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The Campaign Outrage Headed To An Election Near You


Why on earth are the ambos and fireies allowed to use work vehicles for such activities is what I want to know along with the abuses you cite in your . as usually comprehensive article there is the other part of the tactic namely create a pretext for industrial action in the lead up to the election and then sing loud and long that the evil Tories can’t or won’t fix the problem.
Its enough to make anyone hot under the collar Comrade Yale

The Red And The Blue

HOT ON THE HEELS of Victorian Labor’s win at the state election in Victoria on Saturday, emergency services unions are readying to roll out their disgusting new tactic across the country: trialled at Queensland by-elections and refined in Victoria, images of critical response personnel campaigning for the ALP are set to become commonplace. This undignified, indiscriminate abuse of trust for political gain should be outlawed, or ignored.

To fair-minded, decent, everyday people, it probably sounds very reasonable, and very compelling: ambulance workers, firefighters, nurses — and God alone knows who else — doorknocking in uniform to talk to voters about everything that’s wrong with their station, their resourcing levels, their hospital.

And following this up by “staffing” polling booths to continue to disseminate anti-Liberal messages (stories from Victoria of voters being harassed by these thugs into voting Labor notwithstanding).

Alas — in tandem with the vandalisation of Victorian ambulances careening…

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