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Boycott Halal

This is a subject that I have covered many times  here at The Sandpit but it does not get old with the retelling:


Cheers Comrades




Halal? the palace of Westminster says NO!

There is never a better time than now to be bemused bay the way that religious superstition tries to set the agenda in secular institutions, and there is no example that is better than the issue of halal meat being served to the majority of unwitting customers just so a few religious zealots can have their dogma respected. Its a subject that I have visited before at the Sandpit   and apart from the usual claims that to resist the worrying trend to make Halal the default type of meat is to be Islamophopbic which I dismiss without reservation. I have seen no argument that validates the imposition of halal meat into the menus of unbelievers without their explicit consent. which is why I applaud the stance taken at the mother of all parliaments to insist that Halal meat will not be served in any of its cafes and restaurants:

Click for source.

In a democracy the majority view should prevail and on this occasion it has because it is entirely reasonable that the secular view that all animals killed so that we may eat their flesh should be killed in the least cruel manner possible quite rightfully trumps the archaic belief that a religious ritual that is innately cruel is at all justifiable to a modern world.

Cheers Comrades

Coburg West State School and the continuing story of the Halal sausage sizzle

Coburg West state school

One of the very nice things about blogging is the way that you get to meet and interact with different people and sometimes the people who you read about in the news stories actually give you feedback on the posts that you have put up on your blog. Back in march I wrote this post about the insistence of the Coburg West state school Parents and Friends association serving Halal sausages at its functions. The controversy has not  gone away  which I learned from Diane Rees when she sent me this email:

Dear Iain,
I read your blog about the school that would only serve halal sausages at sausage sizzles. Well I am the parent who was the topic of conversation and just wanted to update you on the situation. The Parent and Friends Association (PFA) have refused to buy non-halal or even advertise in the school newsletter that they will only serve halal.

I am at a standstill with these ignorant, PC parents who make up the committee and the principal, David Kilmartin, has washed his hands of the whole debacle, saying its up to the PFA.
I wrote a letter to the PFA, outlining my views on the cruelty of halal and the fact that as a secular school, why are we serving halal. Muslims account for 9% of the total population in our area of Moreland, with an estimate of about 2% at our school, Coburg West Primary.

Basically, my kids don’t attend the sausage sizzles and have to miss out on the social aspect of it and I am so angry with the attitudes of some people at the school, I’m treated like a pariah by some parents, in fact one mother has banned her son from playing with my son because of our halal views, its just nuts!

Glad I blew off some steam there.


Discussing the issue with Diane it appears that The main problem that this issue can’t be resolved has to do with the president of The PFA one Mr Peter Sharples who seems to have  a very large dose of the Political correctness disease. Diane goes on to explain that she has been savaged because of her campaign against the use of Halal meat  at the school by stealth:

thank you for replying and of course you have my permission to quote my email. I have also attached the letter I wrote to one of the PFA parents who has been badgering my friend, Louise, to meet with me over the halal issue. He read the letter and was fuming. He approached my friend after school yesterday and said that no way was he going to advertise in the school news letter that the sausages were halal. We are at a loss to fathom what his agenda is by not informing people that they are halal, its a bizarre situation. I have written a letter to the education department because I will not be held to ransom over a bloody sausage by some politically correct parent who has decided he holds the cards over what kind of sausages the school serves. You can imagine how frustrating it is, its comical really when the solution is quite simple. Another bugbear is that the school has probably 5 muslim kids, out of 500 and its supposed to be secular*. I haven’t had a reply to my letter from Peter Sharples from the PFA and the principal, David kilmartin is a waste of time, he just gives you this poker face and has passed it over to the PFA.

A few parents have commented that I’m being racist but they are ignorant as to what halal is, they assume its the praying and have no idea of the cruelty involved. Aside from the cruelty aspect, I am really annoyed that we are expected to eat Islamic food when they would not eat ours. What is wrong with me wanting to eat a normal sausage, I’m not Muslim, my family are Welsh Methodists, and religion aside why is everyone conforming to the minority in this country? We couldn’t go to Dubai and wander about in a singlet and shorts and eat pork sausages yet these people choose to live in our country and we stupidly pander to them.

A quick phone round of local schools yesterday resulted in every school, including the predominantly muslim school of Coburg North, saying that they served only non-halal and the muslim families brought their own food along, thats interesting!

Keep in touch
thanks for your interest

I suggest that readers might find the text of Diane ‘s letter quite interesting as it shows just how hard she has been trying to be reasonable and fair to all parties here.But also its clear that for Diane the issue here is a desire to ensure that all animals killed for meat are dispatched in the most humane manner possible, rather than any objection to Islam or its adherents.

24 October 2010

Dear Peter,
I am writing in response to a telephone call from my friend, Louise Davey, who has told me that you are interested in having a chat with me in regard to the halal sausage situation at Coburg West. I am studying a full time post grad, with exams in three weeks and have absolutely no time to spare with my friends, let alone time to discuss the PFA’s refusal to serve non-halal meat so thought I would put my views on paper.
I queued last week for sausages for my two children as Louise had spoken to Mr Kilmartin earlier in the day who assured her that non-halal would be on offer. I asked you if there were non-halal sausages and you said no, followed by a woman serving next to Louise telling me that you would have to have two barbeques to accommodate both.
The meat that my family eats comes from animals that have been stunned before slaughter in a humane and painless way. I find it morally unacceptable for myself and my three children to eat meat that is ritually slaughtered according to Islamic law. There are many studies and authorities that testify that the halal method is cruel. The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) in the U.K. advises the British government on how to avoid cruelty to livestock and reports that halal causes severe suffering. With halal meat, Islam dictates that animals are to be killed by a Muslim and allowed to bleed to death. Their jugular vein and carotid arteries are severed whilst the animals are fully conscious and in my opinion this amounts to animal cruelty. Cattle can take between 2-3 minutes to die. There is no religious justification to this method of kill as many Islamic authorities now accept stunning prior to slaughter, so long as the animal is not killed. Nowhere in the Koran does it state that the animal has to be conscious before slaughter so the method in many countries is just cultural practice.
Its funny how we are horrified to hear of acts of animal cruelty such as that puppy last year, Buckley, having his ears cut off, fox hunting in the U.K. or a recent story in the Herald Sun about a horse that was slaughtered in his paddock in Melbourne, yet we tolerate the cruel slaughter of our livestock for food and when people like myself and Louise bring it to other peoples attention, we are seen as causing a fuss, I find it incredible!

I have the utmost respect for other peoples religious beliefs and totally understand their decisions to feed their families halal, or whatever food forms part of their beliefs. However, it is not my belief, both religiously and ethically to feed my family halal and I cannot understand why the school will only provide halal meat. Why am I expected to eat halal? Why can’t Muslims eat my preferred non-halal meat? There would be an uproar if the school advertised they served only non-halal meat, why are we then not outraged that the meat is only halal? The reason is ignorance, people have no idea what halal actually means and if people like me speak out against it, I am labelled as making a fuss and being racist.
I have had to tolerate the ignorant, bigoted parents of this school calling me racist and one Muslim parent actually banning her son from playing with my son because of our halal beliefs when I wrote a letter to the Herald Sun earlier this year highlighting the issue with the sausages. I work with a Muslim lady who finds it outrageous that we are not offered the choice of non-halal for our kids, why does the school not feel the same way?
A solution to this problem is to first of all, find out if parents actually know that the sausages are only halal. When I told some parents a while ago they were totally ignorant to the fact and just assumed the sausages would be regular non-halal. In fact many parents that I have canvassed have asked why is the school buying halal when it is predominantly a non-Muslim school? That’s a question I would like to have answered too. Another point to keep in mind is that most people don’t even know what halal actually means; they think it’s the praying over the meat towards Mecca, they have no idea of the cruelty involved. The survey should state what halal actually means and people should be given the choice. I would be happy for my children to eat “cruelty-free halal” if there is such a thing in Australia, I know it is widely available in the U.K. where 80% of halal is certified “cruelty-free“.
If the school, as I’m led to believe, is secular then why are you serving halal food? I would estimate that Muslims make up about 2% of the school population, yet the PFA insists on buying halal? Who made this decision to only buy halal? The school is multi-cultural and I stress MULTI – cultural and if the school is going to continue to serve halal then all cultures and religious denominations must be catered for otherwise you are discriminating.
I hope that you will take into account my views and hope that there will be non-Halal meat or certified “cruelty-free halal” on offer at Coburg West Primary at future BBQ’s. Unless it is advertised as so in the newsletter I will not waste my time again queuing at the next sausage sizzle.


Diane Rees

Diane has done her homework and I admire her courage in standing up to the sort of PC nonsense that not even the Muslims in her community support. The most worrying thing of all is that the public are not being informed that all of the sausages being served are Halal. There is a malaise that comes from trying too hard to be accommodating to minority groups within our society it embarrasses the minority and ends up alienating the majority. I suspect that Peter Sharples thinks that most people won’t care and that by insisting on a Halal only sausage menu that he is being “inclusive”. If you read this post Mr Sharples then please illuminate us with your reasoning because it seems to me that you are doing more harm than good  for community relations with this strategy.

To Diane Rees I say keep up the good fight and don’t let this PC nonsense blight the experience of sending your children to what seems to be an otherwise good primary school.

Cheers Comrades

* my bold




we have to buy halal because we have some Muslim children in the school”.

This story is a typical example of , probably well meaning, political correctness enthusiasts making public institutions like our schools compliant with Islamic dietary dogma even though Muslims are only a tiny proportion of the school population.By their logic perhaps they should be making all  school barbecues vegetarian affairs because they surely have some vegetarian students, Oh hang on, perhaps they should just stop barbecues altogether because they might have some Anorexic students and they don’t want to offend them by offering anything that is like , gasp, food…

Members of the school’s Parents and Friends Association believed they were being inclusive when they ordered halal-only sausages for last month’s barbie.

But some parents thought it was political correctness gone mad to offer only halal meat.

Parent Diane Rees said yesterday that she was outraged when told by the PFA that “we have to buy halal because we have some Muslim children in the school”.

“I said to the principal, ‘I think you’re discriminating against the majority of the school and appeasing the minority by only serving halal,’ ” she said. “It’s not fair on my children that they can’t eat at the school.”
Ms Rees said she wasn’t anti-Muslim – her concern was over the way animals were killed under the halal method, which involves a knife cut to the jugular veins and carotid arteries in the neck.

“They take two long minutes to die and I think that’s bloody cruel,” she said.

But Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ikebal Patel said research showed that, done properly, halal was a quick and humane slaughter of animals.

“I think they are using the issue of some halal sausages at a barbecue, for God’s sake, to bring out their own xenophobic bigotry,” he said.

“It was very thoughtful of the parents and friends association to try to cater for Muslims. I think they (the critics) need to get real and get a life on this one.”

School principal David Kilmartin, who has been in the job for only a month, said halal-only barbecues were not school policy and the PFA had been told to provide a choice of meat in the future.

“I don’t think it was done with any malice. I’m assuming there would have been requests from Muslim families to have halal meat,” he said.

Although I have previously expressed concern about the place of ritual slaughter in the preparation of meat I firmly believe that every one should follow their conscience and their taste when it comes to what they eat, but any group of people who seek to impose a set of dietary rules from a religion upon people who do not share that faith are doing no service to that faith or their followers.

After all who has ever heard of a halal pork sausage?

Cheers Comrades


Halal or Kosher slaughter

RELIGIOUS ritual slaughter at federal and state abattoirs will immediately be reviewed, the Federal Government has announced.The review follows revelations in The Age that a Warrnambool abattoir was cutting the throats of sheep and allowing them to bleed to death while still conscious. The sheep are exported to the Middle East. The names of three Victorian domestic abattoirs conducting ritual slaughter without any form of electrical stunning were also revealed on Friday.Hardwick’s Meat Works of Kyneton and G. A. Gathercole of Carrum were given special approval from the state’s regulatory body, PrimeSafe, to kill sheep and cattle without any form of stunning. MC Herd at Geelong has approval to kill sheep without stunning.Federal Agriculture Minister Peter McGauran said the review would include both federal and state-regulated abattoirs. “Until the review is completed, the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service will not issue any new approvals for ritual slaughter without stunning,” he said.

(The Age)

Personally I would have thought that some form of stunning before such slaughter would have been a good way to fulfil the requirements of our laws against cruelty and to meet the requirements of both Halal and Kosher. So my question is simply, why is it not being done?
I’m very interested in finding the answer to this question.

Considering “The rise of white internationalism, from the US to Russia” By Jason Wilson


In typical leftist style Wilson uses an illustration that implies that the alt right are analogous to the KKK something that is rather too loaded and prejudicial.

During Hillary Clinton’s speech today attacking Donald Trump for his associations with the so-called alt right, she made at least one important point: that rise of the Right in the US is part of ‘a broader story ― the rising tide of hardline, right-wing nationalism around the world’.

The opening gambit of declaring the alt-right as “hardline” movement is like his illustration intended to set the notion that any alternative view is both bad and a threat to civil society.


Clinton squandered the moment somewhat by immediately pinning the blame for the far-Right surge on the ‘godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism … Vladimir Putin’. Countering Trump’s ‘dark conspiracy theories’ with beltway-approved conspiracy thinking did not enhance her point about the international dimensions of the problem.

Tend to agree than in invocation of conspiracy theory is a bad idea because such things are generally the stuff of a fevered and over active imagination.

But even if Clinton’s point was blunted by opportunism, the Left needs to start thinking about the way in which the US-based alt right is intertwined with a broader far-Right resurgence in a number of advanced democracies, including Australia.

No the left needs to take a long hard look at itself and ask why are the policies, ideas and notions that they are cultivating being so soundly rejected by ordinary people and they have to understand that they do not have ownership of all virtue.


Although the origins of the alt right are in US-based far-Right circles, the man who coined the term – white nationalist Richard Spencer – did so under the influence of the European ‘Nouvelle Droit’ or New Right, and its leading figures, like Alain Benoist.

I don’t care about the origins to be frank


Spencer told me that he was attracted to those ideas because he and others were ‘deeply alienated, intellectually, even emotionally and spiritually, from American conservatism’. They were disillusioned with Republican interventionism, but also with what they perceived as a softening on immigration and race.

I personally find it ironic that lefties like Jason Wilson are so hot to trot for all sorts of indigenous people’s movements, like Our aborigines, or the native Americans, support “black lives matter” and any other sort of activism for ethically defined  groups seeing them as either noble victims of oppression or fighting the good fight but as soon as a group has pale skin Wilson and his ilk see them standing up for their own identity as something pernicious. Its simply hypocritical and innately racist to endorse the rights for one group and denounce another for doing the same thing.


Along with the reactionary tradition that includes Nietzsche and Heidegger, Spencer engaged with the New Right’s ‘identitarianism’ – which links race and identity – and its hostility to egalitarianism and democracy. By defining America as an outgrowth of Europe, he was able to adapt the ideas to his own political context.

What hostility to either democracy or egalitarianism? All that I see from the alt-right are objections to special pleadings from Feminists and other left wing activists for special treatment by way of quotas and  other forms of “affirmative action”.  If anything the alt right is very much for true egalitarianism and true democracy.


This international circulation of ideas on the Far Right is not one-way traffic, nor has it stopped. ‘Cultural Marxism’, for example, arises from a conspiracy theory claiming that the Frankfurt School seeded the New Left and identity politics as a way of undermining Western values.

Its not a “conspiracy theory” its a description of the facts on the ground and Wilson is a without a doubt a practitioner  of Cultural Marxism himself.


The theory was first pushed by Americans William S Lind and Paul Weyrich in the early 1990s, as they tried to develop ways to get Republicans to unite around culture war issues at Weyrich’s think tank, the Free Congress Foundation.

Where the understanding cones form simply does not matter because the core observations are absolutely correct.


It has gone onto be an organising idea for the Far Right throughout the world, including in Europe, where it showed up in the manifesto of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, and in Australia, where versions of the argument have repeatedly been made in mainstream venues, like the Australian.

Sigh. anyone would think form Wilson’s polemic that Brevik is an admired  for the alt right or a source of inspiration but nothing could be further form the truth. and invoking here in this context is simple more of his trying to paint the alt-right as being innately bad and monstrous.


The Far Right and their ideas have been given a significant push by the great recession of 2008, the orthodoxy of austerity in Europe, and a slow recovery in the United States.

Economic upheavals do tend bring about changes in the polity


Adding fuel to the fire is one of the principal legacies of the West’s war in Iraq – the Syrian conflict and its 4.5 million refugees.

The war in Iraq may be many things but to suggest that it is something we can blame on “the west” utterly misunderstand that it and other wars in the middle east are largely a consequence the Jihadists and their propensity to Kill in the name of their God. this is especially so when it comes to the civil-war in Syria.

The refugee crisis has allowed a kind of ‘white internationalism’ to coalesce. The Far Right has not renounced nationalism, but it has foregrounded a whiteness defined in civilisational terms, and defined against the alleged threat posed by Muslim immigrants and refugees throughout the West, and by Latin-American migrants in North America.

Its seems to me that Wilson is a proponent of the ideas inherent in “Whiteness Studies” a rather vile ideology that defines bad as having White skin and a European heritage, further to that he pretends that the threat of Islamic imperialism is imaginary, but what else would we expect from a chap who thinks that there should be a borderless world? Frankly I don’t think that the issue in the US is about Latin American immigration as much as it is about unauthorized immigration  that simply depresses the Labor market and imports unwanted workers into a USA that has enough of its own poor people.


When these ideas become entangled with social media, this transnational whiteness – or transcontinental Europeanness – becomes the basis of a new kind of political subjectivity, which allows theory-building, proselytisation, and other forms of collaboration across national borders.

Wilson like so many of the left yearns for the halcyon days when he and his left-wing pals totally dominated social media like Twitter and Youtube The alt-right may be late adopters of these platforms but they certainly have become quite adept at using them over the last couple of years . Frankly this has improved our polity. That Wilson thinks otherwise and that he ignores the fact that his fellow minions of the left  have done the same sort of outreach  he talks about here seems to have escaped his attention.

White, European heritage becomes a rallying cry to be deployed against anyone from the global south who would enter, or stay within the borders of any Western nation, against established non-white ethnic groups, and against the descendants of slaves.

Once again we see here the way that Wilson tries to stigmatize European culture and paint it in a negative light, even though he himself is a product of a very European cultural and intellectual heritage. likewise he is suggesting that alone among the globes ethnic groups Europeans are wrong to want to defend their culture and values against any challengers, especially if those challengers are brown in any sense at all. Finally on this point I have to mention his bizarre notion that Slavery is something unique to European history. Servitude and Slavery are as old as human civilization


The alt right’s memes make all of this easy to digest for the adherents of a movement with an intensive, socially mediated existence.

What does this mean???


Their IQ charts, and bogus crime rate statistics are a way of making the bogus ‘racial science’ that underpins their beliefs more easily accessible.

I  am unsure what Wilson is on about with his reference to “IQ charts” or “racial science”

Alt right Twitter accounts are as apt to talk about an alleged ‘rapefugee’ crisis in Syria as they are to make arguments about racially determined IQ, or black crime rates.

I say SO FUCKING WHAT???  anyone on twitter can talk about anything they please but for the record the incidence of rape and sexual assault have skyrocketed in the wake of the waves of uninvited  Muslim migrants into Europe and its not the European men who are committing these crimes


More generally, the shibboleths of white internationalism – Halal panic, sexualised racial anxieties, the notion of civilisational struggle, and primitive images of the other – are shared among Far Right actors across the west, and can be seen as readily as Reclaim Australia rallies are on social media.

What Wilson fails to get is that the world does have a problem and its very simple to understand both here and in other first world countries, Namely there is am imperialist ideology called Islam and its followers, while purporting to be mendicants in need, are actually invading and then once they have become established they set about subverting the very freedoms that enabled their entry until they manage to recreate the very societies they claimed to be fleeing. at first they demand halal food for all, then its a small step to demand a repression of our open attitudes to sexuality and gender equality.


Still, the cartoonish character of the online alt right – its memes and jokes, its clear links to nerd culture, and its disinclination (so far) to street violence – should not lead us to underestimate the potential danger here.

Nor should we ignore the very real danger of the monster that left-wing political correctness has become. We have thought policing and pressures to conform to the leftist ideals thrown at us continually through all of the mainstream media and the social media still has a preponderance lefties and oh how they howl if just one person or right-wing idea is voiced in what they consider is their territory.


If nothing else, a networked, globalised political racism may forge a more generalised, adaptable, and ‘shareable’ set of political concepts. In a time of overlapping crisis, we can’t allow white internationalism to become a durable response.

The alt right is NOT about or encouraging racism, and the many alt-right people engaging the BLM movement provide  a perfect example of how the orthodox leftists like Wilson have simply lost the plot. Wilson and his ilk naturally assume that because they consider Black people in the USA to be “oppressed” then anything they say or do is both acceptable and should not be  subject to any scrutiny and  when  BLM protestors call for cops to be killed or express clear racist hatred to white people its a case of “nothing to see here”. No problem with Black racism because they are an “oppressed” group and in the leftist mindset those not in a more disadvantaged  social position simply can’t be racist to those who are socially better off. But the alt-right calling  out real by the dictionary racism of groups like BLM  is not the racism that Wilson suggests it is in this essay.

Wilson is of course going to pretend not to read this and he certainly won’t change his silly leftist ideas any time soon. After all he has built himself a career by sucking up to leftist orthodoxy. That is the true irony of the man because when I was a young person to be a true radical one had to be a lefty you had to believe in a a sort of collectivist future. Well those ideals have taken over the establishment and now to be a true radical you have to be of the alt right and become a libertarian, The difference between contemporary radicals and the radicals of my youth is that today the enemy is the misguided and willfully blind lefties that we all once so naively  wished to be.

Cheers Comrades


Gearboxes and Pizza boxes that do not face Mecca

I have been rather slack about posting to this blog of late, for a couple a reasons, firstly its the season for spending more time with the family , secondly I have been far more focused on my car projects , in particular getting my sports car sorted and fitted with a new manual transmission because the auto I had in it was sounding like a bag of nails and running very badly. having to make a clutch peddle and ensure it works properly took longer than I expected and then I also had to alter the gearshift so that I falls conveniently to hand. The wrenching gods even made the speedo cable a problem as the corolla cable had an incomparable fitting for my Smiths speedo. I solved that one with a short length of  fuel line and some hose claps to splice the last  inches of my existing cable outer to the end of the Corolla cable.

Any way its time to get back too it but I just feel compelled to share this picture that was posted to my face book time line:


Cadbury have apparently closed production to see if they can ride out being boycotted. Removing the halal extortion tax (fee) may not only reduce the cost of some food, but may prevent the unaccounted channeling of funds to overseas groups of questionable religious motives.

Its nice to see that companies are waking up the the “halal” scam and not letting the politically correct ninnies extort them into endorsing the pernicious ideology of Islam.

Cheers Comrades


Monika, Muslims, Mosques and …. Irony

by Ray Dixon (a Victorian and not-a-muslim-basher)


Bendigo woman Monika Evers would not approve of the above – not in her town.

No Burqas for Bendigo is Monika’s mantra and sworn belief.

You see, Monika hates Muslims so much (or ‘fears’ them so much she hates them – same thing) that she lodged a VCAT objection against the Bendigo Council’s approval of a Mosque proposed to be built in the regional Victorian City of Bendigo. One of 432 such objections (from a population of over 100,000).

Monika also joined (or formed) a local protest group whose arguments against the Mosque  included such gems of genius as these:

 Opponents said the mosque would bring violence to Bendigo and the city would be overtaken by Sharia law.

 “If you’re Muslim and you want a mosque, go back to the Middle East. This is Australia,” one member of the public said.

The protest group asked what councillors were doing to protect the city from terrorism and accused the council of failing to consult the community.

Bendigo people own Bendigo, it’s their town, they have the right to say mosque or no mosque,” one person said.

“We’re not racists.”

But Monika went further than that and started up an anti-Mosque Facebook page, Stop the Mosque in Bendigo. Not surprisingly, the Facebook page contains very little about the actual proposed building itself but a shitload of anti-muslim sentiment and reports and commentary on Islamic matters from far and wide, none of which seems relevant to Bendigo, which has had an established Muslim community for over 15 years that has peacefully co-existed with the “owners”, i.e. with “Bendigo people”, you know, the real “owners” of Bendigo, got it? Read it if you like but it doesn’t make much sense or have any coherence – just a lot of hate speech (GD might enoy it though?)

So Monika trots off to VCAT and what does she do? Well, she applies to have her name suppressed because, according to her, she’s received “online death threats” and “fears for her safety”. What a surprise.

Despite claims by her advocate that “the alleged threats to her safety have led to Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police checking in on her a number of times”, VCAT rejected the suppression application, saying there was a lack of credible information to support Ms Evers’ safety threat claims, which I guess means neither ASIO or the Police found any evidence of them either.

Oh dear, what does a true blue Aussie girl just trying to protect herself and her fellow Bendigoites from:

Sharia Law



Halal sausages and


… then go and do?



………………………………………………………………………….. ?????????????????????????????????

Well she leaves the court in tears of course (under police guard) while attempting to hide her identity ….

 …. like this:


Oh, the irony.

I’ll give the last word on this episode of anti-Muslim madness to a member of Bendigo’s Islamic community and to the Victorian Government’s Minister for Planning Matthew Guy (who is a Liberal MP, GD please note):

A member of Bendigo’s Islamic community said he was grateful the local council had decided to support plans.

Heri Febriyanto said the local Muslim community was growing, and has nowhere to pray or celebrate.

“We are also the local community in Bendigo,” Mr Febriyanto said.

We have been living here for more than 15 years, so we are same as the locals in Bendigo, we are working as well.

“So I think we should have the equality of rights, then we would like to live in harmony within the community of Bendigo.”

Victoria’s Planning and Multicultural Affairs Minister, Matthew Guy, has backed the council’s decision and criticised the comments of some of those opposing the application.

People making those kinds of comments are silly, I mean that’s not what we expect in this country, particularly on a planning matter like this, people should be respectful and sensible,” Mr Guy said.

“They’ve considered it (the mosque application) on its merits, it’s got through, if people want to appeal it they should, but it should be on the grounds of planning law and not on emotion.”

Thank you Heri – when did you get off welfare again? GD wants to know how (and why) you did that, you bludger. 

And thank you Matthew Guy. For a while there I was losing my faith in my fellow Victorians and was contemplating a move to Western Sydney Wellington, New Zealand.

We are ‘The Smarter State’ after all.

I think.

I hope. 

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