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Teenage hook-up sex leaves feminism behind arse up

By SockPuppet (a interested party)

Hi there allyou long suffering Sock fans who have waited so long for my return to Chez Hall. Well here Iam back for another chameleon performance a curtain call or a whole newseries – takeyour pick. I dunno if I will stay or go but I just I thought it was about time you were given a pickmeup dose of what the Sock does best – you know the polioemic polarisation of the blogging world.

Now what subject I hear you ask would so grab my attention and interest that it would stir me from my den of inequity caravan with the lovely Laura to write another groundbreaking cuttingedge peace of literatti genius? What? Well bloody sex of course you idiots. And thats what Im here to talk about:


And lotsofit.

Well lots ofit for some people…..Especially the young people or so it seems. Here is my groundbreaking peace on Sex and the modern teenager and how feminism has gone arse about on itself. Below.

I mean on the line below the …………… (dots)



I have to wunder how dumb some people are when it comes to the old saying of “be careful what you wish (or push) for” because it might not turn out to be so f*ucken great afterall.

Just look at 40-sumthing feminist journo Wendy Squires from the SMH. Wendy has gone out and studied the sexual habits of young people today for a book shes writing about … well about young peoples sex habits of course. And she is just so saddened and worried that young girls today are having multiple sex partners without even a real date let alone a relationship and this is not what she had in mind for the feminist future cos she reckons the girls are just being sluts and its all the fault of young men who look at porn. Go figure.

Hear is what she found (I apologise for reproducting most of Wendy’s piece here but its necessary cos the devil is in the detail my friends):

Speak to sexually active teenage girls today, as I have been lately while researching a book, and it is evident that many feel the only means they have to beguile men is through sex. And even then, they feel a need to be overt with their flirt.

All those too-tight, too-short and too-low dresses aren’t, as I once thought, what girls wear to be appear fashionable to their female peers. They wear them, I’m informed, to look sexy to men.

Whoa, stop right there. You thought girls dress like that to appeal to there girlfriends? Did you think they were like all lesos or something? Its news to you that girls like to look sexy for men? Sheez. Read on:

‘‘I don’t really care what my friends wear out,’’ one young lady told me, ‘‘unless it makes them look hotter than I do.’’

‘‘You have to be hot to attract a guy,’’ another 16-year-old girl asserted. ‘‘If you don’t look sexy, then they won’t think you are interested in them.’’ And once you attract said guy? ‘‘You need to have sex with them. If you don’t, they’ll just go with someone who will.’’

One just-turned-17-year-old, who will remain anonymous so her mother doesn’t kill her and then me, confessed that she has had sex with seven guys ‘‘so far’’. One she considered a boyfriend, because they went out for three months. The others? All ‘‘hook-ups’’.

Stop #2: So lets see – she has Just turned 17 and had 6 insta-fucks with hook-ups already? That’s good going girlie and at that rate by the time your 20 you will have about 50 notches on your belt. What a catch you will make for some bloke one day – any thoughts of ever getting married and having kids with someone? Think again. Back to the fem journo:

A hook-up, it seems, doesn’t normally entail even eye contact, that blush-inducing chemistry when spotting someone attractive across a crowded room. Instead, I’m assured, a hook-up can start on a dating app such as Tinder and often entails posting a sexy selfie and then volleying some flirty texts back and forth, often soon followed by a photo of a would-be date’s erect penis.

This last part I found hard to believe, naively assuming that young men today were as awkward and embarrassed about their bodies as they were in my day. That was until several of the girls I spoke to pulled out their smart phones to show me said photos, with one girl exclaiming upon seeing an erect member on her friend’s screen, ‘‘I think I got sent that too!’’

Stop again – I think Wendy shoulda thought about that last line with the exclamation mark she added making it read like the girl said ”I think I got sent that tool”. Well she did didn’t she? You can carry on reading now:

From there, I learn, the hook-up – a face-to-face meeting – occurs, which usually entails sex. ‘‘Usually just oral,’’ one young girl reassured me, seeing no irony in the ‘‘just.’’ ‘‘Everyone does it!’’” she added with eye-roll upon witnessing my obvious horror.

‘‘Why would you meet up with them if you’re not going to have sex?’’ another says, in a tone that implies I am way down the spectrum of coolness. ‘‘That’s just teasing.’’

Comment break: “Usually JUST oral”? Oh I see if you just give a bloke a blowjob it doesn’t count? It counts for him young lady. Back to the story:

‘‘But, don’t you worry that this is all too much, too soon? That you’ll wind up jaded or regret your choices?’’ I splutter, unable to contain myself. Rightfully, I receive an earful in response.

‘‘And you call yourself a feminist!’’ one young friend admonished. ‘‘Now girls are acting like men always have, there’s supposed to be a shame around it. How hypocritical!’’

It is true I find this issue a conundrum, one that tests my own moral boundaries and ethics. As a feminist, I agree I should be supporting young women to live their lives the way they wish; reinforcing the idea that it is their bodies and their choices.

Whoa, whoa and whoa again there Wendy. Another break and groundbreaking comment is needed here:

Deary when you say “As a feminist, I agree I should be supporting young women to live their lives the way they wish ..blah, blah and blah….” what you are really saying (to there ears and unformed brains) is this:

“I support young women becoming young sluts and degrading themselves by having sex with as many blokes as they like within a few minutes of meeting them (oh after seeing their cocks on there phones of course)”.

Thats the message they get lady – they are not exactly Einsteins remember? Back to Wendy:

But, perhaps because I have also have been talking to a lot of young men lately who are either participating in or witnessing hook-up culture, I must confess I am left in despair.

From what I’m hearing, young men are happy to participate in casual sex and claim they are still friends with lots of girls they have ‘‘been’’ with. However, ask if they would consider any of them as girlfriend material and a vast majority respond with a vehement ‘‘no way’’.

‘‘I would never go out with a girl who’s been with my mates,’’ one 17-year-old told me. His friend, 19, agrees. ‘‘No guys go out with girls who screw around.’’

Comment intervention time again:

Oh, I have some news for you Wendy – blokes have always thought that way about girls who give it out so freely. Didn’t you know? Or did you think blokes would/should respect girls who fuckalot and don’t care who with and how often? Wendy continues:

Now, before I get inundated with protests and/or abuse on Twitter, let me say that, yes, I understand this is not all kids today and, yes, I am painting my snapshot of the situation with broad brush strokes.

But I will not apologise for saying I find it beyond sad that sexuality has been reduced to the sexual act itself. That the trust, tenderness and affection that I was offered in my sexual first encounters is not always afforded to girls today by porn-educated young men (most of the girls I spoke to admitted they are yet to have an orgasm from a sexual encounter). That there is not always a sense of appreciation that comes with such intimacy.

While I think it is commendable that young women feel in charge of their bodies and lives, I do wonder whether it comes at the cost of what is at our feminine core, whether through nature or nurture, and that is a desire to feel secure and respected in our romantic relationships.

Wait up there Wendy: So you think its all the fault of the “porn-educated young men” and that is why young girls are putting out so easily and not even having orgasms just sex for sex’s sake cost thats what guys are making them do? Look deary, here is some more news for you:

Young men have ALWAYS wanted sex with every half attractive chick they meet. Nothing has changed in that respect porn or no porn, Tinder or no tinder and mobile phones with photos of there cocks or not. Do you geddit? Blokes will have sex if girls let them. That is the way it has always been and will always be.

Here is some more news for you honey:

No one made these girls give insta-fucks and blowjobs on the spot to these young men they hardly know. No one except them and maybe you and your kind who told them it was okay to have sex like men (or sex like the ‘Sluts in the City’ show what was on TV).

And finally Wendy wraps it all up:

Of all the young girls I’ve spoken to recently, I’d say 90 per cent told me they want to get married and have kids one day. All implied they are aware that men are less likely to commit than in generations past, yet all still wanted to be an exception to this rule.

Few believe their actions now will reduce their chances of this happening, and I sincerely hope it is the case. More than that, I hope they don’t end up feeling powerless when it comes to love.

Well Wendy you pushed for sexual equality remember?

This IS what you and your fellow feminists wished for honey, a generation of girls whose only hope of having kids is to get themselves knocked up and bring up the kid as a single mum (thats happening a lot already btw).

Either that or find some less-than-a-real-man loser who actually falls ‘in love’ with one of these slackers and marries her even though she does not and cannot love him back on account of shes basically (and literally) f*cked her own value and self worth to death.

You see Wendy here is the real truth.

The reality.

The fundamental law of the men v women world that you and these young slags have either forgotten or never bothered to work out in the first place.

Here it is.

On the next line:

Real men do not respect or marry girls who have no respect for themselves and who fuck around like men do.

No that is not sexist … it is truth.

(PS: I showed this to Laura and she agreed but says she does not care. Shes a slut and she knows it. She does not want kids just more Bundy & Coke and lots of sex with lots of guys – and girls. Now even I can respect that type of honesty)

(PPS: Iain you dont have a ‘sex’ category – am I in the right place?


  1. SockPuppet says:

    Do not all rush in at once with your comments on my groundbreaking comeback post. I know yous would all be as gobsmacked as I am with the easy sex that todays youth are gettin&givin and might be lost for words. Or maybe your out there looking for some of the action? Forget it – your too old.

  2. Matt Patchon says:

    Rushing on in. Call me an over-the-hill old man, but this bothers me. When it comes the sex, historically girls were the keeper of the keys. Guys didn’t get anything unless the girl let it happen. Thus girls were able to lead men into marriage, and shape and mould them as necessary. With sex as the free for all as it is today, women are the biggest losers, as they end up with all the emotional scarring from one night stands and casual sex. How could the Feminists allow this to happen? How is this empowering for women?

    Any number of studies (non-empirical) have pointed to the hearts of women needing something more emotionally fulfilling than casual sex.

    You cannot build a good, robust and flourishing society on casual sex.

    Right, we the Feminists, will empower young girls to be treated like sluts and revel in that glory – right…

    And I can attest to the assertion the men do not want to settle down with a girl who has a history of sleeping around.

  3. SockPuppet says:

    That is music to my ears Matt. You are not ‘over the hill’ old buddy, you are a thinking REAL MAN.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    As the father of a teenage daughter I am delighted that she is not a fashion victim who thinks that sex is just recreational activity.

  5. SockPuppet says:

    I am sure you would be a strong Dad Iain who would warn your daughter not to join the insta-root hook up culture of young girls today. The problem is the peer pressure and the lack of good advice coming from areas out of your control like even at school. Why dont schools have classes on how not to f*ck up your life by f*cking around? That should be compulsary. Education should not just be about getting a career it should also teach young people how to live better lives and be better persons. They dont do it but they have a responsibility to. I might send my post to the Minister for Education – you know to Chris Pyne – and see if he will put it on the caricuulem.

  6. Paul Murray says:

    ‘You need to have sex with them. If you don’t, they’ll just go with someone who will.’’

    That line is the key to the whole thing. How will “they” have sex with someone who will? Why is there always someone else keen to step up for these guys? Because all the girls are queueing up for the same 20% of attractive guys. That’s who “they” are. We are not seeing a world where young men get free sex. We are seeing a world where a small proportion of young men get free sex.

    The world is regressing to the ancient polygamous pattern. Most men are “losers” who women won’t give time of day to. The 20% have harems averaging four to five women each.

    The difficulty with this is that it means that 80% of young men have no future, nothing much to live for. That is the genius of monogamy, instituted by (I think) Solon. Every young man, if he works hard and contributes, can have a family of his own. Without that, hell – may as well blow yourself up for the chance at your 72 virgins. It’s probably bullshit, but worth a shot.

    Wendy Squires doesn’t notice this, of course, because like all the other women, the 80% (who repair the roads, grow the crops, putty the windows, etc etc) are simply invisible to her. She only sees those men who have it good, and therefore thinks that simply “men” have it good. The apex fallacy, in other words.

  7. Paul Murray says:

    ‘You need to have sex with them. If you don’t, they’ll just go with someone who will.’’

    Oh, another question. Why so desperate to “be with” a guy if sex is so unsatisfying and a relationship is not in the offing? Read the article – most of these girls don’t have an orgasm during sex. Why bother, then?

    Perhaps it’s because girls judge one another on the basis of who they are rooting, and little else. Whose fault is that?

  8. SockPuppet says:

    That is so very right Paul Murray (*), and the reason the young girl said that (said “You need to have sex with them. If you don’t, they’ll just go with someone who will.”) is this:

    (Groundbreaking truth coming up)

    Women/girls/especially younger girls are really, really, really, really ………………….

    (wait for it)


    …. and believe this shit they been fed about sexual equality and its okay to do lots of guys stuff. Advice coming from older (post the wall) so-called feminists who should know better.

    Well they do know better and give that advice out because guess why? The post wall lonely fems who missed out on a real life (family, hubby, kids) hate young hot girls so much they want to turn them into sluts and ruiin there lives too. Like the older women ruined theres. Its a payback. On the wrong people.

    Sorry but it is truth.

    (* You can mention this on your show too PM)

  9. SockPuppet says:

    You see somewhere along the line the term “sexual equality” got misretepreted to mean :

    “root like men – do it early and do it often. And do a lots of guys cos men do a lots of women.”

    Huh? Which men? Oh you mean the lucky ones. The few who get to double figures. Not many do that fem-lady.

    “Sexual equality” does not mean “get more sex partners”. It means women should be treated equally to men in all aspects of life like education, school, work, career and general respect. But this idea that nothing wrong with women have 20,30, 40 + sex partners is not “equality”. It is pushing the envelope into sluttiness and damage to there self. And no man wants to marry/partner up with someone who has been banged out so many times – many more times than they have.

    I repeat – that is not “equality” it is a dead end road to loneliness.

  10. GD says:

    Which men? Oh you mean the lucky ones. The few who get to double figures.

    Cool, so I’m a ‘lucky guy’ 🙂 Hang on, is triple figures more lucky? I think I should buy a lottery ticket tomorrow 🙂

  11. SockPuppet says:

    GigGuy if you got to double figure lays it was not on your looks or moves so much I would suggest but more because you played in a band and we all know chicks are attracted to fcuk musos in bands because its some kind of glory f*ck right? Caseinpoint: How many chicks do you reckon Bill ugly Wyman woulda got if he was not in the Stones? About one or two (13 year olds) I reckon. As it was he reckons he laid 1000s. Because he was a Stone. So GigGuy whats your number? Mine is about 29 but I shouldnt count Laura because everyone has F*cked her.

  12. GD says:

    So GigGuy whats your number?

    Almost triple figures, most before I turned 30, after that matrimony, divorce and downhill from there. Now I’m lucky if a woman smiles at me at Westfield. Hey, but make hay while the sun shines. The going was good. Bands helped.

    we all know chicks are attracted to fcuk musos in bands because its some kind of glory f*ck right?

    err, no, it still took something else, remember I was never famous. That is the game changer. But working when everyone else is playing was fun. Yeah, being in bands didn’t hurt.

  13. GD says:

    btw I think I used to ‘go out with’ Laura’s mother.. small world huh?

  14. GD says:

    Being in bands helped, but I never compared myself to day job guys, as everyone I hung out with was in a band. Amongst that lot there were winners and losers..I did OK but there were some champions even amongst the infamous guys…

    pathetic isn’t it..so much young pussy defiled by dirty musos. That’s where I disagree with your claim that blokes don’t marry chicks who were sluts in an earlier life..those chicks went on to marry, have kids, get fat and boring and the rest of it…

    a bit like me, except for the kids

  15. SockPuppet says:

    those chicks went on to marry, have kids, get fat and boring and the rest of it

    Yeah right – Pity the guys what married ’em. Damaged goods mate.

  16. SockPuppet says:

    Almost triple figures, most before I turned 30, after that matrimony, divorce and downhill from there. Now I’m lucky if a woman smiles at me at Westfield.

    So this sort of proves my theory dunnit that fuckarounda(real)lot and yous gunna end up empty and no kids either? male or female. I had 29 or 28 if you dont count Laura (and you shouldnt) but I am not past it yet and still get some and lots of IOIs down the supermarket and even out walking and stuff and can still pull a chick when I wanna. And I have had kids. Maybe you blowed your load too much too early GigGuy?

  17. GD says:

    Pity the guys what married ‘em. Damaged goods mate.

    Socky you old chauvinist pig (!!) Bit of a ‘marry a virgin’ guy are you?

    Geez, even bikie moles deserve a hubby, house, kids and white picket fence when they get older. The only ones who don’t are those gender benders like Carlotta..

  18. GD says:

    still get some and lots of IOIs down the supermarket and even out walking and stuff and can still pull a chick when I wanna

    Geez Sockpig you’re either very lucky or delusional..

  19. SockPuppet says:

    You would have to marry a 14 year old to marry a virgin GigGuy. No, I just dont wanna be shacked up with someone who f*cked a whole footy team including the reserves. Well Lauras done a lot more than that but she is just here to help me pay the site rent (by sleepin with Norm). We have an um .. open relationship. She gets the young girls around for me (and her) too.

    As for “even bikie moles deserve a hubby, house, kids and white picket fence”, yeah well I reckon the guys who marry em deserve em.

  20. SockPuppet says:

    you’re either very lucky or delusional

    No no, I am just still reasonably good looking and I look after myself and I hold my stature, smile and know ‘game’. It’s about being a man GigGuy. easy stuff if you dont think all your best days are behind you.

  21. GD says:

    You would have to marry a 14 year old to marry a virgin

    yep, that was true in my day too…my Dad got the last one!

  22. GD says:

    You would have to marry a 14 year old to marry a virgin

    So that’s why Muslims marry 12 year olds..

  23. SockPuppet says:

    So if your not gettin any now GigGuy maybe you should convert? If you played your guitar in the West Sydney streets you might pull one yet mate.

  24. GD says:

    If you played your guitar in the West Sydney streets you might pull one yet

    what? one on them chicks in a freedom sack?

  25. SockPuppet says:

    You might have to lift there veils first just in case whats underneath is an ex bikie mole.

  26. GD says:

    or this bloke..

  27. SockPuppet says:

    Well buskin to burkas is a lottery then I guess GigGuy. maybe pick a spot where the chicks have there heads exposed … if nothing else. I am sure there are more burka-less chicks than burka-on ones in your suburb, eh?

  28. SockPuppet says:

    Oh wait you should busk outside McDonalds. Muslims dont go there do you know why?

  29. GD says:

    bacon burgers?

  30. GD says:

    yeah, ain’t many full head burkas but they are around. But McDonalds? don’t you remember the burqas are better at Hungry Jacks? ..boom boom

  31. SockPuppet says:

    No its because “the burkas are better at Hungry Jacks“.

    Goodnight – there is abike race on in France.

  32. SockPuppet says:

    Oh we both said it together. I was thinkin you might say because McDonalds dont serve halal and have a ‘no full cover bike helmet’ policy.

  33. SockPuppet says:

    Hey look at that – the Le Tour riders are on a road thats about 4 foot wide. Funny place France.

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