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An asylum seeker policy that’s compassionate, humane, … and offshore?


This is one of two pieces on this topic from “lefties’ in the last week and it really has perked me up after years of ridiculous arguments from otherwise intelligent people that have been so long on emotion but so short on any good sense .
Well done that man!



  1. Richard Ryan says:

    . You must be joking? Locking kids up, so much for childhood. Morrison has failed in his duty of care of these innocent children. I wish him an early death.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    You did not read the whole post did you Richard?

  3. richard ryan says:

    Morrison is a child abuser, childhood is the most basic right of all children, that includes innocent child refugees. The UN Charter STATES that children shall not be deprived of their freedom.

  4. richard ryan says:

    “Suffer little children to come to Australia, and we will lock them up says Morrison.

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