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“Anyone who buys one will never want a real girlfriend again”

 (by SockPuppet ~ owner and keeper of a real-life living doll whats called Laura*)

 For all you guys out there not getting nuthing in the sexual market place (SMP) your worries are over.

 If you can cough up about just $2000 grand and a bit you can now get a bit.

 Like forever:

Japan’s creepy sex doll industry ‘reaches next level’ in creation of perfect artificial £1,000 ‘Dutch Wife’ which comes with ‘realistic feeling skin’

  • Firm Oriental Industry claims the dolls are their most realistic to date
  • Come complete with realistic feeling skin and authentic looking eyes
  • Sold under the name ‘Dutch Wives’ and cost just over £1,000 each
  • Company say early sales indicate the dolls are a big success

A Japanese company claims to have reached the next level in developing the most genuine looking sex doll which comes complete with realistic feeling skin and authentic looking eyes.

Orient Industry say their new range of dolls, made from high quality silicon, are so realistic there is very little to distinguish them from a real girlfriend at first glance.

The dolls, which are non inflatable, are sold under the name ‘Dutch Wives’, a Japanese term for a sex doll, and adverts in the media boast that anyone who buys one will never want a real girlfriend again. 

The dolls are part of a high-tech industry in Japan, which is constantly looking at ways to make sex toys as realistic as possible.

Latest models of the dolls include movable joints so buyers can place them in any position they wish.

Cutting edge comment from me:

Of course this will not help Joe Hockeys “poor people” what cant even afford to buy petrol letalone a Japanese sex doll for $2000 grand and a bit.

These dolls are only for rich people (like Joe) who can get a whole harem and claim it on tax.

Dont worry “poor people” you just need to wait until the Chinese put out a cheaper copycat version.

Or ……..

Cutting edge comment #2 (and advertisment)

* My real life living doll Laura should not be mistaken for Cliff Richards ‘Living Doll’.

To start with mine is female.

And overage.

And I have a n interim offer for all you sex starved guys in Joes “poor people” class.

Why pay $2000 grand and a bit for a freakin’ silicon doll when you can have Laura f*cks  for just $10 bucks?


Okay shes no oil painting but at least she moves.

Site 33 BlueGums. Appointments not required. Just wait in the que.


  1. GD says:

    Of course this will not help Joe Hockeys “poor people” what can’t even afford to buy petrol

    err, so 1c a litre is going to create hardship? Get a grip. Smokes go up all the time, doesn’t seem to discourage “poor people”, ie Collingwood supporters.

  2. richard ryan says:

    What about the yapping poodle Pyne—-on the TV, can’t answer a straight question, —–a little yapping f^ck- wit—not fit to breed.

  3. SockPuppet says:

    Have you ordered one yet GigGuy? This is your chance to restart your notch count and break 100 roots. You will have to give her a name though I suggest Julie.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Socky I can’t help wondering if those poor sods who are desperate for some adventure for their life might be rushing to order one of these dolls

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    Not until they make a Zombie one, Iain. In a bride’s outfit.

    As for GD’s comment, FFS lighten up. The Sock’s Joe Hockey “poor people” reference was a joke and a soft attack at best. You should be thankful I didn’t go to town on that major gaffe of his under a separate post. I decided not to because you’d be the only person in the country who thinks it was okay that Hockey said that.

    Btw, the increase in petrol excise is 3c a litre, and moreover the excise will be indexed according to CPI and increase every year. Who do you think that’s going to hurt most again?

  6. SockPuppet says:

    He was got one now Iain.

    (Very lifelike – for a Zombie)

  7. Iain Hall says:

    I bet he gets out the hand lotion and tissues every time he looks at that picture Socky!

  8. SockPuppet says:

    I think he might take her to conferences and shares her around too Iain. His clients must get a real kick out of that – so motivating.

    Shes a bit like Laura in that regard of giving it up real easy like. ‘Cept Laura is real and can girate her hips and move her lips if yer get me drift.

    I think hes motto is: “Life is not a spectator sport – get in and f*ck dead people”

  9. Paul Murray says:

    The ideal purchase for every man who every wanted to fuck a dead girl.

    Say – there’s a joke about that.

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