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Fat Fool: Attack On Peta Credlin Explodes Palmer’s Credibility

Well Put Comrade Yale


  1. les h matthews says:

    Oh please the absolute hypocrisy of the right.

    Have we forgotten the treatment meted out the former Prime Minister Ms Gillard no less?

    It seems we have.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Here are Palmer’s exact words that’s got you and Yale so incensed, Iain:

    “Why should Australian citizens and businesses be taxed and working women discriminated against just so the Prime Minister’s chief of staff can receive a massive benefit when she gets pregnant?’’

    There ain’t nothing really “personal” in that and no grounds to get on your high horse about decency, etc as Yale has done. Talk about an over-reaction, there’s one right there.

    Look, Palmer can be a real twit but fundamentally he’s correct about this issue of Abbott’s PPL favouring high-earning career women like Credlin while doing nothing for those at the other end (what’s 50% of next to nothing again?). It’s upper midlle – upper class welfare at it’s most obscene best and if Palmer can help to get rid of it (or stop it coming in) then that alone justifies having him in Parliament.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    But calling him a “Fat Fool” (title of Yale’s post) now that’s not a “personal attack”? Good grief, the man is so far to the right he’s lost sight of the real world. Talk about “credibility”, there’s none in that post.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    what you seem to be missing here is the utter silence of those same voices from the left who where so vociferous about “sexism and misogyny” whenever Gillard was criticised. THAT is the Hypocrisy not those of us “on the right” are quite rightly being critical of.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    Ray Palmer is a venal man who will say anything if he thinks it will give himself publicity and keep the media spotlight on him rather than the more substantive issues. In any event the PPL has been scaled back , just as I thought that it would to ensure its passage through the senate.
    In any event do we want smart intelligent women breeding or do we want the Bogans doing it?

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    And do we want more Credlins? Come on, Iain, there’s no “sexism and misogyny” in Palmer’s words. He used the example of Credlin being a potential major beneficiary of Abbott’s PPL because guess what? She’s a woman. And she’s highly paid. And she’d reap the maximum benefit. How else do you graphically demonstrate the flaws of the scheme if you don’t mention that it benefits women like her?

    To suggest that somehow, Labor (or “the left” as you call them) are being hypocrites for not being more outspoken about Palmer’s quite correct analogy is seriously flawed logic, Iain.

  7. Jeff G. says:

    Like Ray, I did not read too much into Clive’s comment. He was simply making the point that a well paid woman would benefit a lot more from this plan than a young mum who didn’t have a job. Apparently Peta Credlin has been trying to have a baby through IVF and it has been “well publicized”? Well I read the papers every day and I had never heard of this, so maybe Clive didn’t know either. Also, I don’t know why Iain and this Yale character are getting their knickers in a twist, given some of the things they have said/allowed to be said about J Gillard.

    Anyway, a storm in a tea cup. This is what politics and the media has become, just hanging around waiting for someone to say something mildly controversial so they can jump on it. Kind of sad really, when there are real issues we should be discussing.

    In any event do we want smart intelligent women breeding or do we want the Bogans doing it?

    Snobbery is all relative Iain and while you are saying there should be more Credlins and fewer bogans, the Credlins of this world are probably saying there should be more Credlins and fewer Halls.

  8. Richard Ryan says:

    Top That: PALMER= 130 CARS. As for Credlin, she is barren.

  9. GD says:

    She’s a woman…she’s highly paid…she’d reap the maximum benefit.

    Well, no, Ray. Peta Credlin is a public servant, and therefore on the same scheme as Emma Alberici and Leigh Sales from your ABC.


  10. Jeff G. says:

    Yes and they shouldn’t be getting it either. Not sure what point you are trying to make there GD, except to have another of your whinges about the ABC.

  11. GD says:

    Happy with the ABC’s view of politics are you Jeff? Guess you’re more partisan than you care to admit..

  12. Jeff G. says:

    No mate, I like a balance of different views. You on the other hand seem to think that anyone not cheerleading for Abbott, Hockey, Pyne and company is “biased”. If there’s an award being given on this blog for partisanship, I think you would win it hands down. And you’d probably be proud of it too.

  13. Ray Dixon says:

    The point is, GD, that Palmer was correctly pointing out the inequity of the scheme. It’s a bit of an own goal by you to point out that she’s already actually on an even better scheme – one that you obviously don’t approve of! Nor do I, but I’ve already told you that. Just another opp to ‘ABC bash’, eh? Gee, so you prefer the commercial radio and TV programs do you? Oh, and PM on Fox of course.

  14. Richard Ryan says:

    OVER 100,000 abortions a year in Australia, and this Peta moll is barren, at least she won’t need a termination.

  15. Jeff G. says:

    That comment is rather rank, Richard, whatever her politics.

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