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Ebola Shows Nothing Is Too Low For ALP To Stoop To

Like Yale I find the official pronouncements and media reporting on this unfolding crisis rather silly as i pointed out in a piece at my own blog:

So what can the modern west do to help stem the spread of the disease in Africa?

Well not much at all really, we risk losing a large number of our very skilled people if we send them into the disease hot spots firstly because the treatment that is available essentially boils down to trying to keep patients hydrated and waiting to see who has the natural ability to fight the infection. Those brave souls who are trying to treat the currently infected are trying to do so while wearing Hazmat suits that are essentially a fancy yellow plastic bag which I’m sure you will realize is nothing short of tortuous in the tropical climate of the region. So not only do the health workers run the very real risk of contracting the infection but also they risk dying from heatstroke in the suits they try to prevent infection with. Several health workers who have caught the Ebola virus have been evacuated so that they can be treated in Western hospitals but if the numbers of infected western heath workers were to increase I can foresee the practice of repatriating them being wound back or even abandoned in the effort to contain the disease. Aid in the form of medical supplies, certainly can and should be provided but the major imperative now has to be containment, and quarantine of all parts of Africa where the disease has been found.

This is not a disease that has a treatment that needs highly trained medical staff, ordinary people can , with a good supply of materials meet the needs of the infected and try to contact trace to stem the spread of the infection but really in the absence of a viable vaccine (which I doubt is anywhere near likely for a long time ) the only sensible thing to do is to embargo all travel from the hot-zones and quarantine any heath workers for at least 40 days in a place separate from their homeland before they are allowed to come home.

The Red And The Blue

IT TAKES SOME NERVE — in its hatred-driven quest for “points of difference” with Prime Minister Tony Abbott — for Labor to use the horror of the Ebola outbreak in the grimiest of political stunts, but it has done it; disinclined to behave responsibly in the face of growing human disaster, Labor has formulated a stance which, if adopted, could exponentially worsen the problem: just to chase votes. It shows nothing is too low for the ALP to stoop to.

Readers will know, I think — from the time my articles have been posted of late — that I have been working through the small hours; the flipside of talking to people in other time zones means that there is a lot of time between calls to trawl the morning’s news portals, and today I have pieced together something so far beneath contempt that the only word that could spring to my (arch-conservative) mind is “Labor.”

The ALP appears to have…

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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    “Team Australia” at present will not be sending medical teams to Africa due to health fears safety of its medical team. But we can fly state of the art fighter war planes to Iraq, wait for it, ——-for humanitarian reasons, and to promote the welfare of the Iraqi people—-tell the truth –to bomb the shit out of the place—–the west started this war in Iraq—no more Aussie Aussie oi-oi-oi- from the bogan war mongers, I notice, the silence was deafening, when I was overseas, now the mantra is, Aussie, Aussie,Aussie, die-die-die.

  2. richard ryan says:

    OH GEE, did this cause a stir, I named my new puppy-Ebola.

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