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Abu Bakr has had his passport cancelled by Australian authorities.

Stormed out of 'Insight': Nineteen-year-old Abu Bakr has had his passport cancelled by Australian authorities. Photo: SBS Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/australian-islamic-state-supporter-walks-off-the-set-of-insight-20140813-103eex.html#ixzz3ADehDB00

Stormed out of ‘Insight’: Nineteen-year-old Abu Bakr has had his passport cancelled by Australian authorities. Photo: SBS

I have been repeatedly told that the Majority of Australian Muslims are never going to be playing the Jihad game and this piece from Fairfax does give me some hope that those who make such claims may not be running entirely on wishful thinking:


Mr Bakr, a Muslim of Iraqi and Italian background, said he thought Muslims were obligated help fellow Muslims overseas.

He also said that he believed that the Islamic State represented the purest interpretation of the Islamic holy book, the Koran.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has classified the Islamic State as a terrorist organisation.

Other Islamic youth representatives on the program completley disagreed with Mr Bakr.

“We’ve got family in Iraq who have experienced all of this, you cannot say that,” said guest Ninva Yakou.

“For ISIS (Islamic state) to claim that they are just fighting for Islam is just a joke, they don’t fight for anyone but themselves and their so called state,” said guest Yehya El Kholed.

Mr Bakr felt that Muslims were being unfairly targeted by Australians.

“In order for me to be connected to the values here of Australia, the Australian government needs to stop picking on the Muslims here,” Mr Bakr said during the program.

“Whenever you express your opinion of a tyrant, you are subjugated to being a terrorist or subjugated to being a national threat,” he said.

Mr Bakr arrived at the program wearing the flag of the Islamic State, a group reportedly responsible for massacres and mass beheadings in Iraq.

Another Australian Islamic State supporter, Mohamed Zuhbi, appeared on Insight via a Skype link from Turkey.

Despite being born in Syria, Mr Zuhbi has lived in Australia since the age of one.

He said he was currently undertaking humanitarian work but had crossed the Syrian border a number of times.

“I believe that [Islamic State] are the future of Syria,” he said.

“I believe that they’re the future of the Islamic empire to come.”

Another Australian Islamic State supporter, Abdul Salam Mahmoud, claimed he was also currently working in a humantarian capacity in Syria.

“In Islam we’re obligated. Wherever our people are being harmed or being oppressed it’s an obligation for us to go and help them to fight tyranny and to fight oppression,” Mr Mahmoud said.

He explained what humantiarian work he was doing with the Islamic State.

‘We give monthly payments to families who have orphans and widows and we give them food packages,” he said.

Australian National Imams Council spokesman, Sheikh Mohamadu Saleem, was concerned by the number of young Australian Muslims fighting with the Islamic State.

“There is a very small number of people… who are not listening,” he said.

“But the large number of people who are in schools, in the universities, doing the right thing, they are listening.”

Sheikh Mohamadu Saleem reaffirmed that it was not the duty of Australian Muslims to fight overseas.

I’ll admit its a move  in the right direction   But is it enough? That is the most important question and I still  have my doubts.
Cheers Comrades
If they want to die   for Allah then they should just not be Aussie citizens

If they want to die for Allah then they should just not be Aussie citizens

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and dodgy passports

Relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 arrive for a meeting with airline officials in Beijing. Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 arrive for a meeting with airline officials in Beijing. Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Now as the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues we have the revelation that at least two travellers on that flight were flying on stolen identities. Now while the report from the Guardian is very quick to down play the the possibility that the plane was deliberately brought down by an act of terrorism. personally I think that at this point in time its a better  than evens chance that the loss of the aircraft is the result of an act of Jihad.


The Malaysia Airlines flight missing with 239 on board may have turned around just before it vanished from radar screens, the country’s air force chief said on Sunday as the government said it had contacted counter-terrorism agencies around the world following concerns over unidentified passengers.

Transport and defence minister Hishamuddin Hussein said officials were considering all possible explanations for the disappearance of flight MH370, adding: “We cannot jump the gun. Our focus now is to find the plane.”

The airline warned families to prepare for the worst as the search widened amid inconclusive reports that debris had been spotted floating in the sea between Vietnam and Malaysia.

At least two people on the plane were travelling together on stolen passports, fuelling concerns about the Boeing-777’s abrupt disappearance in the early hours of Saturday. However, experts said there were many possible reasons for why it vanished and for people to travel on false documents.

Malaysian officials said they were looking at four suspect identities and were examining the entire passenger manifest. Interpol confirmed that at least two passports were listed in its database as stolen and that it was examining other documents.

The international police agency’s secretary general, Ronald Noble, said it had spent years urging countries to screen all passports systematically. “Now, we have a real case where the world is speculating whether the stolen passport holders were terrorists, while Interpol is asking why only a handful of countries worldwide are taking care to make sure that persons possessing stolen passports are not boarding international flights,” he said.


The fact that Malaysia is an Islamic country may well have made its national carrier think that it would be very low on the possible targets list but with the very acrimonious schisms within  Islam I don’t think that we canmake assumptions  like that, besides which the next world superiority over this may have made the possible death of Muslims logistically acceptable.

Secondly despite my utter aversion to flying I do appreciate that modern planes do not just suddenly disappear off radar screens without some sort of communication to ground informing the air  controllers that they have a problem. The there and then gone aspect of this disappearance suggest at the very least   a sudden  catastrophic failure of the aircraft. With a sudden disappearance AND two  passengers using stolen documents to travel on the plane its not looking good for those who want to make excuses for the religion of peace.

Coincidentally My lovely wife organised for us to go on a date to the movies yesterday and the film she picked was , of all things “Non Stop”  which is a film about terrorists on an airliner. Not a bad flick really with lots of twists and turns to the plot, every possible passenger stereotype from the virtuous Muslim doctor, a  to the scared unaccompanied little girl, an off duty NYPD cop, a plucky stewardess. There was echoes of 911 in the reactions of the passengers and at the end a good exploitation of brinkmanship and, as you would expect from an American film an uplifting resolution of the plot. I could not help thinking about MH370 though and that happy endings are easier to find in the reel world. No matter what the reasons for this tragic loss may prove to be, the families and friends of the compliment of MH370 are going to be grief stricken. I for one hope that the cause is found sooner rather than later but I expect with the crash site as yet undiscovered its going to be a rather long wait for answers.

Later Comrades


Things are no longer so simple

Silly sports

If kite surfing is to be an Olympic sport I’d like to see it done Richard Branson style.

I haven’t put a new post up here at Chez Hall for a while but I think this one’s worth a run. It’s a re-post from my weekly AFL ‘expert’ footy tips (syndicated world-wide and followed by 10 million Indians & Pakistanis). For Iain’s benefit I won’t include the actual football tips:

The good news is that windsurfing is finally to be dumped as an Olympic sport at the Rio Games in 2016 …. The bad news is that it’s to be replaced by the equally stupid ‘sport’ of kite surfing! I mean, really, these pursuits are just summer pass times – fads enjoyed by beachgoers that’ll quickly pass. They’re just silly, pseudo ‘sports’ that should never be included in the Olympics, much like: synchronised swimming, BMX, handball (seriously, that’s a game played in school yards) & trampolining. So what’s next, paragliding and hang gliding? How about bungee jumping? I give up.

There you go, Iain – maybe next time (when they’re in Raunchy Rio) you’ll start to take an interest in the Olympics.



Count me out on compulsory sport

As the Olympic Games draw to a close I am thankful to have managed to have been able to resits watching any of it on the TV. Of course watching any news report has been problematic but I have been able to let most of it go right past me which has preserved my sanity and saved me from the angst that  the sports obsessed must be feeling at the so called lacklustre results produced by the current crop of Olympic athletes.

The recriminations have already started and I find the attitude  John Coates truly disturbing:

Click for source

During my own time at school I loathed sport and I would skive of school every sports afternoon even though it meant a very long walk home. Now more than forty years later I am at best ambivalent about any sort of sport either as participant or as a spectator and I can’t believe that anyone would suggest that our young people should be forced to provide employment for the fascist slave masters who seek to vicariously find the “success” that they can no longer achieve on their own. Its just plain evil in my book and insulting to the spirit of our democracy.

Cheers Comrades

Say no to Sports Porn

The Olympic games are already beginning to annoy me and they have not even started yet, to be honest I find this modern global pissing contest incredibly dull. What with idiots screaming “racism” when they don’t make the cut and continual “gee ain’t we great ads” on the TV I am really wanting the whole thing to be over. All that I can say is thank God for DVD Box sets  and the PS3! and praise the local Library service for having so many DVDs in their catalogue.

All right I know that there are some real sports tragics out there so I am interested in how much of the Games hype has got you salivating and clearing your schedule so that you can make the most of the eight dedicated pay TV channels devoted to these games. Sorry guys but this song won’t leave my head:

Cheers Comrades

The highest urination up the wall game when it comes big sporting events

The election up here is now getting very close indeed and if you watch any commercial TV you will see the ads from all and sundry, Labor are going the personal smear on Campbell Newman but the LNP have a much more potent tool in the media battle for the hearts, minds and most importantly the votes of Queenslanders. They have the record of the Bligh governemnt which is pretty shoddy by any standards, from promising not to sell the state’s assets and then doing so  to not being able to pay its nurses properly the Labor administration has stuffed up on every level imaginable now we face the possibility that the Commonwealth games to be held on the Gold Coast will prove to be a huge financial burden upon the people of Queensland as well.

While Treasurer Andrew Fraser yesterday insisted the village would be delivered within its original budget set by the bid team of $48.9 million, the discrepancy exposes the risk carried by the Government as it builds the 1338-unit athlete village.
It is banking on a massive return when it on-sells the units as student accommodation and affordable apartments to recoup millions outlaid in building.

But the Coordinator-General is worried that would not be achievable, according to the leaked documents, which are marked “hot issue” and “protected”.

According to the document, the Coordinator-General thinks the final cost to taxpayers is more likely to reach between $120 million and $208 million.

Mr Fraser admitted returns would be at the whim of the property market but he said the Government would protect itself by constructing and releasing the units in stages, rather than flooding the market. Some units would already be sold and lived in before the Games, he said, with owners signing agreements to vacate the buildings during the event.


Ray may be right that I “don’t get sport” but I do get that the real contest at events like the Commonwealth Games is for prestige and the race is won with public opinion rather than any particular finishing line and frankly I’m actaully rather unimpressed by the whole thing and the fact that its become something of a pissing contest to see who can build the most useless sporting facilities that will forever Blight our landscape. Architects and builders love it because they get to build some horrendous monuments to their egos, and they hope to make a quid or to from the process but the ordinary people who live in the shadows of this orgy of sporting onanaism have their lives disrupted and blighted, sometimes for years, just so some polies can have their photo ops with various over trained and over indulged athletes…

Hmm Sorry for the cynical tone but I have not yet had my breakfast of champions today…
Cheers Comrades


Good sportspersonmanship in the political process, or a good reason not to whine about sarcasm in debate

If anyone were to take the time to peruse the pages of Hansard or even the media’s public record you would soon be struck by one very obvious fact and that is the tendency for our MPs and senators to use cheeky sarcasm towards  their political opposites. After all our politics is a combative and competitive sport of the tongue and the clever retort or put down is the stock in trade of any skilled politician. Even in a senate committee the Chair exists to act as umpire and if any comment is actually going too far in its content or taste then it may be withdrawn or apologised for. That is entirely reasonable.

Frankly I have watched the vision of this little spat several times and I would really like to see more of the meeting that preceded Wong spitting the dummy here because I suspect that it would contain a fair bit of the usual tendency of government minister trying to avoid providing real answers to reasonable requests.  That said the conflated outrage about one off the cuff “Meow” is ridiculous and to some extent hypocritical. Personally I think that there is a real and admirable beauty to the clever use of sarcasm (think of Oscar Wilde) and those who would ban it must be terribly dull and dreary people. However as the piece in today’s OZ points out the Labor party are being particularly hypocritical over “Meowgate” because even Gillard  has played the same sort of game herself:

But yesterday, Liberals Sophie Mirabella and Kelly O’Dwyer questioned Labor’s sincerity.

Ms Mirabella, who in 2008 was told by Labor MP Belinda Neal that evil thoughts could turn her unborn baby into a demon, told The Australian yesterday that none of the Labor women had complained when former Labor leader Mark Latham described a female journalist as “a skanky ho”.

“It was just hypocrisy for a Labor woman to raise this when the silence has been deafening when conservative women — politicians or journalists — have been attacked in the past,” Ms Mirabella said.

Ms O’Dwyer said Senator Bushby’s comment had been injudicious but he had apologised to Senator Wong.

“The Labor Party is absolutely hypocritical,” Ms O’Dwyer said.

On one hand they get righteously indignant on this, where an apology was made right away. But you have other examples where there hasn’t been the same level of intensity.”

Senator Wong told ABC radio she also objected to the Opposition Leader’s recent comment that he wanted to “make an honest woman” of the Prime Minister when discussing Ms Gillard’s breach of her pre-election promise not to impose a carbon tax.

Senator Wong said: “We all know what that generally refers to, and that’s making sure the woman’s married. So, I think, Tanya’s quite right to name what she perceives is happening.”

Special Minister of State Gary Gray said Senator Bushby had apologised for his “inappropriate, dumb observations” and he hoped politicians would learn from the incident and accept that parliament was “not the place for reverting to type”.

Earlier, when Ms Gillard was challenged about her description of Mr Pyne, she accused journalists of misreporting her comment, urging them to check the record.

“I actually never used that terminology,” she said.

However, a copy of the parliamentary Hansard makes clear that Ms Gillard, comparing the relative merits of Mr Abbott and Mr Pyne, described the pair as a doberman and a poodle and noted that choosing between the two for a job was “a choice between macho and mincing”.

There are clear and reasonable constraints upon the way that participants in our democracy are expected to behave as they go about the business of politics and it is hardly surprising that players form all sides try to push the envelope as they sharpen and hone that most important political weapon, a clever tongue, to seek advantage in debate or any other element of the political process (like committee meetings). Now I very much prefer that such things are done with perfect sweetness and good manners but realise that when dealing with human beings perfect manners and absolute consideration of every word before it is set free upon the world would make for a very dull political process.

Politics is a tough sport and those who play at the elite level should realise that it is a game played on the basis of no quarter given and none expected in return. Which is why conflated outrage like that form Penny Wong and her supporters  just reflects badly upon her and them  rather than the man who made a vaguely insensitive remark in a senate  committee meeting.

Cheers Comrades

Is AFL sucking the life out of our international sporting prospects????





OI !!!!

Personally I think that any activity that involves running and jumping in pursuit of a misshapen ball is rather pointless but if it entertains the people then isn’t that point enough? I know that those of my readers who are passionate about AFL footy are not going to like this piece but the article in today’s Oz suggesting that this countries sporting decline of late might just all be the fault of the AFL may be onto something.

Which brings me back to Australian rules. Our most dominant winter code boasts about 600,000 players and, at the elite level, 17 teams in a national competition. There are two key observations to make about AFL in the context of Australia’s declining sporting fortunes. First, it is a provincial sport without a global presence; a black hole. Second, it attracts many of Australia’s finest athletes; rare talents who would be well suited to sports in which Australia competes internationally. As things stand, perhaps our finest athletic talent is lost to the international stage.

To make this point in a more graphic way one need only take a low-ranking AFL side such as my own team, Richmond, and dismember it.

About five of Richmond’s tallest and most athletic players would, if appropriately re-skilled, dominate the Wallaby lineout or – to use a case more pertinent to current national anxieties – bolster Australia’s fast bowling stocks. They are all of Chris Tremlett-like proportions. There lies our next Glenn McGrath.

It has not always been so – remember Dermot Brereton? – but today’s AFL player is conditioned in the style of a middle-distance runner. He carries less bulk than earlier generations, but has more stamina. Re-condition him for strength and speed and he could walk into any NRL side. But a much broader perspective is needed, for these athletes are talent lost to the Socceroos, which failed to advance beyond the group stage in South Africa, to the Olympic team (track, field and swimming) and to tennis.

Luke Slattery seems to be suggesting that the solution to our sporting woes (don’t mention The Ashes if you are true blue Aussie 😦  ) is to ban “the footy ” so that our best and brightest at running jumping and chasing balls can be redirected into other more internationally popular sports and Australia can once again acquire greatness on the fields of foreign lands. Gee and here was me  thinking that sport was supposed to be for fun and fitness rather than a proxy battle for international dominance…

Its still just different variations of the unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable  and does it really matter what sort of rituals any group of individuals perform as they chase it???….

Cheers Comrades

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