the trolls and scum bags. The law is beginning to hold online miscreants responsible for what they say and do which is a trend that I am pretty certain will continue and which will help to create a new normal where one will have to be as decent online as we are expected to be in the real world.

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It may well take a while for the lawmakers to fully address these sorts of issues, heck it may even take the suicide of a few more victims of cyber-bullies (although I hope not) but there is no doubt in my mind that the tide has turned against a totally unregulated online environment and we can only hope that the right balance can be struck between adequate disincentives for despicable behaviour and the maintenance of our rights to free expression online.
Cheers Comrades


Lord Justice Leveson’s address in Australia

I hope that readers can forgive me returning to a pet topic of mine but I found this piece about Lord Justice Leveson’s address rather interesting and I am pleased to note that he is saying things about the “new media” that Both Ray and I have been arguing for quite sometime, namely that its users have to be held responsible for the things that they write or  say.

In the super-injunction example, the writ of the law was, perhaps, believed not to run against bloggers and tweeters. This is perhaps an example of the wider phenomenon I mentioned earlier: the belief that the law does not, and cannot apply to the internet. In many ways this is a pernicious and false belief: false because the law can be enforced against those who blog and tweet; pernicious because the idea that the law does not apply to some while it applies to others undermines the rule of law as it is inconsistent with the idea of equality before the law. Procedural justice requires the law to be equally applicable to all.

While Lord Justice Leveson speaks  to the nature of the problem with the “New Media” he does not offer any idea about how individuals may be held responsible for the things that they may publish in a tweet or blog and while he does not go further than mentioning online anonymity in passing  I am saddened that he has not made the logical connection between easy anonymity and the behaviour that it enables and encourages.  personally I think that easy anonymity goes hand in glove with bad behaviour and that Ray’s suggestion that no social media presence without verifiable bona fides should be possible has merit for improving accountability and  civil behaviour. The suing of Twits and Bloggers who have thought that they could ignore the law with impunity is something that we will see far more often in the coming years and we Bloggers will have to be eternally aware of just where the boundaries of the law are if we are to avoid litigation. Personally I have always strived to remain within the bounds of the law because I do understand that doing so is essential for the civility of  social engagement, hopefully those who have thought other wise will be brought to heal by the evolution of the law in the way that it pertains to our ever  increasing online presence.

Cheers Comrades


Jamie McIntyre wins against Google or making the net nicer

Well it seems that I’m still on the issue of internet anonymity and I am very happy to report that Google have lost the right to shield users of their service from the legitimate inquiry about who they are when they have been behaving like scumbags by anonymously creating a hate site that defames  Jamie McIntyre. Now as regular readers will know Ray and I have been subject to the same sort of nonsense from anonymous malcontents and internet vigilantes. It will therefore surprise no one when I cheer this decision by the supreme court:

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Its taken a long time but its seems to me that the law is finally beginning to catch up with the realities of the internet, now if only the cost of seeking redress were to be reduced to a point where you don’t have to be as well off as Jamie McIntyre to bring anonymous attackers to justice then the net will become a far better place.

Cheers Comrades

Andy Blume succeeds in career suicide via twitter

The new uniform for Yarra Trams that Andy Blume will never wear 😆

I have coped a bit of flak (yeah like that is a new thing 🙄  ) recently because I have taken a certain amount of delight about the self inflicted woes of one Andy Blume . Heck I have even been cited as the author of the complaint that has now seen him dismissed:

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At the risk of repeating myself I think that it could not have happened to a more deserving guy, now while a few of Andy’s electric friends have been trying to champion his cause it has very obviously failed to convince his former employer who is probably quite happy to be rid of this troublesome spot on its reputation with the travelling public. It is an  irony is that the news of Blume’s dismissal should appear as a rather strange footnote to a piece about the new uniforms for Yarra Trams  that Andy Blume will never get a chance to wear or  complain about on twitter.

But in the more extensive piece at the Herald Sun I just love this quote from one of the people that Blume has so viciously mocked on the Net:

Mr Blume had posted offensive rants via his blog on subjects ranging from blind school boy Tyler Fishlock to former child star Sarah Monahan.

Monahan, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by her on-screen dad during her years on ’80s sitcom Hey Dad, blogged last week that she “just had to laugh” at Mr Blume’s plight.

“Oh Andy, I guess now you’ll know what it’s like to be on the internet and have people judging you,” she wrote.

What I find really smile inducing is this:

Others had rallied to save him, with 91 of his more than 1100 Twitter followers joining a Save Andy Blume campaign. Many argued Mr Blume’s rants via social networking should not have impacted on his employment.

That is less than one in ten of his followers on twitter who care enough to join a campaign to “save” him that might well be because most people, including his followers, think that he is just an objectionable idiot who deserves his fate. Now of the 91 who want him saved (praise the lord!!!) I know that at least one deserves to share in Andy’s career outcome, but that is a story for another day.

Cheers Comrades

A sledge to far?

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I cite this incident as an example of just how long an allegation of rape will continue to haunt the accused ,even years after the matter has been dismissed by the law. Somehow I expect that Ray will point out that as we are talking about Collingwood supporters then we should not expect anything approaching reasonable behaviour.

Cheers Comrades

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