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Looking for the iClouds in the Internet sky

(by SockPuppet ~ one confused little puppy)

This is just a brief and short little post with a question I want answered:

What the f*ck is an iCloud and how do I find one?

Apparently there are some dumb celebratees who have stuck nude photos of themselve innit.

If you know the answer maybe you know the passwords too?

That is all. I have to go outside now and look for iClouds in the sky before it gets too dark.



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  1. Paul Murray says:

    I had a brief look at The Fappening and the password-cracking software that made it possible. A PHP script (I kid you not). That script only works on the simplest, dumbest passwords – Superstar3 or Jesus4Me. The lesson? Use an XKCD password.


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