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The collective sanity of the electorate and the dustbin of history

Talk about political stupidity and you really can’t go past the Australian Greens who only the other day were trying to spin their hard-line far left policies into a softer more palatable form that can  flavoured to to appeal to the well meaning but politically disconnected and now they are endorsing the criminal behaviour of an anti-coal activist.

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My mate Ray is spot on when he suggests that this is the sort of thing that will lose them more votes than it will gain them and I think that this may even consign then to the dustbin of history just that little bit sooner. No matter what happens to the Gillard regime at the next election it will be my greatest pleasure to see the decline in the Greens’ vote because that decline will be the result of a rise in the collective sanity of the Australian electorate.

Cheers Comrades

Yep its the perfect pick me up for a conservative on this bright and sunny November morning.

When I need a laugh there is nothing more Jolly than checking out the “environment” section of the Guardian where you can be sure to fine the latest in environmental Corporal Jones (Vale, Clive Dunn) impersonations:

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Now there are a couple of really major and naive assumptions in this rather silly piece not the least of which is the fact that the judiciary does not have the powers imagined by the author in the first place, secondly even if they did getting members of the legal profession to all agree about something is rather like herding cats (strangely quite few lawyers are cat lovers) thirdly the argument is profoundly undemocratic and it denies the people the right to chose their own governments and to have those governments do their bidding. Finally it reveals that inner totalitarian that seems to live within the heart of every Greens supporter. Yep its the perfect pick me up for a conservative on this bright and sunny November morning.
Cheers Comrades]\

Another Carbon abatement Ponzi scheme on the verge of collapse

I have been a bit under the weather over the last few days, in fact I have had a sort of flu like symptoms for the last week, you know with a sinus headache and a general feeling of utter lethargy. On top of that joyous present from my son I have been having a rather bad patch with my back.  that has seen my doctor prescribe me some even stronger pain medication and to be honest it makes be feel like I’m a bit “off with the fairies” sometimes. In fact my interest in politics has been a bit subdued lately. Oh I have been fighting the good fight a bit  in Latte land and now I think its time to offer a new post here to the loyal readers of the Sandpit. So without further adieu I’m going to consider the viability of the UN sponsored “global carbon trading scheme”. The Guardian is of course one of the most partisan and pro AGW papers  on the planet so lets have a look at the report in the latest edition:

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What I am struck by upon reading this article is an inescapable feeling that the whole UN scheme is, like the Gillard monstrosity just another Ponzi scheme where its all about  creating “confidence”  but because that confidence is predicated on false expectations and and eternally growing pool of “investors”  the whole thing is bound to fail sooner rather than later:

Governments have a last chance to restore confidence in the system when they meet in Qatar this December to discuss climate change. But few participants hold out any hope that they will agree to toughen their 2020 emissions targets, which are scarcely even on the agenda. Instead, governments are focusing on drawing up a new climate change treaty by the end of 2015, which would stipulate emissions cuts for the period after 2020.

As I have been saying for ages if the response to AGW can not be made to happen at a truly global level then any efforts from a minority of the global emitters is at best pointless and futile.At worst it will be an expensive exercise in climate piety that is of no value what so ever. There is only one answer to the AGW question that is to do nothing, wait and see if any of the dire prognostications come to pass and if they do then we deal with each  problem as it actually presents itself rather than spending huge amounts of effort and treasure trying to forestall things that may never happen.

Cheers Comrades

Jo Chandler Sacked Redundant

Well Fairfax without Jo Chandler? who would have thunk it?

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Well that will mean that my ‘favourite” senior writer will have more time more time to write sycophantic books about climate scientists and tomes about disgraced female police commissioners that no one will buy. It will also give her more time to hang out on twitter…
Pardon me while I indulge in a bit of schadenfreude here for reasons that I am unable to share publicly but this news does make me rather happy and for that I offer thanks to Peter Wellard who is but the latest of a very long line of would be internet vigilantes who obsessively follow everything that I write on line. Which must make me a celebrity 🙄

Mucho Cheers Comrades

Farce is actually too mild a term to describe this symbolic bunch of fools

The latest body blow to Labor’s “clean energy future” should be enough for the voters to see what a huge and pointless folly the whole tax on carbon enterprise is, was and will for ever be. Firstly they had to throw out their floor price and now they have given up on the idea of buying out cola fired generation to “reduce pollution”. Farce is actually too mild a term to describe this symbolic bunch of fools who currently hold the treasury benches in the house.

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Talk about incompetent! So now Labor will be obliged to take this Ponzi scheme to the next election with it not even appearing to be at all functional as its designers claimed it would be . What a disaster for Labor! Oh I expect that they will produce lots of rhetoric about “evil big Coal” conspiring to wreck the planet but the reality is that its Gillard who is the wrecker here. She and this hopeless Ponzi scheme are wasting government resources at such a rate of knots that it just about beggars belief. All the while we are repeatedly told that the government is short of a quid.  Yesterday thanks to may friend Matt Hayden’s tweet  I read a most illuminating essay in the online version of Quadrant which posited the notion that we are on the tail end of the politics of reform and that essay was mercilessly critical of Gillard’s  Carbon and mining taxes:

We live in an age of bureaucratic capitalism, driven by grants from government boondoggle money-pools like Australia’s $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The charms of such state capitalism are irresistible for some but its business models are dismal. In this, as in so much else, the time of the Gillard government in office proved to be a kind of bad Hegelian comedy. The consequence of so many of its policies was the direct inverse of what the government intended. It couldn’t take a trick. As all children understand, that is the essence of clowning. One of the many ways the Gillard government managed to slip on its own banana peel was to promise to turn vast swathes of the seas that are under Australian jurisdiction into marine parks. This was a stunt designed to curry favour at the 2012 Rio talkfest, one of those innumerable, interminable ecological rent-seeking lobby events loved by the frequent-flying global bureaucratic activist class. The stunt presupposed that fishing is not allowed in marine parks. Strike one for marine conservation, then? No. Australia imports 70 per cent of its fish. That percentage will only rise when more fishing is outlawed in restricted zones. The perverse effect of this is that Australia will then simply import additional fish from countries that “strip mine” their own fishing jurisdictions. Strike one for green ideology; strike out for the fish.

As green ideologies have flourished in the past twenty years, self-defeating actions of this kind have multiplied. Green creeds fill the space that socialism and social liberalism once occupied. In their wake they have induced a global industry of professional moralism, pseudo-religion, cod-mysticism, political pandering, bureaucratic pocket-lining, and media pretentiousness. It is impossible to overstate the silliness of the whole show. If you took the dumbest things that management, science, and religion ever said, and spliced them together, you would end up with ecological social “thought”.

So rather than the collapse of communism leading to the end of ideology, instead we got the rise and rise of junk ideologies, especially preening green thinking. Green ideology was an effusive, fatuous kitsch mix of pseudo-science, New Age spirituality and officious morality that aligned perfectly with bureaucratic sloganeering and rent-seeking businesses. Green policy offers a vaguely plausible surround filled with piffle. So it is no surprise that the Gillard government’s carbon dioxide tax was a manifesto of silliness. It was not just wrong or questionable—it was harebrained. Even many of the ministers in Gillard’s government looked embarrassed by it.

In the long history of silly taxes, the tax on carbon dioxide was a world-beater. In 2012 when Australia made its unique contribution to the genial history of comic government lunacy and enacted this tax on a harmless gas, carbon dioxide, it culminated twenty years of the global green lobby insisting that the end of the world was nigh because the planet was warming. The problem with their argument was that the planet was not warming (it hadn’t since 1998) and even if it had been the net global effect of that warming would have been beneficial, and even if warming was a bad thing (which it is not) reducing carbon dioxide emissions by taxing Australia’s emitting industries would have zero effect or (at most) an infinitesimal effect on planetary temperatures. The tax on industries that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere will raise at least $24 billion over three years. The tax will drive up industry costs (energy costs in particular) in the order of billions of dollars. Yet it will have no beneficial effect whatsoever. The principal negative effect of the tax will be felt most by low-income groups, the traditional constituency of the Labor Party.

How it is that the least well-off are slugged by a Labor government is easy to explain. Today Labor policies are designed by high-income moralists. This group came to dominate all left-of-centre parties after the ideology of socialism collapsed. The moralising class of affluent tertiary-educated activists, bureaucrats and rent-seekers stitched together post-industrial “values” with welfare economics. Under their watchful eye, regulatory green tape expanded along with entitlement claims. In the global semi-boom years of the 1990s and 2000s, the fictitious wealth of the era made the wonky alliance of industrial and post-industrial statist policies vaguely serviceable. After 2008, the alliance was rendered kaput by economic reality. So then began a new comedy. The Gillard government enacted a mining tax in order to find the money to subsidise low-income families for cost-of-living rises driven by the functionally useless but ideologically imperative carbon dioxide tax.

     Its a sobering picture  for we conservatives who have been horrified by the desire of minions of the left to constantly tinker with just about every aspect of society and culture even when the things that they want to change are actually functioning   reasonably well, You could find no better example of this then the so called Gonski “reforms” to education. Its clear to me that what Gillard is seeking to do is to do a “carbon tax” number on Eduction, making huge and far reaching changes that may well have perverse outcomes that make the eduction of our young people qualitatively worse while increasing the size of academia to produce those ” more qualified teachers”, teachers who will have “benefited ”  from the indoctrination from those dinosaur lefties currently in our universities. We need to face the fact that the aspiration that every young person should find a place in tertiary education is madness. All that it does in so many cases is delay the entry of so many young people into grown up society where they can contribute to the future for themselves and the country.

Now there are some rumblings suggesting that Gillard might try to go early to the polls probably with the vain hope that her fine sounding promises on education and disability insurance might shine a favourable light on her administration. Well they might just do that but it won’t be enough to dispel the shadows of her clear failures in just about every other policy that has been introduced by this terribly incompetent government.

Cheers Comrades

Labor The Next Generation

Every commentator on Australian politics just loves a party in turmoil, especially when the underlying leadership tensions are in play. We have that at present with the ALP they are failing on so many issues at present, we have daily boat arrivals,Their Carbon tax has not become more loved since its introduction, even their blatant attempts at distraction like the so called Gay marriage debate has blown its load early as even its staunchest advocates realise that it is never going to get the numbers in the house to become law, At  a state level Labor has all but collapsed into obscurity. Lets face it the Labor party is only marginally more popular than a bacon sandwich in a mosque (well it is Ramadan  😉 ). Add to that misery the disproportionate power of the so called independents Windsor and Oakeshott      who are providing a great example of just how the tail wags this Labor dog.

This is the perfect example of just how bad minority government is for the country when two political cowboys can hold a party to ransom and demand that the party have a leader of their liking or its straight to the polls. This threat is clearly meant to steel the backbones of wavering Gillard supporters but I can’t help thinking that there might just be a few backbenchers who know that they are gone no matter what and they just jump to Rudd because of the threat, In the words of one of the government’s ministers:

“Its better to die on your feet than to live in your knees”

Thus our soap opera is working up to a spectacular season finale, we have the main characters plotting and scheming and the political  romance between Gillard and the intendants is clearly in desperate trouble. However for the true romantics out there let me suggest that it was always co-dependency rather than love between Labor and those so called independents, Labor under Gillard was just so desperate to form government that they gave enormous largess to them and let these two men dictate the direction of the government (carbon tax anyone?) and of course Gillard got to shack up in the Lodge with Tim.

OK I’m not going to give any spoilers to the season Finale but I will say that cancellation of this show is a very distinct possibility given its consistently poor ratings over the last season, it has run some very tired story arcs that have just not resonated with the viewing public. There  is still an ever decreasing fan base for this particular show but I don’t think that we will see the same dedicated public response as the producers of Star Trek found after the cancellation of the original serries.  But who knows we may yet see ” Labor the Next Generation”  go into production. Sadly for the faithful fans it may take a generation for that to happen as there is no one with the talent of Patrick Stewart to “make it so” within the Labor party.

Cheers Comrades

Craig Emerson is an embarassment to us all #carbonchoices

Its far from being a good day when it comes to  the fortunes of Labor and the left  this example From Craig Emerson shows me that Labor have totally lost both their dignity and any hope of winning on this issue. If the polling is to believed Emerson is gone at the next election, well I for on think that taking up singing as an alternative to politics won’t be an option even though he will be forced to give up his day job.

  The voice he ain’t!

This is how to do it on key Craig

Cheers Comrades


Does anyone really think that Labor can sell the, Ah Hem, “virtues” of Climatechoices to a cynical public?

Thanks to those fine folks at Fairfax we have a Poll taken right at the beginning of Gillard’s Climatechoices and surprise surprise It shows that the public are far from being amused by this tax and spend money churn:

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My question to you dear readers is there anyone out there who think that Climatechoices is going to be anything other than a total disaster for team Labor?

With their record of not being able to “sell” their message on any policy does anyone think that they will be able to convince the public that they have something of virtue in their Climatechoices regime?

Come on who will offer me a bottle of red on it?

Cheers Comrades

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