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Gearboxes and Pizza boxes that do not face Mecca

I have been rather slack about posting to this blog of late, for a couple a reasons, firstly its the season for spending more time with the family , secondly I have been far more focused on my car projects , in particular getting my sports car sorted and fitted with a new manual transmission because the auto I had in it was sounding like a bag of nails and running very badly. having to make a clutch peddle and ensure it works properly took longer than I expected and then I also had to alter the gearshift so that I falls conveniently to hand. The wrenching gods even made the speedo cable a problem as the corolla cable had an incomparable fitting for my Smiths speedo. I solved that one with a short length of  fuel line and some hose claps to splice the last  inches of my existing cable outer to the end of the Corolla cable.

Any way its time to get back too it but I just feel compelled to share this picture that was posted to my face book time line:


Cadbury have apparently closed production to see if they can ride out being boycotted. Removing the halal extortion tax (fee) may not only reduce the cost of some food, but may prevent the unaccounted channeling of funds to overseas groups of questionable religious motives.

Its nice to see that companies are waking up the the “halal” scam and not letting the politically correct ninnies extort them into endorsing the pernicious ideology of Islam.

Cheers Comrades



  1. Matt Patchon says:

    Hi Iain, the key phrase in the Dominos Notice is “low consumer uptake”. As the Muslim population is around the 2% mark, unless you were setup in Lakemba (or somewhere with a higher than normal Muslim population density), you would expect the uptake to be around the 2% mark.

    How is that anywhere close to economic sense to specifically cater to such a minority?

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    HNY (*), Iain. Yes, it’s obvious that you must be super distracted from your blog … nothing about Paris yet? Or maybe, like me, you think there’s something a bit odd about this latest military style ‘terrorist’ attack?

    * HNY = Happy New Year. My NYR [New Year’s Resolution] was to UMA [Use More Acronyms].

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Actually I have not written about Paris because my internet was down and I have just spent an hour on the phone with Tech support trying to resolve the problem!
    I am going to write something about Paris.

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