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A Great deal of blood on the hands of Brother Number One


Now that the Royal commission has handed down its report it seems apt to go back to a post I wrote earlier and to note that the conclusions of the Royal commission are almost precisely consistent with the argument that I was making when the labor supporters were so keen to find reasons why Rudd was not to blame.
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The thing about apologies is that they can not undo the serious consequences for which they express contrition. Now where is this more so than in the case of the fatal results of Brother Number One’s Pink Batts fiasco:

blood on his hands click for source
“In each case the employer should have recognised that roof spaces are inherently dangerous places to work and they should have had in place reliable systems to effectively manage that risk,” Mr Barnes said.
“Three people died because that didn’t happen with the three registered installers.”
State Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the men “lost their lives because of a chaotic, rushed and underdone” Federal Government policy, and blamed Mr Rudd.
“Kevin Rudd took ownership of the scheme under his first prime ministership, and the responsibility should lie with him,” Mr Bleijie said.
“These tragedies were preventable. In April 2009, Queensland’s Building Services Authority warned the Department of Prime…

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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    Not as much blood as John Howard has on his hands with his invasion of Iraq, a war based on lies. Wanted For War Crimes—-John Winston Howard. PS. I hope he burns in hell. Shalom.

  2. Richard Ryan says:

    One kills with batts, the other kills with bombs—– Iain -we must tell both sides of the story

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    A waste of $20 million. A deliberate witch hunt by the Coalition that will serve no good whatsoever. All it’s done is delay compensation cases already underway. Yeah, of course the deaths wouldn’t have happened if it were not for the stimulus package – a f*cking 9-year-old could work that out. But that is not to say the programs should not have been put out in the first place. As for the Commissioner suggesting there was no economic necessity of rushing the programs, well, that is just someone’s (unqualified) economic opinion. He was out of his depth reaching that conclusion. The fault for these deaths lies squarely with those contractors employing the young tradies and nowhere else.

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