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Comfortably numb

This is a vid for GD simply because I think he might just like the way the stings on the Guitar in the vid move around as it is played as much as I do.

Cheers Comrades


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  1. GD says:

    Thanks Iain, that’s a very clever video and a very musical one as well. The strings do look loose so I checked the tuning. The bottom string is tuned to a low C and the rest are one of those acoustic tunings that is popular today. A gorgeous track and of course the strings, while sounding loose due to the lowered tuning, look loose because of the amazing photography. Filming from inside the guitar is beautiful.

    I also like that the guy is a finger-picker rather than a plectrum player, ala Mark Knopfler, Jeff Beck and numerous acoustic players.

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve passed it on.

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