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Rudd’s Latest Master Stroke or Latest Brain Fart



“they’re calling it a master stroke
Kevvie’s such a lovely bloke
a holiday on PNG
all at cost to you and me”

Our recently re-installed Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has pledged to give asylum-seekers “no chance” of settling in Australia if they arrive by boat, under a dramatic toughening of border protection.

This latest Rudd brain fart is a time bomb in the making. Band-Aid Kevin strikes again. Not only will Australian taxpayers have to (more…)

Compare The Pair

Following Iain’s lead I have become an avid recipient of Labor’s emails to the party faithful. Given that I’m also signed up to the Libs’ emails, I’d like to ‘compare the pair’.

Here’s one of Labor’s recent attempts to rally the troops.


Now I was confused. What was I supposed to say about Labor as I knocked on those thirty doors over the weekend? That I loved Joolia or I supported Kevvie? That wouldn’t do. I thought long and hard.

Thankfully Labor came to the rescue.

The next Labor email to the faithful had helpful examples of what to say when door-knocking.

yep, I reckon the Liberal Party can’t come up with something that smart, eh?

But just to show you, here’s the Libs’ latest attempt at emailing. It’s full of big words and stuff no-one wants to hear about, you know, adult stuff..

lib news

 So I reckon another weekend or two of knocking on doors will have it in the bag for Kevin Rudd, unless of course Kim Khardasian or someone from Big Brother puts in for the Labor leadership…

A Letter From Joe

Knowing the influence the Sandpit has on popular opinion, Joe likes to keep me in the loop regarding the latest Liberal Party news.

He sent me this email last night.

Hi GD,

Tonight Wayne Swan will deliver his sixth Budget.

In this Budget, Wayne Swan needs to do what he hasn’t done before – and that’s to be honest with the Australian people about the true state of the Budget. Australia’s quarter of a trillion dollar debt and four record deficits are testimony to a Treasurer who continues to hide from the truth about Australia’s worsening financial position. When you are dealing with the nation’s finances, anything less than honesty is totally unacceptable.

These are the tests that the Coalition will use to judge tonight’s Budget:

  • Is the Budget based on honest and credible assumptions – or will it continue the dishonest paper shuffles and the ‘cook-the-books’ culture of recent years?
  • Does it demonstrate a speedy path back to surplus in 2013-14 by cutting waste – or will Labor continue on with its profligate spending?
  • Does it bring debt under control – or will Labor again increase the debt ceiling above its current $300 billion?
  • Does it rule out new tax grabs such as further new taxes on superannuation?
  • Does it detail how Labor will pay for its big spending initiatives like Gonski and the NDIS?

The time has come for Wayne Swan to stop making promises he cannot keep and to start telling the truth about the real state of the nation’s finances.

Joe Hockey Shadow Treasurer

Thanks for that Joe. I’m sure all the Sandpit readers will be in complete agreement, well those of sound mind anyway.

And btw, thanks for the link to the latest Liberal publication, ‘The Little Book of Big Labor Waste’.


Update for leftards too lazy to read a pdf:

These are but two examples of a litany of over sixty equally flagrant abuses of taxpayer funds in ‘The Little Book of Big Labor Waste’.

Of course leftards will continue to stick their fingers in their ears and shout ‘la la la’, while refusing to see anything other than their own failed socialist view and their dreams of one day, somewhere in the distant future, being given a chance to once more wreak havoc on Australian society and its economy.

carbon tax ads

union donations

Headless Chooks

(posted by GD)


Talking in Crayon

Gillard gives economists a schoolyard lecture on the nation’s economy.

Useful Idiots

It’s sad, or should that be tragic, that Labor has to rely on ‘useful idiots’ like regular Sandpit anarchist RR to secure votes, or newly arrived immigrants who don’t speak English.

The Labor Member for Parramatta, Julie Owens,  seems to think so, or at least she laughs about it.

Likewise the Greens’ ploy to appeal to the young, idealistic and unworldly is also an example of relying upon ‘useful idiots’.

With Labor’s projected 30% share of the vote, how many of those are similar ‘useful idiots’?

Given Labor’s recent incursions into our lives, such as the proposed internet filter, the proposed ban on offensive speech and the proposed media controls, it does make you wonder what they have next in their totalitarian grab bag of social change.

That they are relying on ‘useful idiots’ to further this agenda is disturbing.

– GD

Another Day in Labor

poem ditty by GD

Kevvie in his kevlar suit
laughing ‘cos it’s all a hoot
Simon Crean gets the boot,
another day in Labor

Stephen Conroy’s face is red
his underpants are on his head
the censorship is all shot dead,
another Labor failure

the deficit is on the loose
Swan is looking like a goose
spending all with no excuse,
another a drunken sailor

the rusted-ons believe in Rudd
to save them from this bath in mud
but really he’s another dud,
not a Labor saviour

the voters wait with bated breath
to hear about a Labor death
but Joolia is such a pest,
it’s six months more hard Labor!

Show and Tell

While Iain is awaiting his muse, here’s a bit of light entertainment courtesy of Rooty Hill RSL.

Meanwhile, the Unreal Julia visited the western suburbs in what can only described as the visit that the real Joolia should have made.

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