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Queensland Election, a prediction of sorts

I have been rather underwhelmed by the current state election campaign up here which I put down to my having read too much of the left wing wishful thinking that imagines there being a return to government of the ALP but just this morning while I was listening the radio I got the strongest feeling “in my water” that the Newman government will indeed be returned and that the ALP’s  very negative  campaigning will not see them in office.  On the other hand the LNP has run a positive and far more professional campaign which is far more inspiring than the negativity and fear mongering from the left and the minor parties.

One factor that always needs to be remembered about Queensland elections is that we have optional preferential voting up here and that requires a conscious decision to locate a second  preference to avoid a vote being quickly made irrelevant when you are voting for a minor player, this innovation was introduced by the too clever by half Peter Beattie because he thought that it would give him an advantage against the then separate Liberal and National parties.  Now that its the Left that is more fractured the irony that this piece of political gamesmanship is coming back to bite them should amuse my fellow conservatives a fair bit come election night.

Cheers Comrades

I even feel that despite the odds being aginst him that Campbell Newman will retain  his seat of Ashgrove

I even feel that despite the odds being against him that Campbell Newman will retain his seat of Ashgrove


  1. karabar says:

    You’re joking. You mean to say that all the spin, bullshit and lies that Fantasia Pubersuck has pumped out won’t be enough to convince the jelly fish that they really need to go back to the good old days of Bligh and Beattie incompetence, waste and corrutpi0on?

  2. Craig Warton says:

    Iain, what is the latest pollling on Campbell Newman retaining his seat? The papers in Sydney (or some of them) had figures that suggested he would not hold hist seat a while back.

  3. I hope you’re right Iain, another state government lost to Labor would be devastating for Queensland and highly detrimental to Australia. Victoria has already shown further Labor lunacy by electing Labor and Daniel Andrews. Not only is Victoria now paying millions per annum for a desal plant which will be rust before it’s ever used, Andrews has decided that Victoria will pay compensation for a freeway that wasn’t built, because he cancelled the contract.

    Smart move loonie Victorians electing the union controlled Daniels.

    Let’s hope that Queensland isn’t so stupid.


  4. Iain Hall says:

    I saw an interesting ad from the LNP last night GD which was mocking the preference swapping from the other party and its punch line was essentially “cut the crap and just vote “1” for the LNP” which says to me the optional preferential voting will play a very big part in the out come. That said Queensland is a very conservative state and the ALP do not have the momentum or “bite” that I saw in Victoria nor is the incumbent government only hold office by a very slim majority . I think that the ALP are trying to win the election through social media and that they are failing to make good use of the forth estate for fear of being asked hard questions by Journos .

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    Good morning, Iain.

    Or is it?

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