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Nielsen: Swing To Coalition, Preferred Leader Ratings


There I knew that the post budget bad polling was never going to be the end of the world for the coalition government although if you only ever read what was said about it in the Age or the Guardian you might think that the Abbott government was on the ropes the truth is that most people understand that it is better to do the right thing and be temporarily unpopular than to do the popular things and just hope that some solution “will be found” to the issues you are ignoring.

Cheers Comrade Yale



  1. les h matthews says:

    or to put it another way ‘Coalition improves but Labor (still) in front’

    and Malcolm is (still) the preferred leader of the LP

    nothing has really changed has it?

  2. Richard Ryan says:

    So true, and we have a Terrorist warning in the air,” I love the smell of terrorism in the early morning”!

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Labor and greens voters may certainly prefer Malcolm but as Yale points out in his analysis , they would never vote for him even if he was the leader.

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