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“Asylum seekers” illegal immigrants and personal responsibilty for their fate.

When it comes to the politics of blame you have to hand it to “Asylum seekers”  illegal immigrants for the utter gall of blaming Australia for their plight.

Residents help survivors of the boat that sank off the coastal village of Cianjur in Java. Photograph: AFP

Residents help survivors of the boat that sank off the coastal village of Cianjur in Java. Photograph: AFP

“I called the Australian embassy; for 24 hours we were calling them. They told us just send us the position on GPS, where are you,” one survivor, Abdullah, a man from Jordan, was reported as saying by Fairfax media. “We did, and they told us, ‘OK, we know … where you are’. And they said, ‘We’ll come for you in two hours’.

“And we wait two hours; we wait 24 hours, and we kept calling them, ‘we don’t have food, we don’t have water for three days, we have children, just rescue us’. And nobody come. Sixty person dead now because of Australian government.”

One of the passengers, a Lebanese man, had reportedly lost his pregnant wife and eight children in the disaster.

Just 25 of those aboard had been rescued before efforts to locate survivors were postponed on Friday evening due to failing light.

It’s believed to be the first fatal attempted asylum-seeker crossing under the Abbott government, and comes after another group of 44 asylum seekers were rescued by an Australian navy vessel in the Sunda Strait on Thursday.


Just to be clear these people set out from Indonesia in an overloaded crappy boat and it founders in Indonesian waters a long way from either international waters or Australia’s rescue zone and we are to blame for the subsequent drownings? Man oh man the leftist mindset is just utterly fucked. Whatever happened to to taking personal responsibility for the consequences of ones actions?
No one forced them onto the high seas in an unsuitable and unreliable vessel that was their own choice and a very stupid one indeed given the change of government and the change of policy that means that they will never get permanent residency in this country.

Personally I can not for the life of me understand why it is the case that Indonesia does not station more of its own navy assets in the area given the number of “Asylum seekers” illegal emigrants that foolishly go for “pleasure cruises” in this part of their rescue zone. Frankly their failure to do so shows that they are the ones who don’t care. Meanwhile our navy is doing the heavy lifting by pulling the bodies ,alive and dead, from Indonesian waters as the “Asylum seekers” illegal immigrants treat them like some kind of free taxi service.

The solution is simple we should move our navy assets out of the area and make that repositioning so they are well out of range very widely known. If needs be lets give a patrol boat to Indonesia so that they can rescue the idiots who are killing their own children * and then blaming us and then the question of where to take those rescued fools will be moot.

Sigh Comrades


* how is it that these“Asylum seekers” illegal immigrants can afford to pay people smugglers yet they don’t have the good sense to buy life jackets for their children?

Robert Manne, being cruel to be kind on asylum seekers

While our learned friend wanting  to inspect the seaworthiness certificates of asylum seeker boats is utterly laughable and a source of much merriment here at The Sandpit I am happy to share with our readers a pleasant surprise on this issue, namely that at least one Uber lefty finally gets it :

Click for source

No matter how compassionate you may be about the plight of any individual asylum seeker the reality is that this country can not accept every mendicant who comes knocking at our door, not because the country does not have a capacity to absorb them but because the people will not accept an open door that allows anyone who wants to come here to unfettered access to the wide brown land. As this is a democracy it is the people who get to decide such things and I am pleased to see that even Robert Manne finally realises that.

As for the argy bargy between Julia Gillard and the opposition over the very necessary changes to government policy I can only roll my eyes heavenward while thinking that Labor have learned nothing about the art of negotiation and the simple fact that there is sometimes  a big  advantage  to quickly concede the point and move on to the solution rather than futile haggling with an interlocutor who holds a much stronger  hand. Strength of character is better demonstrated by a gracious concession than one with rancour and reluctance …

Cheers Comrades

The parachute solution to failed asylum seekers

One of the things that saddens me about those who have the good intentions by seeking the codification of “human rights” is that such instruments often have unintended bad consequences, well that certainly has been the result in the  UK where even convicted terrorists have been able to resist deportation on the basis that the would be denied a “right” to a family life.  Well it seems that the Brits are going to remove this very nasty loophole so it can forcibly remove criminal and other undesirable non citizens more easily:

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As we have found with our failed asylum seekers it can be unreasonably difficult to expel non-citizens from western countries when they don’t want to go, thus the previous government were reduced to bribing failed asylum seekers to return home. Make no mistake in a world with ever increasing numbers of people seeking a better life in the first world nations the ability to remove the uninvited and unwanted non-citizens from ones countries will become more urgent and dare I say it more brutal. Put them on a plane, attach a parachute and deliver from 20,000 feet may not be entirely out of the question soon.

Cheers Comrades

Compassion and fairness for asylum seekers

Amanda Vanstone was minister for immigration in the Howard government and  she still knows her onions,  her opinion piece in the Age this morning is succinct and to the point:

When you say yes to someone who has come in with a people smuggler, you are going to have to say no to people waiting in camps for the world to help them. So being nice to one person means you are not being fair to another. Not fair at all.

It’s all too easy to market yourself as compassionate because you take up the cause of asylum seekers who come in the back door. But it is a conveniently conspicuous compassion, and it’s the politics of convenience.

How can letting others with more money buy a place at the front be in any way fair to the refugees in camps? The government needs to bite the bullet and recognise that the people in camps who come in the front door are deserving of priority. That’s what’s fair.

Things have changed, so the policy needs to change. Permanent protection should be saved for the most deserving – those who have spent years in refugee camps with little hope, or those for whom we are the country of first asylum.

For those who force our hand and come in the back door through other countries, we should offer protection – but temporary protection only. No visas to travel the world, and no family reunion.

Its a tough but fair regime that Amanda Vanstone is suggesting here and who could possibly argue with that ? So if  the coalition is the only party prepared to make this sort of reform it is obvious that a change of government is necessary sooner rather than later  if we are going to solve this problem.

Cheers Comrades

Asylum seekers are revolting

Just for a change of pace I’m going to revisit a topic that has not appeared at the Sandpit for quite a while. Firstly lets look at the source report:

The unrest at the centre lasted about four hours. (safecom.org.au)

There are reports that tear gas has again been used at the Christmas Island detention centre after protesters set a number of buildings on fire.

The Department of Immigration says between 200 and 250 detainees were involved in a range of violent behaviour including rock throwing, vandalism, arson and theft.

The unrest started at 8:00pm (local time) and lasted until around midnight.

Refugee advocates say a number of sleeping quarters were destroyed and all staff on the site were evacuated.

It is believed a number of detainees at the centre received a letter from the Government yesterday. It is not known what was in the letter.

Is anyone with me in thinking that the letter mentioned in the report tells the rioters that their claim for asylum has been declined?
Now we have a most generous system here with multiple opportunities to appeal an unwelcome outcome. However once these have been exhausted those who have failed to convince us of their veracity should be promptly removed from the country. I suspect that the failure to promptly deport failed claimants is the catalyst for this latest violence on Christmas Island. Because as It stands now while the government is rejecting a substantial number of claims they seem unable to actually deport any of them,

The result of this road block is obviously a large pool of people in an unacceptable limbo, rejected as refugees but unwilling to return to their homelands. The usual suspects will of course pretend that that the trouble makers are not the rejected claimants and that all of those in detention are “real” refugees.In the end I don’t think that the rioting will do the cause of legitimate claimants any good at all because the Australian people are just going to see this  nonsense as a sort of blackmail and there is no mood to surrender to coercion.(except for those in  the ranks of the Labor government)

The solution is not rocket science; in the first instance those who are found to have a legitimate claim should only be given temporary protection visas (with no right to sponsor the migration  family members), secondly those who have exhausted their avenues of appeal should be promptly returned to their country of origin. Finally  Our parliament should repudiate the UN convention that is used as an excuse by illegal immigrants and prepare our own act of parliament that more accurately reflects the current paradigm.

Cheers  Comrades

Labor spin on asylum seekers

Long time readers of this blog may recall the posts that I wrote here when the boats started to arrive here way back in early 2008 and they may even recall the repeated assertion by Labor apologists that the Christmas Island facility, built by the Howard Government, would not ever be needed and now a desperate Labor government is scrambling to find enough space to accommodate the ever increasing population of boat people.

AUSTRALIA’S onshore detention facilities will be significantly boosted to cope with an overflow of asylum-seekers.

This comes as the Gillard government acknowledges its East Timor solution for offshore processing faces potentially long delays.

The expansion sparked opposition claims the government had not been honest with voters by denying the move before the election, and outrage from West Australian Premier Colin Barnett who said he had not been consulted.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen yesterday announced that RAAF Scherger, a remote far north Queensland air force base near Weipa, would be converted into a detention centre in the short term to house up to 300 asylum-seekers.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen yesterday announced that RAAF Scherger, a remote far north Queensland air force base near Weipa, would be converted into a detention centre in the short term to house up to 300 asylum-seekers.

The Curtin detention centre in Western Australia will be doubled to take another 600 detainees, while the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation in the western suburb of Broadmeadows will be expanded to house an extra 100 families and children.

The moves were designed to relieve pressure on overcrowded detention centres buckling to accommodate about 4775 asylum-seekers.

Mr Barnett said he received just 15 minutes’ notice from Mr Bowen that Western Australia would soon be home to an extra 600 asylum-seekers, while the deputy chairman of the Weipa Town Authority, Peter Miller, said he had received just five minutes’ notice of the plan to convert Scherger into a detention centre.

Julia Gillard went to the polls with a plan to process illegal boatpeople offshore in East Timor, but Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said on Tuesday the government’s third-country processing solution would take “quite a while to work our way through”.

The announcement to significantly increase onshore detention facilities came only a month after the Prime Minister denied plans to expand the Curtin centre to a capacity of 1800 detainees.

Speaking to ABC Perth radio on August 18, just three days before the election, Ms Gillard said: “That’s simply not true. No work is planned at Curtin other than the work which is under way now . . . there are no secret plans.”

It is understood the number of asylum-seekers that can be housed at the Curtin facility will swell from about 600 to 900 in the next month and to 1200 by November.

A Gillard government spokesman told the Cairns Post on August 2: “There is no construction activity at RAAF Scherger . . . nor will an immigration detention centre be built.” These comments were made after work had started to install a 12km perimeter fence.

The Weekend Australian has received correspondence between the Immgration Department and local media from Cape York, dated July 28, in which the department denies any plans to build a detention centre.

” I have checked, and we have no plans to build a detention centre in the Cape York region,” wrote Sandi Logan, national communications manager for the Department of Immigration.

So it should be obvious to anyone that Gillard went to the last election with a lie. The lie was that she ever had any intention of creating an offshore processing centre, She lied about planing to expand detention accommodation in mainland Australia as well. I can’t see how Labor can keep their political bed partners happy if they every do get East Timor to agree to their “regional processing centre” because the way its looking at present they won’t get anything to happen on that front for the life of the current parliament.

I just can’t help thinking that there must be a secret deal with the Loopy Greens that will oblige Gillard to eventually give residency to the majority of these claimants because I can’t see any other way that the official policy of the ALP can be reconciled with that of the Greens on asylum seekers. Surely that is the real reason that the ALP reject the idea of Nauru with its existing facility that is ready for use now?

It stands to reason that If the ALP were serious about discouraging illegal immigration via leaky boats then they would be rather more keen to forcibly repatriate those who fail in their claims for asylum promptly and with much fanfare but they know that if they did their Green, err masters partners in crime government would make tenancy  in the lodge impossible for Gillard. So while Gillard tries to make some of the right noises to placate that part of her electoral base  who want to “stop the boats” she will never actually do anything real or effective on the issue. It will only ever be window dressing .

Its all just”Labor Spin” Comrades

Quickly deport failed asylum seekers; the Sandpit suggested it first!!!

I have been rather amused to see  that according to the reports in today’s papers that the Anointed One looks likely to be doing precisely what I was suggesting in my previous post. I also note that she is trying to take some of the animosity out of this debate and suggesting that it should be discussed without rancour :

“People should say what they feel and my view is many in the community should feel anxious when they see asylum seeker boats and obviously, we as a government want to manage our borders,” Ms Gillard said.

Maybe  The Anointed One  reads the Sand Pit and has realised that my  suggestion would enabled her to reconcile to apparent  dichotomy between being tough on illegal immigrants but at the same time showing that she is more compassionate to genuine refugees …

When   we see actual failed asylum seekers  being loaded onto the planes home then we will really know that the election is upon us.

Cheers Comrades

Asylum seekers and exaggerated claims of persecution

One of the ideas that our friends from the left are so keen to propagate on the “asylum seeker” issue is that all claimants are cruelly persecuted and that they have no choice but to seek a better life in the west It is a convenient fiction that they love for several reasons. It allows them to paint anyone who offers criticism of the boats arriving as cruel and heartless because those people on the boat are so obviously “victims” of oppression.

Views on asylum seekers have tended to be polarised because it raises strong symbolic values issues, but there has not been very much practical discussion of the policy reality.

The asylum seeker challenge occurs against the backdrop of a huge increase in global migration since the end of the Cold War. It is often said that the Berlin Wall has been replaced by the “wall around the West” as countries try to balance their high legal migration with strong defensive measures to shut out illegal immigration.

The high demand for migration combined with the “walls around the West” has fostered a criminal trade as large as the global drug trade.

At the same time, there has been an explosion in the number of asylum seekers. During the Cold War asylum seekers were usually political dissidents escaping communist regimes to the West. In recent years, the developing world has increasingly suffered from failed states and civil wars that create huge numbers of highly traumatised people in crisis.

As the opinion piece I quote today suggests the reality of the situation is that many if not most of the people fronting up here in those boats are migrants, Oh they may come from shitty countries with lousy governments but it has ever been so that most of the world is badly governed and as a consequence offer a less attractive future than countries in the west.
It will be interesting to see just what the Anointed One will offer the Australian people by way of a solution to the problem because when it comes down to it they are just not going to accept the all touchy, all feely,” we must help these poor victims of oppression” crap any more. It is this fiction more than any other that undermines the left’s approach to the the “asylum seeker” issue in the eyes of so many voters. Further it makes those who are genuinely in need of asylum more at risk and less likely to be believed.
Perhaps we should be as scornful of those who claim persecution when they are  really economic migrants as we are of those women who falsely claim that they have been raped.
Hmm, this is a tricky one and I can’t see an easy solution, but then nor can the government of the Anointed One.

Cheers Comrades

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