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Liberal Leadership: Right Or Wrong, It Must Be Sorted

Like you Yale I still Like Abbott despite his recent gafes and bad calls but looking to the bigger picture if the party were to change leader it would in one fell swoop undermine the forces of darkness who have placed ally of their hatred on to Abbott personally rather than on the party in general. I am undecided on who would be better beyond believing that Turnbull would be a bad choice. One thing that I think we can expect is that if there was a change in the leadership Abbot is not the sort of man who would white ant the government the way that Rudd did during the last dark age when Labor was in power.
Cheers Comrade Yale

The Red And The Blue

THE PUBLIC DECLARATION by three backbench MPs against the leadership of Prime Minister Tony Abbott marks the point at which simply keeping a lid on ructions inside the government has ceased to be an option; in the best interests of the Liberal Party, it is now incumbent upon the Prime Minister to bring disquiet over his leadership to a head. It is regrettable his best option to avoid this development has been deliberately eschewed for months.

Government unity should, in the ordinary course of events, be something that should be striven for and maintained at almost any cost; the adage that “disunity is death” in politics is a potent one, and occupies a prominent place in the political rule book with good reason.

Yet unity, when contrived around structures that are rotten to their very core, is a counterintuitive and self-destructive endeavour at best.

The public declaration last night by two disgruntled…

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  1. richard ryan says:

    We cannot blame Tony Abbott for all that is wrong with the Liberal Party today, surly no one man can do all the damage this PM has done to the Liberal brand. For the record, all rejects from the Howard era.

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