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Kevin Donnelly and caning the truth

I was interviewed yesterday on 2UE – talking about school suspensions and punishment. I noted that one or two school across Australia allowed corporal punishment and agreed that if the school communities approved I did not have a problem (related to those one or two schools).

Reports in today’s press like that below are totally wrong and guilty of misrepresenting what I said. When referring to the phys’ ed teacher at Broady High over 45 years ago – I said those days of physical punishment are long gone. But, then again, never let the truth get in the way of a good story. To say I backed calls for corporal punishment to be reinstated is an egregious mistruth.
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Herald Sun
CHILDREN should face physical pain – such as from the cane or strap – if teachers want to effectively discipline students, the head of the Abbott government’s curriculum review believes.
Kevin Donnelly has backed calls for corporal punishment to be reinstated across Australian schools, amid fears other discipline styles are too weak and let students relax and avoid classwork.

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Just goes to show just how keen the leftist media are to demonise conservatives that the wall to wall reporting so misrepresents what Kevin Donnelly actually said about corporal punishment had I not been his FB friend I too might be saying What the fuck Kevin?

Cheers Comrades



  1. karabar says:

    Never ever believe what you read in the news, even the Herald Sun. At least they might do a retraction; something Fauxfacts would never do. I was listening to the senate debate and that epitome of ignorance, Senator Wright, made the statement that corporal punishment was teaching ‘violence in schools’. I asked her for some evidence that there is less violence in our society, and in our schools in particular, than was the case fifty years ago when corporal punishment was used, and in most cases very appropriately. Perhaps if a little corporal punishment were to be served to some of these asinine news reporters we could read some truth in the papers.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    I was caned a couple of times as a school boy not a big deal to me now but I’m proud to say never used physical punishment on my own children. The way that the press is beating this story up is ,as you suggest disgusting no matter where you stand in politics the way that this matter has been exaggerated and distorted should be a great concern to us all

  3. karabar says:

    Like anything else, abuse is going to occur. However, I believe that young people were far more polite, respectful of their elders, and simply more ADULT than many of the young people on the street today. Corporal punishment, judicially and responsibly applied, does not produce violent citizens, but in fact the opposite. Certainly, if you use the right approach with your own children it might well not be necessary. They probably were well behaved in school as well. However, not all children in our schools are well behaved, by far. Ignoring bad behaviour, or condoning it, is a disservice to both the adolescent and the community, IMHO. Our society is filled to the brim with PC bullshit. It was a challenge. If corporal punishment is a thing of the past, is our society MORE or LESS violent that previously.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Just goes to show just how keen the leftist media are to demonise conservatives

    Iain, I’m confused here – the Herald Sun is “leftist”? I thought that’s the label you reserved for the likes of The Age and – especially – the ABC. I’ve checked both their websites but there’s no mention of this non-story there. Looks like it’s the “rightist” News Ltd beating up one of their own !

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Yeah there certainly are times when its appropriate, like when your toddler is reaching towards that hot thing a (light)slap on the out stretched hand and a firm NO! Is a better option then saying ‘oh please don’t do that sweetie….” and then having to call the paramedics.
    It will probably upset some people but keeping small children safe is not hugely unlike training a puppy they need to know when to accept your authority without question.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Ray its all over the ABC as well mate

  7. karabar says:

    The Herald Sun is neither right nor left. (stupid meaningless terms anyhow). The Herald Sun tries to remain ‘balanced’. I don’t think anyone minds balanced. However, this story is nothing but bullshit, which is something I have had plenty of from kids who aren’t a journalist’s boot lace. They publish this bullshit without asking any questions or challenging anyone.

  8. Ray Dixon says:

    its all over the ABC as well

    There’s a story about it now, Iain, but It wasn’t there when I made the comment. In any case, the ABC report is a lot less ‘unbalanced’ than the Herald Sun’s and is merely a report, whereas the Hun has twisted and expanded on the guy’s words. So …. the ABC is “leftist”, huh?


  9. Ray Dixon says:

    From the ABC report:

    In a radio interview yesterday, Kevin Donnelly, who is running the Government’s review of the national curriculum, suggested he was not opposed to corporal punishment where it was supported by the school community and was “done properly”.

    He added that he was only aware of one or two schools in Australia using corporal punishment, and that it was only used rarely in those cases.

    That’s fair and unbiased reporting, isn’t it, Iain? No hyperbole like the Hun.

  10. GD says:

    I was caned a couple of times as a school boy not a big deal to me

    Ditto Iain, and yes, karabar, I agree with you that a small amount of corporal punishment can be a learning experience. Toddler tantrums can benefit from a ‘re-start’ smack, of course not physically hard or vicious.

    Teenagers need boundaries and are usually thankful for them later in life.

    karabar, I have noticed that while some teenagers are less polite, respectful of their elders, others are the epitome of gracious manners. I’ve experienced this a number of times when using public transport.

    And here’s a cat among the pigeons, these polite kids are invariably from private schools where discipline is instilled rather than enforced and respect is engendered rather than demanded or disregarded.

  11. Matt Patchon says:

    Evidently they do not teach equations in schools anymore, for corporal punishment is part of one:

    Disobedience +- Crime = Punishment

    When corporal punishment is the result of crime and/or disobedience, and so long as the punishment is fitting to the crime, then it is neither abuse nor violence.

    The suggestion in the recent critical articles that corporal punishment is automatically abuse or violence fundamentally misunderstands the concept of justice. It perturbs me that the postmodern secular world either obfuscates or misunderstands this truth. Corporal punishment is only violence or abuse if it not meted out appropriately.

  12. Matt Patchon says:

    Oops, that should be …if not meted out appropriately.

    And now it is

  13. GD says:

    Good comment Matt,

    Spare the rod and spoil the child

    Leftards commence shrieking

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