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Janet Albrechtsen and Auntie

Janet Albrechtsen.

Janet Albrechtsen.

The Abbott government has appointed conservative commentator Janet Albrechtsen and former deputy Liberal Party leader Neil Brown to the panel overseeing appointments to the boards of the ABC and SBS.

The four-person nomination panel, which is appointed by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, presents a shortlist of recommendations to the government when vacant ABC and SBS board positions arise.

Dr Albrechtsen and Mr Brown will serve alongside businessman David Gonski and former diplomat Ric Smith, whose terms expire next year.

Labor introduced a merit-based appointment process in 2011, which was aimed at depoliticising the ABC and SBS boards.

SBS has two vacant board positions – including the position of chairman – and the ABC has one vacant position.

Dr Albrechtsen, a columnist for The Australian and former lawyer, has previously derided the ABC as a “Soviet-style workers collective”.

She was appointed to the ABC board by the Howard government and she served on it from 2005 to 2010.

In November, Dr Albrechtsen called for ABC managing director Mark Scott to resign for airing stories based on documents provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden about Australian intelligence operations in Indonesia.

Mr Brown, a former Victorian Liberal MP, served as deputy Liberal leader under John Howard in opposition and as the communications minister and minister for business and consumer affairs in the Fraser government.

Call me a politics tragic if  you like but I could not help finding this to be a promise of rancor to come because I can’t help but expect that there will be a whole stampede of our friends form the left who are going to be having kittens about the thought of Janet Albrechtsen having a big say in the selection of boards of both the ABC and SBS. Heaven help us if the result was boards that did not lean so far  to the left…
Cheers Comrades


  1. deknarf says:

    Well it looks like it’s been re-politicised again! About what I’d expect from the NO Coaliars and their Neutered Puppies!
    And just a bit sad that you see the re-politisicing of merit-based appointment as a pot-stirrer for lefties rather than a cause of concern at the continued debasement of democracy by this government.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well I see it as a redressing of a very clear imbalance in both the ABC and SBS

  3. deknarf says:

    Hmm! Well, you might need your glasses checked then! ;-))

  4. Iain Hall says:

    I will when you visit the podiatrist to have your shoes adjusted to counteract your distinct lean to the left 😉
    Boom Boom!

  5. SockPuppet says:

    Janet strikes me as a bit to rigid (which rymes with frigid). A good hard root from a real Alpha male might mellow her out. Any volunteers? Any Alphas here?

  6. deknarf says:

    I’ll give that an A+ and advise you that I often take my shoes off but try not to walk anywhere dark! 🙂

  7. Ray Dixon says:

    Maybe Janet could introduce some new TV shows for the ABC. Reality shows like ‘Hook Up Time’ where the contestants compete for the most hook ups resulting in instant sex over a predetermined period – say over about 6 weeks. All recorded on their iPhones of course. It’d be a winner and bring the ABC into line with the Commercial stations and shows like Big Brother. That’d be better huh?

  8. karabar says:

    Finally! I thought the current government would never get around to straightening out this Aussie Pravda. With any luck, we we see some balance in the reporting as specified in the charter of their ABC. And they couldn’t find a more fair and rock solid selector than Dr. Albrechtsen. She has the reason, logic, and intelligence to select the board appropriately. (And Deknarf you are sailing around in a counter clockwise circle with your permanent left list)

  9. richard ryan says:

    Janet Albrechtsen is this the media moll whom Paul Keating called a “skanky ho”? Janet always looks to me, that she needs a good tub (shower)

  10. karabar says:

    No it wasn’t Keating. It was the even more disgusting filthy mancavepig Latham that referred to the gorgeous woman like that. Fact of the matter is, she has more intelligence under her little finger nail than that of which Mark the idiot could even dream.

  11. Ray Dixon says:

    Hmm, yes, some of the things about Janet are okay, I guess. I mean she’s clearly a well qualified intelligent person and very experienced having been on the ABC board before but … gorgeous? Well, she’s not bad for someone in her 48th year I suppose … if you like your women unfeminine and rather straight & brittle. I could come around to it but then I read this about her on her Wikipedia page:

    She was married in 1991 to lawyer John O’Sullivan. They have 3 children, two daughters, Sascha and Caitlin, and a son, Jamie. They are now separated. Her partner is (now) Michael Kroger.

    So she gets married @ 25, has 3 kids and dumps her husband and (effectively) her whole family structure for Kroger, a Liberal Party power broker and a real mongrel? I am not impressed

  12. Richard Ryan says:

    AND supported the invasion of Iraq, queer bitch?

  13. Iain Hall says:

    You may not be impressed Ray but I reckon that she is a very attractive woman, especially compared to her lefty opposites, like Lenore Taylor or a very deserving sufferer of antibiotic resistant TB 😉

  14. deknarf says:

    A cobra is also very attractive, until it bites you! This is just the NO Coaliars rewarding their mates for helping them get elected, and especially Kroger. And really? Antibiotic resistant TB sufferer? Plumbing the depths of the cesspit we are! For one horrible moment I thought I was reading a Yale Stevens blog

  15. Ray Dixon says:

    There’s nothing wrong with her looks (for a 48 y.o.), Iain, although she dresses a lot like a man and just doesn’t give off much of a feminine air. She seems a bit “stiff” and maybe that’s what she needs more of – i.e. more “stiff”. Looks like Mike’s not pressing her button(s).

  16. Richard Ryan says:

    IS Janet a cross-dresser?

  17. GD says:

    It was the even more disgusting filthy mancavepig Latham that referred to the gorgeous woman like that.

    I like the way you think, karabar 🙂

  18. GD says:

    Don’t reckon Janet Albrechsten is hot? Here’s one of your femshevic leftard journos…watch and weep

    Quite a catch isn’t she? Tim Blair has her placed third in his very popular frightbat poll.

  19. richard ryan says:

    “The skankey ho” is on the Murdoch payroll——say no more.

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