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Striking Out: Palmer United Party Faces Deregistration

I feel more than a tiny bit of schadenfreude at the prospect of Clive Palmer having his ersatz political party de registered, and all that I can hope is that this is the beginning of the end of the Joke that is Clive Palmer.
Cheers Comrade Yale

The Red And The Blue

WITH THE TRACK RECORD it “boasts,” it comes as no surprise Clive Palmer’s party is struggling to show it has the requisite 500 members to remain registered in Queensland; deregistration will derail the Palmer United Party’s campaign at the state election soon due, and damage its appeal to voters further afield. There are reports of highly questionable methods being used to meet the threshold. If proven, these should result in prosecutions.

I will confess at the outset that whilst I am across the broad requirements for the registration of political parties in Queensland, some of the finer details escape me; even so, a basic comprehension of these — combined with some plain, old-fashioned common sense — provides basis enough to comment on what appears likely to be the first wheel to break off Clive Palmer’s electoral cart, and if the reports if seriously underhand tactics to try to bolt it back on are…

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  1. richard ryan says:

    Palmer did not invade Iraq, which will bring Terrorism to Australia’s shores—-thanks to the Terrorists in the Liberal Party.

  2. Paul Murray says:

    500? 500? In a state of four-and-a-half million, they can’t muster 500 warm bodies? While I’m with Richard on the stupidity of not letting middle-easterners slaughter each other (as they have been doing continuously for millennia), it’s nice to know that we haven’t yet reached the situation in america, where political office can simply be bought.

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