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Interpretations of Propaganda

The thing that never ceases to amaze me is that even if the alarmists are right about the science (something that I think unlikely)the political reality at a global level is that the mooted prescription of massive cuts in the use of fossil fuels just can not be made to happen. This means that any “mitigation” schemes can never work and that expenditure on these schemes is just a total wast of effort and treasure. In the end if there is any substantial change in the climate we will have to adapt to those changes and any capital not wasted on futile mitigation will be better spent on the necessary adaption. Tell this message to the true believers and they immediately resort to name calling as they are unable to get their heads around the global truth.
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A Gallup poll reported recently the percentage of people who believe in global warming and the impact on their lives.


It’s interesting that the lowest point for the dark green line occurs in early 2010, right after climategate.   People seem smart enough to recognize the basic physics of global warming, and some appear blindly susceptible to the fear mongering when it involves people hurting the environment.  Considering that we have seen no global warming since 1998, it is impressive that 11% more people are afraid of serious effects to their lives than in 1998 when the first poll was recorded.

They must think that the thermometer records are a an evil Koch brother plot or something.   I don’t know, it is impossible to make any sense out of what people think sometimes.

The good news is it only cost approximately a half trillion dollars to change those opinions. …

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  1. les h matthews says:

    What’s this? Moved on from the budget outcomes already?

    Nothing positive to say about it is there?

  2. Jeff G. says:

    Perhaps the less said about it, the better Les?

    So sick of global warming as a political issue. Too many arm chair experts.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    It is my habit to check out blogs like The Air Vent whenever they publish a new post and if I think that its interesting then I occasionally share it here by re-blogging. That does not mean that I have “lost interest” in the topics of other posts. Blogs are rather like sharks, if they stop moving they die.

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