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At last after seven years of madness the country can draw a line under the Asylum seeker disarray created by Kevin Rudd

I must say that waking up to the news that the government has finally manged to secure the passage of a bill to reintroduce TPVs has really brightened my day.

“The crossbench shouldn’t have been put in this position, but we have,” the Motoring Enthusiast party senator said.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon also wrestled with the decision, but like Muir believed the amendments would give hope to thousands of refugees stuck in detention.

In return for their support – and that of the Palmer United party – the government agreed to quickly process the claims of 30,000 asylum seekers languishing in detention centres across Australia.

PUP leader Clive Palmer said that backing the legislation meant 1,500 asylum seekers – including 468 children – would soon be leaving Christmas Island.

But Labor and the Greens accused the government of using those children as a bargaining chip, arguing that the immigration minister, Scott Morrison, could release them at any time, if he wished.

Independent senator Jacqui Lambie – who opposed the legislation – attacked the government for keeping children detained for so long.

“These kids have been sitting there for 15 months, and you want a pat on the back? You’ve got to be kidding yourselves,” she said.

Particular concerns were raised about the return of TPVs, a Howard-era policy condemned by refugee advocates and repealed by the previous Labor government.

The government also agreed to increase Australia’s humanitarian intake of refugees and to give those on bridging visas the right to work.


Now the government can virtually clear the legacy backlog of mendicants that we can thank the Labor party for creating way back at the beginning of the Rudd regime. Long time readers may remember when I  correctly predicted the subsequent flood of boats  Further despite voting against the bill in the Senate I very much doubt that any future Labor government will be rushing to repeal the legislation because they will not want to endure being thrashed for their stupid position of the issue for another  seven years.  Any one who looks back on the  this part of our political history must surely recognize that the whole problem is a consequence of the Labor party making a bad call and then being political cowards unwilling to undo their mistake or even admit that it was a mistake. All because the Labor party have been trying to court the very loopy left who support the Greens position on the Asylum seeker issues. That sort of thinking from the ALP is of course rather mad because there is no way that  a sensible ALP person can possibly sink deep enough into the slime of Green political idea  without alienating their center.

The thing that we should always remember is that the measure of the ALP’s position on any issue where it is at odds with the current government is not the posturings of Electricity Bill  Shorten and his motley crew but their answer to being asked “will you repeal it if you win office?” and my guess is that The ALP answer will almost without exception fudge it and make excuses and prevaricate because the last thing that they want to do is commit themselves to giving the public a very spiky stick to beat them with for the next seven years.

Fortunately the Rudd asylum seeker dance is now, finally ending

Fortunately the Rudd asylum seeker dance is now, finally ending

An asylum seeker policy that’s compassionate, humane, … and offshore?

This is one of two pieces on this topic from “lefties’ in the last week and it really has perked me up after years of ridiculous arguments from otherwise intelligent people that have been so long on emotion but so short on any good sense .
Well done that man!

Grown up thinking about asylum seeker drownings

Find below a truly great comment by Neil James  on this post at New Matilda I hope that the author does not mind but I was so impressed by his succinct argument that I thought it would be good to share it with the reader’s of the Sandpit


The Kaniva Incident

There are surely some questionable assumptions and conceptual mistakes underlying this article.

Asylum and refugee matters remain first and foremost strategic policy issues. They comprise just one part of Australia’s broader and longer-term strategic relationships with neighbouring countries and our broader region collectively. We also need to avoid them becoming a defining or persistent problem in the overall complexity of these strategic relationships.

The potential for regional neighbours to coerce Australia strategically by facilitating illegal immigration or extra-regional refugee flows into Australia must also be avoided. Or indeed the situation whereby Australia has to bribe some countries to reciprocate their wider obligations as friendly neighbours or meet their asylum responsibilities under customary international law.

Day-to-day public discussion of refugee and asylum-seeker matters in Australia is greatly hampered by incorrect assumptions that ignore these foreign and strategic policy implications. Debate is instead dominated by Australia-centric perspectives focused on domestic attitudes and party politics, community compassion, Australian law, or human rights matters only as they apply within Australia.

Most public and party-political argument has consequently tended to revolve ineffectively around the recurrent symptoms of the dilemmas involved, rather than seriously examine or fix their actual strategic, legal and moral causes.

It is simplistic to assume that Australia can just ignore Indonesian sovereignty – or our complex wider relationships with that country – by somehow just shouldering Indonesia aside in its own territorial and geographic waters or in Indonesia’s internationally designated zone of search & rescue responsibility.

Tragic though the circumstances undoubtedly are, the last boat to sink was an Indonesian one, crewed by Indonesians, owned and directed by Indonesian criminals and had illegally left an Indonesian port after bribing corrupt Indonesian officials. It sank 50 metres (yes metres) off an Indonesian beach in Java.

As the article correctly notes, the delays and evasions of responsibility were wholly Indonesian not Australian. They could have done more but apparently chose not to. Their supposed total incapacity to help is simply not true and is no excuse anyway. After all, after so many tragedies just off Indonesia’s coast why cannot they improve their capacity in even the most basic ways?

What we are actually seeing in most cases is deliberate policy choices by Indonesia. Or an unwillingness to tackle the mix of corruption, national embarrassment, anti-Australian racism and political inertia involved. It is not just an incapacity matter even if that was an acceptable excuse which it is not.

Australians concerned over this matter need to hold Indonesia to account, rather than just Australia. They should begin by not blithely accepting every Indonesian official or other prevarication and excuse at face value – just as they would if such ridiculous statements were made by an Australian official. The near-total loss of objectivity in Australia about even the most specious Indonesian claims is a major part of the problem.

Australia has international search & rescue responsibilities for some ten per cent of the Earth’s surface. NZ has another eight per cent. Indonesia’s zone is much, much smaller and its navy actually has more ships. While there are undoubtedly some economic disparity factors involved, the overall problem of Indonesian unwillingness or “incapacity” will never be solved – and people will continue to drown – while Indonesia is never held to account for not meeting its internationally agreed search & rescue responsibilities. Just like every other country.

Now if only our over emotional friends from the left could truly absorb the  content of this argument they might just stop talking rot and understand the true nature of the problem instead of trying to guilt trip every grown up in the country when an asylum seeker drowns.

Cheers Comrades


“Asylum seekers” illegal immigrants and personal responsibilty for their fate.

When it comes to the politics of blame you have to hand it to “Asylum seekers”  illegal immigrants for the utter gall of blaming Australia for their plight.

Residents help survivors of the boat that sank off the coastal village of Cianjur in Java. Photograph: AFP

Residents help survivors of the boat that sank off the coastal village of Cianjur in Java. Photograph: AFP

“I called the Australian embassy; for 24 hours we were calling them. They told us just send us the position on GPS, where are you,” one survivor, Abdullah, a man from Jordan, was reported as saying by Fairfax media. “We did, and they told us, ‘OK, we know … where you are’. And they said, ‘We’ll come for you in two hours’.

“And we wait two hours; we wait 24 hours, and we kept calling them, ‘we don’t have food, we don’t have water for three days, we have children, just rescue us’. And nobody come. Sixty person dead now because of Australian government.”

One of the passengers, a Lebanese man, had reportedly lost his pregnant wife and eight children in the disaster.

Just 25 of those aboard had been rescued before efforts to locate survivors were postponed on Friday evening due to failing light.

It’s believed to be the first fatal attempted asylum-seeker crossing under the Abbott government, and comes after another group of 44 asylum seekers were rescued by an Australian navy vessel in the Sunda Strait on Thursday.


Just to be clear these people set out from Indonesia in an overloaded crappy boat and it founders in Indonesian waters a long way from either international waters or Australia’s rescue zone and we are to blame for the subsequent drownings? Man oh man the leftist mindset is just utterly fucked. Whatever happened to to taking personal responsibility for the consequences of ones actions?
No one forced them onto the high seas in an unsuitable and unreliable vessel that was their own choice and a very stupid one indeed given the change of government and the change of policy that means that they will never get permanent residency in this country.

Personally I can not for the life of me understand why it is the case that Indonesia does not station more of its own navy assets in the area given the number of “Asylum seekers” illegal emigrants that foolishly go for “pleasure cruises” in this part of their rescue zone. Frankly their failure to do so shows that they are the ones who don’t care. Meanwhile our navy is doing the heavy lifting by pulling the bodies ,alive and dead, from Indonesian waters as the “Asylum seekers” illegal immigrants treat them like some kind of free taxi service.

The solution is simple we should move our navy assets out of the area and make that repositioning so they are well out of range very widely known. If needs be lets give a patrol boat to Indonesia so that they can rescue the idiots who are killing their own children * and then blaming us and then the question of where to take those rescued fools will be moot.

Sigh Comrades


* how is it that these“Asylum seekers” illegal immigrants can afford to pay people smugglers yet they don’t have the good sense to buy life jackets for their children?

Abbott’s asylum seeker policy casts a shadow over his face

(by Ray Dixon – it’s just my opinion, James. Don’t lose it and make it personal, please)


They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and this one of Tony Abbott, taken at today’s incredibly telling announcement, certainly does. Abbott has seriously damaged his credibility over how he would handle asylum seekers with the announcement of a scheme that is totally unworkable.

Make no mistake, Abbott’s plan to round-up existing Temporary Protection Visa holders would throw our immigration system into chaos and is simply too harsh. The very idea that he can remove any right of appeal while putting them all (all 30,000 of them) into detention would clog up our courts and put asylum seekers into further limbo. Housed exactly where, Tony?

Furthermore, by saying he will put all boat people on TPVs (including future ones), Abbott is effectively leaving the door open for even more boat arrivals, not slamming it shut like Rudd has. Under this scheme, the people smugglers would simply tell their customers, “Yes you will get a Visa, Tony says so”.

This is exactly the sort of thing that may yet bring Abbott undone and see him lose the unloseable election – because it’s becoming pretty clear that Tony Abbott is all about saying what he thinks will be popular without having a real plan or thinking about the impacts his off-the-cuff and policy-on-the-run ideas would have on this country.

He’s probably still the favourite to win (let’s face it, the bogans of Western Sydney won’t understand how this plan cannot work), but he’s moving closer to blowing it with every passing day.

What a great election this is.

More please.

Gilllard utterly defeated on Asylum seeker policy

Now I could wax lyrical about the commentary on Gillard finally seeing sense but nothing puts it as succinctly as Larry Pickering’s cartoon:

click for source

There are days when its just good to be on the right side of the argument and today is one of them for me

Cheers Comrades

Robert Manne, being cruel to be kind on asylum seekers

While our learned friend wanting  to inspect the seaworthiness certificates of asylum seeker boats is utterly laughable and a source of much merriment here at The Sandpit I am happy to share with our readers a pleasant surprise on this issue, namely that at least one Uber lefty finally gets it :

Click for source

No matter how compassionate you may be about the plight of any individual asylum seeker the reality is that this country can not accept every mendicant who comes knocking at our door, not because the country does not have a capacity to absorb them but because the people will not accept an open door that allows anyone who wants to come here to unfettered access to the wide brown land. As this is a democracy it is the people who get to decide such things and I am pleased to see that even Robert Manne finally realises that.

As for the argy bargy between Julia Gillard and the opposition over the very necessary changes to government policy I can only roll my eyes heavenward while thinking that Labor have learned nothing about the art of negotiation and the simple fact that there is sometimes  a big  advantage  to quickly concede the point and move on to the solution rather than futile haggling with an interlocutor who holds a much stronger  hand. Strength of character is better demonstrated by a gracious concession than one with rancour and reluctance …

Cheers Comrades

The parachute solution to failed asylum seekers

One of the things that saddens me about those who have the good intentions by seeking the codification of “human rights” is that such instruments often have unintended bad consequences, well that certainly has been the result in the  UK where even convicted terrorists have been able to resist deportation on the basis that the would be denied a “right” to a family life.  Well it seems that the Brits are going to remove this very nasty loophole so it can forcibly remove criminal and other undesirable non citizens more easily:

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As we have found with our failed asylum seekers it can be unreasonably difficult to expel non-citizens from western countries when they don’t want to go, thus the previous government were reduced to bribing failed asylum seekers to return home. Make no mistake in a world with ever increasing numbers of people seeking a better life in the first world nations the ability to remove the uninvited and unwanted non-citizens from ones countries will become more urgent and dare I say it more brutal. Put them on a plane, attach a parachute and deliver from 20,000 feet may not be entirely out of the question soon.

Cheers Comrades

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