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@ShutUpIain shuts up shop, or another cowardly scumbag caught out


There are days when you just have too look out of your window and be thankful for the sunshine , well to day is such a day because I have just managed to get a stalker off my back. This creep set up a twitter with the lovely Tittle of @  This scumbag has been harassing me with this little stalking horse since March.

 It was not Twitter support that took down the page it was me posting this tweet:

Yes Comrades it was just another example of  how certain people think that being anonymous on the net gives them License  to stalk and harass  people.  Now were I to be a vengeful man I might, at this point be tempted to name this creep, which could well ruin his life, destroy his small business and frankly bring utter havoc into his life, Believe me the temptation to do so is really  really strong because this is not the first time I have had to deal with his creepy obsession with me. I have actually banned him form commenting here under three or four different pseudonyms but he just keeps coming back to try it on again and again.

Well I won’t beat around the bush @  next time you try this sort of crap on I won’t hold back , I won’t think twice about how making you own your bile I won’t care if my revelations might hurt your family, I will name you very publicly and I will make a complaint to the appropriate authorities about you stalking me, your nasty online behavior will come back to haunt you and you will think that your life has become a Stephen King Novel without a happy ending.

Am I making myself absolutely clear @?  Just go away and live your life in peace without ever trying to comment at my blog, or attacking  me elsewhere. Frankly you should just go away from anywhere on the net that I frequent and just pray that I never find you harassing me again because there will be no more chances, no more compassion for you and you tiny insignificant life so think twice and then think twice again before you try to harass me because you WILL regret it.

That is a promise!


I truly hope that I never have to write this sort of post again I am just so sick of all of the old blog war stuff which is in internet terms very ancient history indeed sometimes a man  has just got to make the journey and fight the good fight even when they don’t really want to.

Cheers Comrades





  1. Ray Dixon says:

    That is very good news, Iain, and another blow against that obsessed little man, that scumbag.

    Personally, I would have put him in to the authorities – face it, there must be a plethora of evidence on his electronic devices that the Cops could find, despite his best endeavours – but doing it your way was pretty good too.

    I wonder what part of “I’m coming to get you” does not compute in this cretin’s mind, seeing that he’s been “got” on several occasions?

    Buggered if “I” know what goes on in a lyer’s head

  2. Iain Hall says:

    I have been trying to Ignore his crAp sInce March iN the hope that he wouLd go awaY on his own But I should have realized that the only thinG that wOuld stop him was the fear that his online efforts would come back to bite him in the real world. Like anyone being stalked I kept a copy everything he posted.

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