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The implosion that we just had to have or will the rise of Lambie be worth the fall of Palmer

I don’t know if readers have noticed but I have not been feeling the blogging muse much lately. Its probably a combination of my health issues, a couple of domestic issues and just feeling rather uninspired by current events. That said though the news reports suggesting that Clive Palmer’s eponymous party is getting close to imploding has brightened me up no end. You really know that its over when Palmer starts sprouting conspiracy theories

Palmer told ABC radio Lambie was sent to “infiltrate” the PUP, a claim Lambie has shrugged off.

“When you start a new party like our party, the established parties and others try to wreck it,” Palmer said. “She’s been sent in there by someone to cause trouble and I think that’s the reality of it.

“You’ve only got to look at what happened to all the other parties, the tactics that were used to discredit them … and there’s no reason to think that wouldn’t happen to our party,” he said.

Palmer went on to reiterate his concerns on Channel Seven on Monday morning, accusing the senator of being “controlled by lobbyists” and seeking to “blackmail the government”.

But it gets better (well in soap opera terms it does) with the scuttle butt being pushed by the Guardian now claiming that Lambieis not only about to leave Palmer but will be forming her own party as well:

8m ago09:34

Just back to Jacqui Lambie briefly to outline the events of the weekend, just in case you were having a life. Lambie was in Tassie consulting with her voters, supporters and mentors, including an unnamed large poppy grower on what to do about her predicament.

Clive Palmer was getting more and more frustrated that he could not control Lambie. By last night, as Lambie was flying in, Palmer put out a statement raising allegations that Lambie had accepted disability payments at the same time she was on a fulltime salary for Palmer United.

Furthermore, Palmer alleges that in January 2014, before she started in the senate but while she was a paid member of PUP, Lambie supported the establishment of an Australian Defence Veterans Party (Lambie Party). He accused Lambie of acting dishonestly, lying about him and using veterans to increase her public standing without acting on their behalf.

Having a person of questionable honesty who had previously been charged and convicted by the Australian Army has been a disappointment for the Palmer United Party. Senator Lambie never declared her convictions prior to her endorsement for the Palmer United Party.

Lambie’s chief of staff Rob Messenger said Camp Jacqui will be putting out an “in-depth” statement later today.

Schadenfreude does not quite do it as a descriptor but further to that I can’t I can’t help but thinking that this whole kit and caboodle is a wake up call to our polity that should be reminding us that the way that our Senate is elected needs reform.

Stay tuned  because the road is getting bumpy and the seat-belts have been removed…

The only question that we have to consider is will the rise of Lambie be worth the fall of Palmer

Cheers Comrade

Chariots of the Dogs

Chariots of the Dogs


  1. karabar says:

    Palmer must be a Muslim.
    It is a favourite tactic to play the victim and blame another for your own mistakes.
    A travesty that this is going on in this country and everyone seems powerless to put an end to it.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Sorry Karabar but you have just given me a rather horrible vision of a very fat Palmer arse facing away from Mecca and I think it will take quite a while to get it out of my head!

  3. deknarf says:

    We get the occasional Oakeshotts and Windsors which give some confidence to having a bit of variety in the houses of parliament, and then we just get the Hansons, the Palmer’s and the PUP’s which blow the whole business back to the two party mediocrity (well three parties if you want to include the Neutered Puppy Party, but that’s what they are [Neutered]). I’m not counting the Greens cos they ain’t worth counting really!

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Clive’s conspiracy theory that Lambie was a “plant” may be a bit of loopy, self-justifying nonsense but the reality is she would never have been elected in the first place in her own right without the endorsement and (financial) support of Clive Palmer.

    She owes him loyalty for sure but what does she do just a few months after starting her 6-year $200,000 per year position? She walks out and spits in his face. Over what? Over the fact the PUPs won’t back her insane proposal to vote against ALL Govt legislation until Abbott intervenes and gives the Defence Forces a bigger pay rise … F*ck Me Dead!

    She’s a lightweight. Low intelligence. She’s low class. She has no ideas, no clues and no political nous. I reckon Clive is right to rub her nose in it. What a twit.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    Btw, Iain, I too have been absent for a while (due to some major family matters in recent months, as you know) and I’m pretty much tied up with new business matters for the forseeable future but don’t you worry …. if the Vic State election this Saturday goes the way the polls are saying it will and we see the first one-term-Vic Govt in God knows how long, I’ll sure be back to make a noise about it.

    (Of course, if Labor loses you won’t hear a squeak out of me!)

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Well if you can find the energy to write something if the ALP wins the Victorian election then you can find something to say about the election result either way, after all as the Sandpit’s man on the spot you owe it to our readers to say something… (sarc)

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