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Convictions in Rape Cases


As I have often said myself the issue in rape prosecutions is almost always the He said She said dichotomy even when there is clear forensic evidence of sexual activity. Further there are issues revolving around the way that modern western society now treats sexual encounters as just another recreational pursuit which brings intoxicants into the mix. My advice to anyone playing such a game would be to record explicit consent on your phone.
Cheers Comrade Robert

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The Director of Public Prosecutions wants to “improve” conviction rates for rape charges in England and Wales. I think that is an odd desire, and even odder that the whole of the media seems to think an improvement, by which more successful convictions, is an object of desire.

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  1. Jeff G. says:

    Hmm there is no easy answer to this one. Does “improving” convictions mean reducing the standard of proof, i.e. beyond a reasonable doubt? Because if you do that for rape than you have to do it for other crimes. The problem with rape is that there are rarely other witnesses, so it comes down to forensic and circumstantial evidence, and the testimony of both parties, i.e. who is most “believable”. I guess that a lot of rapists go free because of a lack of evidence, but unless you change the whole legal system, you just have to wear that.

    Maybe Iain you could offer a pre-prepared PDF form on your blog, for people engaging in casual sexual activity. “I, ________, do hereby agree to be ****ed senseless by ______ for a period of _____ on the evening of __________”. Just get it witnessed by a JP and all will be sweet. Not very romantic I know but better than fronting the beak!

  2. Jeff G. says:

    The first candidates to use this sexual agreement form might be Mr Abbott and Mr Bolt

    (Just getting in ahead of Richard Ryan…)

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    I have conflicting points of view on this.

    Firstly, I’m sort of with the point of the original post by the UK blogger you have reblogged here, Iain, in that if 60% of rape cases in England are resulting in convictions, that’s not a bad success rate for the prosecution so why on earth is the prosecutor bemoaning that and wanting to improve the win/loss ratio? It sounds more an agenda driven position than a desire to improve justice.

    Secondly, it honestly beats me how any real man would see himself charged with rape if he knew what he was doing with the piece he’s bedded – i.e. with Ms Rootable. It’s either consensual or it’s not and the idea of recording the consent just ain’t necessary unless you somehow cock up (pun intended) the liasion somewhere along the line while you’re with Ms Rootable. Just give her what she wants – ie f*ck her brains out – and be at least a little bit nice to her afterwards and you won’t have a problem. Most guys who get charged with rape only have themselves to blame.

    Anyway, I’m happy to fill out Jeff’s proforma:

    “I, Miss universe, do hereby agree to be ****ed senseless by Ray for a period of DAYS ON END (beginning) on today’s date”.

  4. richard ryan says:

    What about Alan Jones raping himself?, making love to himself in a London public toilet, while humming the song—-” you are my sunshine” my only sunshine!

  5. Jeff G. says:

    Ray, get in the queue behind me. Don’t worry, you’ll only have to wait 5 minutes.

  6. richard ryan says:

    HELP-HELP, I have been grapped, I have been grapped said Mother Superior to the Police, you mean you have been raped, said the police officer to the nun, no! she said, their was a bunch of them.

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