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Michael Coren – The dangers of Islam



Sadly too true Comrades



  1. GD says:

    Thanks for posting this, Iain. Along with Pat Condell’s videos, this is yet another wake-up call for Western society.

    Unfortunately the usual suspects on your blog will ignore this and damn the rest of us for being racist.

    Michael Coren makes many pertinent points:

    In every Islamic country persecution of Christians is profound and is becoming worse not better

    Apologists pretend that all religions are capable of such darkness and Islam has nothing to do with it. However the number of attacks and the support for these attacks contained in the Holy books and primary texts of Islam make it impossible for any honest, brave and informed person to pretend that there’s no link between Muslim beliefs and Muslim action

  2. GD says:

    More examples of Muslims behaving badly.

    The woman, 33, told the Federal Circuit Court sitting in Parramatta her husband also had her return several times to Australia solely to update Centrelink­ details so she could continue to get social security.

    The family was receiving Family Tax benefits that in the last financial year totalled $25,265.74, despite three of their children having lived in Lebanon since 2009, Judge Joe Harman said.

    “On at least two occasions (the mother) returned to Australia for a brief period purely to allow the child then carried by (her) to be born in Australia and to then receive the baby bonus then operating,” the judge said.

    Of course this is just a one-off. No decent Muslim immigrants or refugees would think of doing this.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    So she got caught then, GD? That’s good – it proves our system is working.

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