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Myths and legends about Brother Number One

KEVIN Rudd has put Australia’s trading relationship with China ahead of concerns about human rights abuses in Tibet, reigniting free trade talks and launching a new climate change partnership after meeting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

The Prime Minister said differences could not be allowed to stand in the way of the broad-based relationship with China on trade, security and climate change because Australia’s relationship with China was “not a zero sum game”.

“We have disagreements, on human rights generally and on Tibet most recently, but I have always had the view that the best way to prosecute our relationship with China is to be broad-based about it and not pretend problems do not exist when they do,” he said in Beijing after a 2 1/2-hour meeting with Mr Wen at the People’s Palace.

At the meeting, which included considerable discussion of Tibet, the two leaders effectively agreed to differ on the issue.

the Australian

Yesterday, after some prompting from Ray Dixon, I offered some praise to Brother Number One for raising the issue of Tibet and China’s woeful record on human rights. But having read the piece I quote above I can’t help but feel that Brother Number One was just going through the motions for the benefit of his own party and the true believers from the left who voted him into office.

Cheers comrades


Wiggly party

The pair were convicted in the South Australian District Court in Mount Gambier last month of two counts each of incest relating to the conception of their daughter, Celeste, born last year, and another baby who died in 2001, a few days after birth, from a congenital heart defect.

Under Australian law, convicted criminals cannot profit directly from their crimes.

Hamish Thomson, the executive producer of 60 Minutes, was quoted in News Ltd publications yesterday confirming that money was offered to the couple.

“We bought them some clothes and they might have to move town and we have offered to give them some money to cover the costs of their move, if that happens,” he was quoted as saying.

A South Australia Police spokesman said officers from the south-east district, which encompasses Mount Gambier, were looking into the case.

The Brisbane Times

Cheque Book Journalism, where would tabloid television be with out it?  What is really sad about  this story is that  the producers of programs  like Sixty Minutes know that paying criminals for their story ins both morally reprehensible and illegal and yet they still seek a way to get around the rules when doing so ensures that they get some juicy ratings fodder like the story of this deluded couple.

“moving expenses” ? Bah!

I wonder what wiggle room are they trying to find to pay for Davo’s story now that the gag order has expired?

Cheers Comrades


One drink too many

A SUPREME Court judge has declared violent rapist Trevor Lewis Toms should be allowed to “have a drink” and accused the Government of wasting time and resources by enforcing his strict supervision orders.

Justice Richard Chesterman, who had ordered Toms to abstain from alcohol, ridiculed the conditions imposed on the 43-year-old after his release from jail.

Toms was arrested earlier this week after being caught on closed-circuit television drinking in Brisbane’s inner south with another man on a supervision order. He was the sixth serious sex offender on a Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act supervision order to be arrested in the past two weeks.

Toms appeared in the Supreme Court on Tuesday before Justice Chesterman, who engaged in an exchange with the Attorney-General’s legal representative, Margaret Maloney.

Justice Chesterman: “Tell me, he had a drink – was he drunk? Did he cause any problems?”

Ms Maloney: “No, your Honour. The issue is, though, that Section 21 of the Dangerous Prisoners Act states that if a released prisoner is brought before the court under a warrant issued under Section 20 . . .”

Justice Chesterman: “I know, I know, but I’m concerned about the substance of things. He has a drink – most people do, he served 21 years in jail. Has he ever done anything that would be a threat to anyone after he’s had a drink or two?”

The Courier Mail

We all know that a tiger can’t change it’s stripes and that serial sex offenders continue to be a threat to the community even when they have served their sentence. The regime here in Queensland has created a system of supposedly strict supervision for these individuals on the basis that even the smallest breach will see their sorry arses back behind bars. Now what value do strict conditions have if when in breach some unelected Judge decides that adherence to those conditions is not in fact necessary?

Without the clear expectation that a breach of their release conditions will have immediate consequences these scumbags will keep trying to push the envelope. Judges like Richard Chesterman should be cited for contempt if they keep undermining the legitimate conditions imposed on offenders like Trevor Lewis Tom by suggesting that his release conditions should not be observed precisely as they order states . One drink is in fact one drink too many.

Cheers Comrades


The Olympic torch protests

I suspect that there are going to be more protests as the Olympic torch wends it’s way around the world and really we should have expected nothing less. The Chinese must have been toking on the old opium pipe if the thought that this media event was not tailor made to be a focus for all of the dissent that would of course not be tolerated in China itself.

I remember when the US inspired a boycott of the Moscow games there were howls and whines from “sports idealists” about how the games should not be politicised, but to think that the Olympic games are not a political event is to live in cloud cuckoo land . The games have always been a tool used by governments to seek prestige or legitimacy for their regime.

In 1936 the aim was to prove the superiority of the “Master Race” In Munich the games were used by the PLO to stage a most audacious (and ultimately murderous) publicity stunt, Moscow was meant to show that the Soviet Union was an exemplar to the world, Sydney in 2000 was meant to show that we Aussies are the best in the world not only in sport but also in event management.

Yes the Olympic games may have sporting prowess as the star attraction but sport is really the last thing that it is ever about. For China this is about demonstrating that they have arrived on the world stage and that they are too big and powerful to be criticised for their autocratic government, their abuses of their citizens or for the way that they have effectively invaded and occupied Tibet. In a world economy that is entirely geared around worshipping continual exponential growth we are all riding the back of this tiger and we fool ourselves that we can dismount whenever we please but some how I think that no one nation is prepared to dismount and be eaten any time soon.

Cheers comrades


PS has anyone calculated how much CO2 this little charade will create?

Vale Charlton Heston

I was never much of a fan but he was significant enough to note his passing and to point out that in this time when actors generally lend their voices to the politics of the left Charlton Heston was staunchly conservative and not afraid to say so.
Dig out a copy of the “Planet of the apes”, whatever you think of his politics that was a good movie, likewise “Soylent Green” has something to say, still, about our crowded planet.
Cheers comrades

New Eugenics

keeping it in the family

A SOUTH Australian woman has given birth to her father’s son after the couple had sex.

John and Jenny Deaves reunited 30 years after Mr Deaves separated from Jenny’s mother.

Jenny was 31 and just two weeks after meeting, father and daughter had sex.

“John and I are in this relationship as consenting adults,” Mrs Deaves told the Nine Network last night.

“We are just asking for a little bit of respect and understanding.”

Their nine-month-old daughter Celeste, shown on TV, appears fit and healthy.
The Courier Mail

The state that we usually make jokes about when it comes to incest is usually Tasmania but this story comes from South Australia. Now my understanding of the law is that this is a relationship that must surely contravene the statutes forbidding incest. I feel terribly sorry for the child who is the fruit of this abhorrent relationship and wonder what sort of future she will face.

Now under the brave new world envisioned by the the social engineers from the left we should ,of course not be at all critical of this couple’s relationship. On planet leftard such unions are probably desirable anyway. Now when I used to breed dogs the mating of a dog to one of it’s offspring was called “line breeding” and it was used to try to ensure the propagation of desirable characteristics. Maybe this is the beginning of a new leftist brand of eugenics that will ensure the next generation is even more gullible than the last…

Aghast Comrades


Four questions about our humanity

We ought to consider the following questions:

a) Is it true that our status as humans fluctuates, or is it something permanently invested in us?
b) Is autonomy really the one overriding good? Is it the organising principle of society? Or is it something to be held in balance with other important human goods?
c) Are human relationships really structured around a contest for autonomy and power? Is this the core meaning of family relationships? Of communal traditions? Of manhood and womanhood?
d) Have the actions of men throughout history really been to the detriment of women and for selfish purposes?
Posted by Mark Richardson

Check out Mark’s post at the link above as he de-constructs Feminist theory with a fair bit of style and that anathema to the feminist faith, facts and logic.

Cheers Comrades


‘Education apartheid’ failing Aboriginal kids‏

INDIGENOUS children in remote communities in the Northern Territory are being condemned to failure by a system of educational apartheid that offers a second-rate curriculum in make-believe schools.

In a paper to be released next week by the Centre for Independent Studies, Helen Hughes, professor emeritus at the Australian National University and senior fellow at the CIS, says indigenous schooling in the Territory has “in effect not been extended to secondary education”.

“Because most indigenous primary school leavers, particularly in remote areas, are at Year 1 level, so-called secondary classes mostly teach elementary English, numeracy and literacy,” she says.

Teachers are flown in to remote schools, sometimes for as little as a few hours one day a week, and many schools are not open five days a week.

Students are not taught history, geography nor science, Professor Hughes says, and she cites examples of teenagers thinking there are 100 minutes in an hour and not knowing how to divide a piece of material into two, nor how to find Canberra on a map nor what “capital of Australia” means.

Justine Ferrari, Education writer | April 05, 2008

The Australian

It has only taken a year for the Australian to start calling the situation in remote indigenous communities a sort of apartheid, I have cited the parallel with the much hated regime in South Africa ever since I began addressing this issue two years ago. When I read this piece in the OZ over my breakfast yesterday I knew that it was something that I should comment on because it most clearly demonstrates exactly why the ideologues of the left who have held sway over the education bureaucracies that are responsible for education in the remote communities have got their priorities entirely arse about.

In our “mainstream” schools the emphasis is very much on teaching the core skills that a child needs and even though the teaching unions have managed to inject their ideology into the curriculum they have not succeeded in subverting the prime objective of formal education to the extent that they have in remote Australia.

There is nothing to be gained by expending vast amounts of effort teaching the children of these communities the dying languages of their forebears if it is at the expense of the children learning the language that the rest of our fellow Australians speak or the mathematics that underpin all of modern technology. In a sad irony it is those indigenous activists in the cities who have had the benefit of a “whitefella” education who have been the most vociferous advocates of the current dysfunctional system in an effort to preserve some quaint notion of their “noble ” heritage and their increasingly obscure native languages.

I will close with a quote from a correspondent* who has had a substantial experience in remote communities, just to bring a focus back to the core problem here.

I never met and talked with ONE Aboriginal kid who had the equivalent skills of a white city kid.

It wasn’t about resources–it was about bloody teachers playing at cultural games with the resources they had. When those teachers weren’t at conferences and seminars or off on stress leave, that is….

Cheers Comrades


* I am always respectful of any correspondent who desires my discretion

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