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A Muslim Enclave In Australia? No. Bloody. Way!

To my mind the real test of their caveat would be if a Jew could actually buy into this estate, some how I doubt it though.
Cue the rabid left suggesting that any objections to this scheme are a consequence of “islamaphobia”
Cheers Comrades

Art for arts sake

To me it beggars belief that a court is restricting a gallery’s right to display a piece of artwork on the basis that it “offends” some indigenous people and their supporters.

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I just can’t wait for someone to make the argument that artists should respect the beliefs of our indigenous people when they would not make the same arguments about art that draws upon the iconography of other faith traditions. As one commenter here was so keen to point out art is supposed to be about the transgressive and challenging accepted beliefs and ideas.

When I read the part of the piece that talks about the imagery of the sculpture being a “caricature”I could not fail to think about the court action about William Dobell’s entry in the Archibald prize and I remember correctly that claim failed and it was decided that his painting was not a caricature. What I think is happening here is the enforcement of a rather racist notion that only certain people may use the iconography of the indigenous art because I can’t help thinking that if the artist was claiming to be indigenous that there would be nothing but praise from those who are now so vociferously complaining…

More detail about the artist and this piece of work here

Cheers Comrades

Cue Zane Trow ūüėČ

The most important function of your house is to keep you warm when it is cold and dry when it rains

I am utterly horrified by just how much it costs to rent a house¬† in the big smoke these days, as a home owner without a mortgage hanging over my head I look at the amount of cash that people have to outlay to get that roof over their heads and I am amazed at just how much the cost of that necessity will enslave. But I am also well aware of how the choices that are made about the life they want to lead have more effect on their housing prospects than an so called “affordability crisis” in housing:

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¬†Colin Barnett is right about the sort of houses that so many new entrants into the home buying game are desiring, we should all be happier with more modest digs but two things get in the way as far as I can tell, the first has a great deal to do with wanting our abodes to display a greater social status than we may have earned (so the bigger and more ostentatious the better) and the second one is the rather silly belief that one’s home should be treated first and foremost as a tool for creating wealth, as an investment. Reality check folks; the most important function of your house is to keep you warm when it is cold and dry when it rains…

So in many ways less is more. Less conspicuous consumption and more modest aspirations is the answer…

Cheers Comrades

A vice for every letter of the alphabet

A most delightful piece in today’s Fairfax press* in which Paul Sheehan goes through the problems with the greens in an entirely alphabetical manner.

A: ABCC. The Australian Building and Construction Commission was established to combat rampant corruption and intimidation in the building industry and has been highly effective. The main construction union, the CFMEU, has run a vociferous campaign to shut down the ABCC, which curbed the practice of building sites being threatened with industrial action unless they were ”paid up” with the union. The CFMEU has donated to the Greens. The Greens want the ABCC abolished.

B: Boat people. A left-wing obsession, thus the Greens send every possible green light to the people-smuggling trade under the argument that Australia has a moral obligation to absorb the world’s oppressed. No limit is ever set. No line is ever drawn. No hard decision is ever taken.

C: China. So great is the scale of power plant construction in China alone that even if Australia enforced a policy of zero greenhouse gas emissions, it would make almost no difference to global emissions. Thus Green urgency is based on principle rather than practical outcomes.


Paul Sheehan

It is at once both shocking and amazingly funny that one minor party should have a vice for every letter of the alphabet.

Cheers Comrades

With thanks to a Leon Bertrand who pointed out this piece to me
* Maybe even Fairfax is “over ” the Greens…..

Planning controls would require all religious bodies to adhere to strict planning guidelines in residential areas.

As an atheist I have the good fortune not to spend any of my days supplicating myself to the deity, well maybe you could argue that there is a spiritual aspect to my Yoga classes but I reckon that it would have to be a line ball call on that because its the health of my body I do yoga for rather than for the well being of my soul. None the less there are a lot of people out there who spend a big slice of their lives participating in the rituals of their God bothering brand of choice. and for some of them they want a place for the like minded to gather and pray. Now this has largely been well received by the public and local government But there are times when the construction of a place of worship worries the people who live adjacent to the proposed building.

Planning hurdles ... Ahmad Kamaledine at the mosque site. Pic: Tomasz Machnik Source: The Sunday Telegraph

The controversial regulations have been proposed by Canterbury Council – which includes the Islamic community strongholds of Belmore, Campsie, Canterbury and Lakemba.

The move is being backed by the Labor mayor Robert Furolo, who is also the state MP for the seat of Lakemba, and residents opposed to a mosque on the site of an ex-Roselands church.

The new planning controls would require all religious bodies to adhere to strict planning guidelines in residential areas.

Planning laws in most NSW local government areas do not require religious organisations to make a new application to council if they buy a site zoned as a place of worship for use by another faith.

But Canterbury’s planning order would require a new approval for each purchase and restrict service times. Muslims pray five times a day.

Sunday Telegraph

I have never “got” the reason that various faiths demand that their adherents perform prayers or rituals but in a diverse world its live and let live in my book. However if religious observance is going to impact upon the lives of those who happen to live near the proposed church or mosque¬† then those residents¬† have a right to object to the development just as much as they have the right to object to any other development in their locality.¬† So I am endorsing the requirement that the construction of any new place of worship¬† has to go through the same sort of planning process as any other development.

Cheers Comrades




Half a million page views at the Sandpit

I know that statistical miles stones are really meaningless but that does not stop you feeling pretty good when you reach them. Well if you keep an eye on the hit counter at the bottom of the page some time today I expect that you will see the counter tick over t0 the magical “500,000” mark . That is pretty good for a modest blog written as a bit of fun .

Thanks very much to all of those who take the time to read what I and my friends put up  here and a special thanks to all of those who take the time to comment and argue with what is on this web-page. Commentary and argument is the life blood of blogging and long may it keep pumping at the Sandpit.

Cheers Comrades

Register to vote as soon as you are entitled to do so

Each evening it becomes more and more clear that Socky may be right on the money with his prediction for an election on August 28. So with that in mind I read yet another piece talking about the number of people who are not yet enrolled to vote even though they are entitled to do so.

Queensland’s 390,000 lost voters have power to swing federal election

THE outcome of the imminent federal election could turn on 390,000 “missing” Queensland voters.

A record number of people in the state have so far failed to register to vote ‚Äď the equivalent of four entire electorates ‚Äď the highest in the nation.

Nationally, about 1.4 million Australians are estimated to be invisible to election officials.

The problem is most acute in Queensland because of strong interstate migration and a high number of young voters now eligible for their first election.

Call me simple if you want but I can’t see why we can’t make being on the electoral rolls something that happens automatically once an Aussie turns eighteen. In an¬† age when the government knows so much about all of our lives why can’t we take advantage of that and use either tax records, social security, or even driving licence applications as a jumping off point to get everyone on the rolls?

Personally I intend to make getting my children on the rolls part of the rites of passage for each of them when they turn eighteen and frankly I think it is something that every parent should do on the   day that their little lovelies become adults in the eyes of the law.

Democracy demands it Comrades

The worst government bungle in Australian history

I passionately believe in the value of making our homes more energy efficient but the whole business of the governments scheme has been a disaster from the beginning and only now that they have finally decided to pull the plug on it can we see just what a shit fight it has become.

TAXPAYERS face a $1 billion bill to clean up the Rudd government’s botched home insulation scheme, which has wasted 2 per cent of its $42bn economic stimulus package.

After months of revelations of dodgy work and rorting of the $2.45bn program, the government yesterday scrapped it on the basis of an independent report highlighting massive failings in its design and administration.

As Tony Abbott attacked the scheme as the worst government bungle in Australian history, the Prime Minister left it to junior minister Greg Combet to announce the about-face on an earlier promise to redesign and relaunch the program.


The insulation scheme, designed to insulate 2.7 million homes, was announced in February last year as a stimulus measure.

It was suspended two months ago because of serious concerns about fraud and safety that followed the deaths of four young installers, 120 house fires and claims that up to 1000 roofs may have been electrified.

The government now faces the task of finding and fixing safety and quality problems in 1.1 million homes fitted with insulation under the program.

So far the government has committed to inspecting all 50,000 homes fitted with foil insulation and 150,000 homes with non-foil insulation.

Dr Hawke has warned that significantly more than 200,000 homes might need to be inspected.

He said this work could leave little change from the $1 billion still remaining in the scheme’s budget.

You can almost taste the desperation exuded from those leftys who had such high hopes for the government of Brother Number One, for them it has been just one disappointment after another. I really don’t know how anyone can be confident that this most incompetent government will retain office at the next election. That said I think the the Ghost of the Whitlem government can be invoked because I remember the way that Labor voters like I was back then desperately wanted to deny that the well meaning plans of that government had gone so bad.
Climate change policy                                                   = FAIL
Asylum seeker policy                                                  = FAIL
Laptops for every High school student                     = FAIL
Building the Education Revolution                             = FAIL
Home Insulation Scheme                                  = Fatal FAIL
Indigenous Housing scheme                                        = FAIL
Internet filter                                                                = FAIL
Health Reform                                                              = FAIL

Can anyone honestly give Brother Number One a passing grade with results like this ?
Cheers Comrades

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