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Andy Blume succeeds in career suicide via twitter

The new uniform for Yarra Trams that Andy Blume will never wear 😆

I have coped a bit of flak (yeah like that is a new thing 🙄  ) recently because I have taken a certain amount of delight about the self inflicted woes of one Andy Blume . Heck I have even been cited as the author of the complaint that has now seen him dismissed:

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At the risk of repeating myself I think that it could not have happened to a more deserving guy, now while a few of Andy’s electric friends have been trying to champion his cause it has very obviously failed to convince his former employer who is probably quite happy to be rid of this troublesome spot on its reputation with the travelling public. It is an  irony is that the news of Blume’s dismissal should appear as a rather strange footnote to a piece about the new uniforms for Yarra Trams  that Andy Blume will never get a chance to wear or  complain about on twitter.

But in the more extensive piece at the Herald Sun I just love this quote from one of the people that Blume has so viciously mocked on the Net:

Mr Blume had posted offensive rants via his blog on subjects ranging from blind school boy Tyler Fishlock to former child star Sarah Monahan.

Monahan, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by her on-screen dad during her years on ’80s sitcom Hey Dad, blogged last week that she “just had to laugh” at Mr Blume’s plight.

“Oh Andy, I guess now you’ll know what it’s like to be on the internet and have people judging you,” she wrote.

What I find really smile inducing is this:

Others had rallied to save him, with 91 of his more than 1100 Twitter followers joining a Save Andy Blume campaign. Many argued Mr Blume’s rants via social networking should not have impacted on his employment.

That is less than one in ten of his followers on twitter who care enough to join a campaign to “save” him that might well be because most people, including his followers, think that he is just an objectionable idiot who deserves his fate. Now of the 91 who want him saved (praise the lord!!!) I know that at least one deserves to share in Andy’s career outcome, but that is a story for another day.

Cheers Comrades

Self-admitted wanker Andy Blume under investgation

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There are some individuals for whom it is impossible to feel anything but contempt one such is Andy Blume who has come to the attention of this blog before where I pointed out how unwise it is to be indiscreet on twitter about one’s self-pleasuring regime or the movement of your bowels. Now the post is not much to look at but please enjoy the comments from the often foul mouthed Mr Blume as he tries to make excuses and tell lies about the circumstances of the same sorts of pictures and commentary about his work practices that has brought him to the attention of the Herald Sun
I could not happen to a a more deserving person than Andy Blume. Is it any wonder that Melbourne’s public transport is in such disarray if the companies running it employ people with Blume’s attitude?
Cheers Comrades

Hat tip to new commentator Carrisbrook Circut


Guess which barrister is defending Andy Blume’s behaviour?

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Am I the only one who thinks that our learned friend is being intellectually dishonest by not disclosing in his piece that he is in fact a personal friend of Andy Blume?

Ah well it must have slipped his mind what with his pending nuptials being tomorrow and all

Cheers again Comrades

Jeremy Sear’s Own Goal Hat Trick

Blogging is a funny old game, especially when you write about politics and engage in ongoing sniping across the political trenches. Now our learned friend was quite peeved when the Herald sun took up the story of Andy Blume and when that chap lost his job with Yarra Trams now our man at the bar thought that there was something terribly wrong and unjust that poor Andy has been forced into the ranks of the unemployed for the things that he has Tweeted and posted on the internet. It would seem that Jezza really likes to think that there should be no consequences for dising your employer on the net or for posting pictures of Tram passengers   to mock and deride them to your twitter followers. Anyway one of the elements of the Andy Blume saga was the fact that he was taking pictures from the cab of his Tram so our learned friend thought that he had the perfect counter strike when Andrew bolt published this post, another in his “from the window of a typical blog reader” series:

A fairly innocuous post and not something that really meets Pure Poison’s Mission statement (not that it ever seems to matter to Dave and Jezza) none the less our learned friend decided to write about it any way seeing an opportunity to “even the score” and this post was the result which in turn led to Andrew Bolt putting up this post  which is where I come into this picture because I posted this comment to Andrew’s post:

Jeremy Sear is a sad venial man who is seeking a revenge of sorts because the Herald Sun quite rightly highlighted the case of his personal friend Andy Blume’s very bad internet behaviour while he was employed by Yarra Trams. The delightful irony is that on this occasion he has completely misunderstood just what goes on at the pointy end of a modern Jet airliner and just how his attempt to draw a comparison between a jet cockpit and Tram’s driving compartment is just a total FAIL.
Its good for a laugh though LOL

This resulted in our learned friend sending me an email complaining about my comment and posting this comment in the thread of his Pure Poison post:

I would dearly love to share the email exchange but our learned friend is rather coy about what he had to say but the gist of it was that he claimed that I misrepresented him because I had no evidence that he was a “close personal friend” of Andy Blume, he maintained that he had met the man only twice at blog meet ups and that Blume was just one of the many people that he follows on twitter. In the exchange that followed (over several emails during the afternoon) he insisted that he did not want me to write a correction, and when I asked him why he was emailing me rather than posting something at Bolts Blog  to set the record straight on the nature of his relationship with Andy Blume Jezza made comparisons between Blume and syphilis and the communist witch-hunts. All rather entertaining on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Then I made a point of rereading my comment at Bolts blog and I noticed that I had not in fact used the adjective “close” at all (like who remembers the precise wording of every comment that posted on the internet?) After a hearty belly laugh at the realisation that our learned friend had spent the afternoon chiding me about making sure that one has evidence for the claims made on the internet. I wrote back to him pointing out that I had never suggested that he was a “close personal friend” at all. Top marks to the chap though for editing his comment (cited above) to correct the error, however you just can’t escape the fact that the whole episode is a great example of crusading blogger scoring a hat trick of own goals. In the first instance he was wrong to assume that the picture posted by Andrew Bolt represents any sort of pilot negligence or misdeed which makes his comparison with the Andy Blume affair  pointless, secondly he spent some effort trying to shame me into making some sort of retraction and public apology for something that I have not done, and finally it was he who has made a “correction” to what he has said about this matter (at my insistence) rather than yours truly.

Amusing stuff indeed Comrades

“light analytics”

I noticed a short piece about how the owners of twitter hope to make some money out of the concept that has taken hold in the hearts of portable device addicts:

To that end, Stone said Twitter aims to offer premium features for commercial account users this year.

“We wanted to show people that we’re here to stay and here we are making money,” Stone said.

Those features, which could debut in test form, are envisioned as for-pay features and potentially could include “light analytics” tools that allow commercial users to gather data on their followers, he said.

Hmm when a Tram driver gives  multiple updates on the self pleasuring regime you can bet that purveyors of Porn are going to be interested in doing some “light analytics” of his twitter feed. But then again  his employers may well take notice of it as well when he tweets while on the company  dollar. There is a downside to telling all on the net…
Cheers Comrades


Please note that that Andy Blume’s feed is entirely public as are his Twitpics


This post has been edited to reflect the fact that Andy tells me in the comemnts that the trams are run by a private comapany and not by the government. Further Andy has now protected his tweets just to stop little old me reading them, Ah well we can thank the Lord for small mercies.

Bits and Bobs


Its been rather amusing to watch minions of the left spinning the by-election in the seat of Griffith, Its seems most likely that Labor will retain the seat but with a noticeably slimmer margin than was the case under the recently departed Brother Number one. This salient t fact makes it very hard for them to claim that the by election is a slap in the face for Tony Abbott or his  candidate in the seat, Bill Glasson.

The lesson that we conservatives can take form the whole experience is that the Abbott government, and the state  government led by Campbell Newman  must therefore be far less unpopular  that the pundits of the left  would have us believe.


As for the winter Olympics well in this house its a total non starter, If I have seen half a second its been a case of reacting like a scalded rabbit to get the remote to send the pictures to another channel, even a shopping channel,rather than watch any of the inanity, I must be getting even more cynical about the Olympic games as a concept because I just can’t get excite d about meat heads spending years practicing silly activities that have no meaning and then trying to out do each other. Yawn-full does not come close to describing how I feel about such things especially as we seem to have an unstoppable and eternal cacophony of raving about one sport on the TV. Heck since I got the T-Box we even have a channel devoted to AFL. Now if anyone knows how to permanently skip that one and the “cartoon Network I would really appreciate you sharing…


Ive been committing one of my periodic redesigns of the arrangements of my room here at Chez Hall  with the aim of de-cluttering and giving myself a greater feeling of space to that end I think that I will need to make some shelves to house my collection of DVDs and PS3 games. I have been looking at just buying a ready-made bookshelf but every one that I have seen seems to be far too deep, too heavy for me to move and too expensive. Looks like the best option will be to use metal brackets screwed to the wall  There is a spot where I think that I can have half a dozen shelves that are nearly 2m long which should hold quite few disc cases. This should do the trick for a while. Hopefully it won’t take me months to finish this.


One of the ironies of my condition is that its a rather long drive to visit the pain clinic, in fact that drive is a bit longer that my driving threshold but its probably worth it to get the opinion and advice of the experts on the best way to manage. I have been having rather more bad than good days of late so I am going to inquire about just how I will know when to ask for a higher dosage of my Norspan patches. I am most reluctant to do an Oliver Twist and ask for more but I also want to avoid  taking too much paracetamol /codeine for breakthrough pain because that has serious effects on your liver, further I don’t want to be so medicated that I can’t drive or look after my children’s needs. Thirdly each step to a higher dose is one less step that you can take if things get really bad.


Just finished watching Season three of Haven which has been the best one yet in this franchise. I love DVD box sets because they allow you to get fully immersed into an imagined universe without the intrusion of ads or having to wait for each new episode to screen. There are however some shows that are just awful, We have abandoned watching “Broadchurch” its well made and all that but strewth its bleak and so angst riven that I think it fails as any sort of entertainment, you really should not have to work that hard to enjoy something.


Those of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed a small spike in my output of late which is largely due to me having got a new phone that allows me to connect to the net via our home Wi-fi this has allowed me to do things like check Twitter on the toot or when I have had to cede access to the computer to the wife and kids. I am sort of getting the attraction and potential for addiction to 140 characters and the challenge to be witty and clever in the shorter form of the social media game.    Currently able to resist posting pictures of trouser draped feet taken while emptying my bowels though. 🙂


Not been up too doing much on the Morris of late but I did go to the Toowoomba swap meet and even though it cost me a couple of days flat on my back zonked out on painkillers I had a good time and bought a few things like spare carburetors, at a couple of bucks each, a heater assembly  from a Mini Moke at $10 and a lovely air filter assembly from a Mini for $10, As many who tinker with old cars will understand its the thrill of the chase rather than completion of a project that gives you the satisfaction with these sorts of projects. But I do feel that I am getting close to the point at which I will lift the entire body off the chassis so that It can have the skin properly welded to it and then it can be finished well enough for it to be painted I am planning to make a rotisserie for the body welding job though because If I don’t want too much heat distortion then I am going to have to dance around doing lots of very small tacks that are allows to cool before the welder touches down next to them again.


My wife would dearly love it if one of our offspring were to become as dedicated to music as she is but so far my daughter has disavowed formal lessons even though she has some natural  talent and obvious musical ability, she actually plays the recorder very well and sings nicely so maybe there is hope yet but I also think that, mother daughter rivalry is in play and that her disinterest in music is an artifact of that inevitable teenage desire for differentiation. My son has begun having lessons to learn the electric guitar and I have been been hoping that he will stick too it more than he did with piano and acoustic guitar. So to help things along I’m planning to buy a PS3 game that I have heard  about called “Rocksmith”  that allows you to plug in any real guitar into your PS3 and play along. If it works for the boy I may just earn a few brownie points with the wife as well, heck the boy may even be able to join GD in his eternal quest for falafals!

Signing Off

As usual I offer a hearty Cheers to all of my blogging Comrades


Our learned friend champions Twatter again

Our learned friend never ceases to amaze me in the way that he is so keen to suggest that what we do on line should be entirely discrete and separate from our real lives and that when individuals act like idiots in twitter or other social media Jezza wants them to be immune to any blow back when their targets take umbrage and seek to find out who they are and who they work for.

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Oh dear our learned friend is stretching credulity with this one. In the Andrew Crook piece that our learned friend links to at the end of his post the main example cited concerns Jim Schembri contacting the employer of another journalist Josh Taylor. Call me naive but wouldn’t some one like Josh Taylor’s employer be very well known?

I have the luxury of being able to play on the net when ever I please but I can’t help thinking that so many of those who tweet incessantly should really just put the smart phone down during work time and concentrate upon the tasks that their wages are paying for. Further to that its incredibly stupid to think that their is any real separation between on and off line in any real sense any more. There in lays the biggest problem with Jeremy’s argument here; in an age when there is such convergence is it realistic to think that what people do online should be immune from any criticism or that an employer has to be protected from the knowledge of what their employees are doing, often during work time, on the net?

Its like I always say about internet anonymity, post as if you are doing so in your own name and always do so in a manner that is polite and affable because that way when you are inevitably connected to the words that you have published you will not suffer any unpleasant consequences for the silliness and indiscretions that you thought were so hip and cool when you sent them out into the ether. 

Cheers Comrades

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